The Hero in Dragon Quest VIII is an 18 year old, low-ranking royal guardsman in Castle Trodain. He was one of the small band who survived Dhoulmagus' deadly attack, along with his current traveling companions Trode, Medea and Munchie, the faithful mouse who lives in the Hero's bag. After defeating Dhoulmagus, the Hero continued to seek a way to lift the curse on Trode, Medea and Castle Trodain.

The Hero is a versatile character, as equally proficient in armed combat as he is in using healing spells and support magic. His preferred weapons are swords, spears and boomerangs.


The Hero of Dragon Quest VIII has long green boots, and green pants. He has a blue shirt, and a orange jacket, bearing a striking resemblance to Goku and Gohan from the Dragon Ball series. He has a belt, and a green bag, which his pet mouse sleeps in, and where he stores all of his items. He has a sheath on his back, brown hair and black eyes and a red bandanna on the top of his head.


Like all Dragon Quest heroes, the Hero is perpetually silent throughout the game. However, he is pure-hearted, and will help anyone in need of help.


Main Games

Dragon Quest VIII

The Hero is chivalrous, stoic, abstemious, demurring, humble, courageous, indefatigable, and strong. In contrast to heroes of other games, this Hero dresses very casually, a consequence of his lowborn upbringing as opposed to being royalty or some kind of chosen one. Hero's greatness is gained through moral uprightness, rather than through divine birthright.

He also does not appear to wear any kind of armour (irrespective of whatever he may actually have equipped). His red bandanna has become one of his iconic features. Dragon Quest VIII has a character's in-game appearance change based on their weapon and shield, a first for the series.

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After the defeat of Rhapthorne, the Hero will be promoted as the head guard in castle Trodain. He will be assigned the task to accompany princess Medea to Savella Cathedral for her wedding to prince Charmles. Depending on whether the Argon Ring is in possession, the ending differs. The ring may be attained in the Hero's side quest.

This side quest reveals the Hero's origin story in the Dragovian Sanctuary. After defeating the Lord of the Dragovians, Chen Mui will admit to being the Hero's maternal grandfather. The Hero is actually the union of a human and Dragovian, the father being Eltrio, the missing prince from the Kingdom of Argonia and the mother being Chen Mui's daughter, Xia.

When the Hero came of age, the Dragovian Elders decided to exile him from the sanctuary with his memories sealed off. This seal takes on the form of a curse which displaces other curses making the Hero less susceptible to curses compare to others. Unwilling to let his grand child live alone in the human world, Chen Mui agreed to take the form of a mouse to accompany him.

Once Chen Mui gives the Hero the Argon Ring, the alternate ending will be unlocked. Instead of helping Medea run away, king Clavius permits the Hero to replace Charmles in fulfilling the royal marriage with Medea.

It is revealed throughout the course of the story that the Hero is indeed the Chosen One. The Hero is not performing magnanimous and valiant acts to attain greatness, but it is natural for one as great as he to perform all of these things.

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Traits & Abilities

Curse Resistance - The Hero has a natural immunity to curses.

Munchie's Breath - The Hero is the only party member that may feed cheese to Munchie in battle to use Munchie's Breath. Using any cheese as an item takes regular priority to execute and may only be used twice per battle.

Call Team - After clearing Rank E in the Monster Arena, Morrie will reward the Hero with the ability to call his monster team in the battlefield. This ability costs 10 MP and will always be executed first in the following round. However, each monster team may only be called once per battle.

Base Stats
Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 22 806
MP 0 478
Strength 8 400
Agility 6 200
Resilience 6 215
Wisdom 5 366
Initial gear Soldiers Sword, Plain Clothes, Bandana
Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 NaN 4 NaN no Increase the sword attack +5. no
Dragon Slash 0 9 one no Inflicts 150% damage on dragons (otherwise normal damage). no
Flame Slash 0 15 one yes Inflicts 130% damage (reduced if enemy is resistant to fire). yes
Attack +10 NaN 22 NaN no Increase the sword attack +10. no
Metal Slash 0 30 one yes Inflicts 1-2 damage on metal monsters, 150% damage to machines. no
Attack +15 NaN 40 NaN no Increase the sword attack +15. no
Critical Hit % NaN 40 NaN no Increase the critical hit to 1/32 when equipped with a sword. no
Falcon Slash 0 52 one yes 2 slashes per attach each ~75%. yes
Attack +25 NaN 66 NaN no Increase the sword attack +25. no
Miracle Slash 4 82 one yes Inflicts 125% damage and restores your HP by 50% of damage dealt. yes
Gigaslash 20 100 group yes Inflicts up to 207~239 damage to each member of a group. yes
Gigagash 20 100* group yes Inflicts up to 271~331 damage to each member of a group.


  • Requires 100 points in both swords and courage
Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 0 3 auto no Increase the spear attack +5. no
Mercurial Thrust 0 7 one yes The Hero is first to attack; Damage approx: 80%. yes
Thunder Thrust 3 12 one yes A hit highly likely to be a critical hit. no
Attack +10 no 18 auto no Increase the spear attack +10. no
Multithrust 4 25 1-4 yes 3-4 thrusts per attack at approx: 50% damage each. yes
Critical Hit % no 40 auto no Increase the critical hit rate to 1/32 when equipped with a spear. no
Clean Sweep 0 45 group yes Initial damage approx: 80% decrease from left to right. Bears the grapple/rock element in the 3DS version. yes
Lightning Thrust 0 59 one no A more powerful version of Thunder Thrust. It can either miss or land a critical hit (50% each). no
Attack +25 no 77 auto no Increase the spear attack +25. no
Lightning Storm 25 100 all yes Inflicts 190-220 damage on all enemies. no
Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Crosscutter Throw 2 6 all yes The first enemy is hit twice. yes
Attack +5 no 12 auto no Increase the boomerang attack +5. no
Power Throw 4 18 all yes Slightly less damage but damage does not decrease. yes
Attack +10 no 25 auto no Increase the boomerang attack +10. no
Firebird Throw 6 32 all yes 36-44 damage to all enemies. no
Attack +15 no 40 auto no Increase the boomerang attack +15. no
Super Throw 4 52 all yes More powerful version of Power Throw; Damage approx: 150%. yes
Attack +20 no 66 auto no Increase the boomerang attack +20. no
Starburst Throw 8 82 all yes 76-84 damage to all enemies. no
Gigathrow 15 100 one yes Inflicts up to 233~284 damage to a single enemy. no
Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 no 4 auto no Increase the fisticuffs attack +5. no
Defending Champion 0 11 self yes More powerful defending action (damage reduced by 90%). no
Stone's Throw 0 17 group yes 8-20 damage on a group of enemies. no
Knuckle Sandwich 2 24 one no Inflicts 150% points of damage. yes
Attack +20 no 33 auto no Increase the fisticuffs attack +20. no
Thin Air 2 42 all yes Inflicts up to 108~132 points of damage on all enemies. no
Critical Hit % no 52 auto no Increase the critical hit rate to 1/32 when fighting barehanded. no
Multifists 0 70 1-4 yes 4 blows per attack; Each at approx: 33%. yes
Boulder Toss 4 82 all yes Inflicts 72-104 damage on all enemies. no
Attack +50 no 100 auto no Increase the fisticuffs attack +50. no
Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Zoom 1 8 party no Teleports player to entrance of previously visited location (outdoors only). no
Tingle 2 16 party no Cures party of Sleep and Paralysis status changes. no
Fizzle 4 28 no no Prevents enemy group from using magic. no
Holy Protection 3 40 group no Random encounters with enemies whose level is lower than the hero is avoided. Lasts for 127 steps. no
Zap 6 48 all yes Inflicts up to 72~88 damage on all enemies. no
MP Used 3/4 no 56 auto no Reduces the MP cost to 3/4. no
Kamikazee 1 70 all no The Hero sacrifices himself to deal high damage to all enemies. no
Omniheal 36 82 party no Restores full HP to all party members. no
MP Used 1/2 no 90 auto no Reduces the MP cost to 1/2. no
Kazap 15 100 group yes Inflicts up to 180~220 damage on a group of monsters. no
Gigagash 20 100* group yes Inflicts up to 271~331 damage to each member of a group. no
  • Requires 100 points in both swords and courage
Name MP Level Target Tension Info
Heal 2 3 one yes Restores 30-40 HP to one character.
Squelch 2 4 one no Cures one character of Poison and Envenomation status changes.
Evac 2 6 party no Teleports player back to dungeon entrance (dungeons only).
Sizz 4 11 group yes Inflicts up to 29~35 fire damage on each member of a group.
Midheal 3 18 one yes Restores 75-90 HP to one character.
Sizzle 6 20 group yes Inflicts up to 53~62 fire damage on each member of a group.
Fullheal 6 27 one no Restores all HP to one character.
Zing 8 29 one no Revives a dead character with 50% of HP (50% success rate).
Kasizzle 10 32 group yes Inflicts up to 150~170 fire damage on each member of a group.
Dragon Soul 64 65 one yes Inflicts 420~520 non-elemental damage to one enemy (ignores enemy defense, magic attack).
Skill Tips

Swords pay off if you are in pursuit of metal monsters, with Metal Slash (30 points) being particularly useful. If you accumulate 100 points in swords and courage you learn the almighty Gigagash, although this takes quite some time to achieve. The Hero is allowed to use a variety of different swords throughout the game. Swords are very good in situations against bosses. They become even more useful when you learn Falcon Slash (52 Points) which makes you attack twice for 0 mp. With the use of that skill and a sword called the Uber Falcon Blade It is possible to hit 4 strikes in one turn of the Hero attacking.

Note: It is highly recommended to never reach 100 in Any skill because it takes too many points that can be applied in a different skill set.

Spears are ideal for hunters of metal monsters in particular, with Thunder Thrust (12 points) and Lightning Thrust (59 points). The Multithrust (25 points) is also worth a try against single enemies. Spears are extremely useful in the beginning of the game so most players prioritize as such. This is commonly used if Yangus uses Scythes.

Boomerangs are a real boon in the beginning of the game because they attack all enemies. It is highly recommended to get boomerangs to 52 points in order to get superthrow which allows the Hero to hit everyone for 150% damage with no damage decline.

Fisticuffs is largely ineffectual to the other skills, although some actions are worth a try like Thin Air (42 points). The Hero can only make a real impression when he learns Attack + 50 (100 points). It is recommended that Jessica and/or Yangus learn fisticuffs for Thin Air making it obsolete for the Hero.

Courage is extremely useful as a means of learning traits that reduce MP consumption (at 56 and 90 points). Don't ignore the advanced attacks either (Zap, 48 points and Kazap at 100 points), or the Omniheal spell at 82 points.

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Hero (referred to as "Eight" by Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai) appears as a costume for the Hero, along with the Heroes of Dragon Quests XIIII, and IV. He wields the Dragovian king sword and Dragovian shield. As a palette-swap of the Hero character, and for gameplay-balance reasons, Eight does not retain his curse immunity in Smash.

In Classic Mode, this costume appears as the main opponent for Stage 5 when playing as the Hero. He is fought on the Battlefield form of Gaur Plains (from Xenoblade Chronicles) alongside a tiny Pikachu, referencing Munchie.


DQVIII - Munchie

Munchie is the pet mouse of the Hero, and usually rides around in his coat pocket. He displays different abilities when given particular types of cheese by The Hero, and sometimes helps out by traveling through cracks to travel through areas too small for the party. Upon playing post game, information pertaining to Munchie is revealed.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Yūki Kaji


  • In the mobile (Android/iOS) release, the trailer shows his name, Eight, as "エイト", in Japanese.
  • In the PS2 version of the game, when the hero's tension is maxed, his appearance changes drastically. His bandana flies off and his hair spikes up, making him resemble Super Saiyan Son Goku of Dragon Ball Z fame. This little feature was added to the western release of the game, as a shoutout to fans of Toriyama's work.
  • His Trodain robe can be obtained in Dragon Quest IX as an easter egg by defeating Rhapthorne as a legacy boss.
  • While designing the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version of the Hero, series creator Masahiro Sakurai specifically requested permission from Square-Enix to include Dragon Quest VIII's Hero as an alternate costume, due to the game's popularity in the West and its role in reintroducing the series to American and European audiences.
    • In Ultimate, Eight is given a voice (albeit largely for various wordless expressions of exertion or pain). His voice actor is Yūki Kaji, a popular Japanese VA and singer. According to Masahiro Sakurai, Kaji was very excited to play Eight, and considered roles in both Dragon Quest and Super Smash Bros. to be two of his dream jobs.


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