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Dragon Quest XI
DQXI Hero art
Japanese name イレブン
Rōmaji Irebun
Gender Male
Title(s) Prince of Dundrasil
Class Hero
Race(s) Human
Age 18
Family King Irwin (Father)
Queen Eleanor (Mother)
Rab (Grandfather)
Gemma (Wife)

The Luminary of Dragon Quest XI is an 18-year old from the village of Cobblestone. He is the reincarnation of an ancient hero who once saved the world. On his 18th birthday, he sets out on his journey in order to fulfill his destiny.


He is a young man with blue eyes and brown chin-length hair in a bob cut. On his left hand, he bears a mysterious mark that has appeared since the day he was born. The mark glows when the hero is in danger. He wears a long, sleeveless brown and purple leather tunic over a black long-sleeved shirt, brown trousers, and tan leather boots. Around his waist, he wears a leather belt with a small bag attached and he carries a scabbard across his back.


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Main Games

Dragon Quest XI

The hero was born into a great destiny, said to be the reincarnation of a great hero who saved the world in the past. He was born on the same day as Gemma, a girl from the village who becomes his childhood friend. On their 16th birthday, the two celebrate together before the young man sets out on his journey to fulfill his destiny. He comes into conflict with the Kingdom of Delcadar, who are skeptical of his claims and declare him to be the child of a devil.


  • The hero have some similarities with some of the heroes from previous games:
    • He comes from a lineage of previous heroes, much like the original Hero and the Prince of Midenhall.
    • He sets out on his journey on his 16th birthday, similar to Erdrick. He is also seen wielding Erdrick's sword in the opening video.
    • He was born with a mysterious mark on his left hand, much like the Hero of Dragon Quest VII. It is said to bestow him with mysterious powers and glows in times of danger.
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