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The Hidden Valley is a location in Dragon Quest IV. A quiet, unnamed village northwest of Casabranca, it was built for the express purpose of hiding and protecting the Chosen Hero until they came of age and were ready to fight their destined enemy. As a result, the villagers are very wary of outsiders, forbidding them from entering the village.

The village is only seen during Chapter 5 in the original NES game, but in the remakes there is also a brief prologue section at the very start of the game, giving a glimpse into the daily lives of the Hero and their fellow villagers.


The Hero leads a quiet life in the Hidden Valley, spending their days being trained in combat, but also playing with their childhood friend Eliza, who possesses the mysterious power to change her form.

At the beginning of Chapter 5, the village innkeeper breaks protocol by allowing a travelling bard to stay at his residence. It transpires that the bard is in fact the demon lord Psaro, who has been seeking out the Hero with intent to kill them. With the Hero's location now known, monsters descend upon the village. The defiant villagers hide the Hero in a storage cellar in the northeast, and attempt to fight off the monsters, with Eliza taking on the Hero's appearance in order to deceive the attackers. The ruse works, as the Hero hears the monsters proclaim that they have slain the Hero. Emerging from their hiding place, they are faced with a scene of absolute destruction; the entire village razed to the ground, its inhabitants slaughtered by the forces of evil. The distraught Hero, with no home left, has no choice but to leave the village and begin their journey to find the other Chosen ones.


Item Location
Seed of strength Pot in the northeastern storage cellar
Medicinal herb Barrel in the northeastern storage cellar
3 G Barrel in the northeastern storage cellar
Antidotal herb Pot in the northeast of the village
Medicinal herb Pot in the Hero's home
Big Book of Beasts Given to the player at the start of Chapter 5
Feathered cap In the middle of the village, where Eliza was lying

Other appearances[]

Dragon Quest XI[]

In the 3DS and Definitive Edition versions, the Luminary and his party can visit this secluded hamlet through the Echo Chamber's Altar of the Chosen. They are taken to a time just before the events of the fifth chapter of Dragon Quest IV, when Eliza is still practising her Morph spell. Unfortunately, she is stuck in the form of a slime and is being chased by the suspicious villagers, who accuse the ooze of being responsible for Eliza's disappearance. The party must present the girl with a supreme sage's staff to return her to her normal form, and are then accused of being in league with the slime by the villagers. Eliza apologises for all the fuss, and sets the townsfolk straight after taking the Luminary's shape. The town can then be explored at will, although the cellar in the northeastern section is strictly off limits.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[]

The Hidden Valley made a reappearence in this title, although its events take place in a different manner.

In this version of events, Duffer and Eileen, who after trying to locate the hero for quite a while, finally managed to locate Hidden Valley's village, and accompanied Psaro to investigate the location and capture the Hero, male and going by the name of Solo, while all three were disguised as humans thanks to the spell Morph. However, after spending a night at the local inn, the settlement was not attacked and destroyed the following morning by the Manslayer himself and his forces, but by Dolph, his older, far crueler brute of a half-brother. Claiming to be Psaro himself, Dolph threatened the villagers to relinquish Solo, only to order his own troops to slay them all when they refused.

The real Psaro and his friends could only hide and watch as Eliza, disguised as Solo with Morph, challenged a Demon-at-arms lackey, having shortly before accompanied the real Solo to a safe place. Psaro, held back from interfering by his worried subjects, watches as Eliza is slain by the monster. After her tragic end, the real Manslayer was able to guess, unlike his duller brother, that the slain hero was a fake, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Aamon and his assistant Furgil, who then, while floating out of reach, goaded Psaro to step up his plan, and wipe out all of humankind.

Solo, exiting from his hiding place just then, could only see Psaro move away from the scene with his two subjects.

Other languages[]

Other languages
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