The Hidden Valley (or Hero's Hometown) is a in Dragon Quest IV. A quite, unnamed village east of Burland, it was built for the express purpose of hiding and protecting the Chosen until he came of age and was ready to fight his destined enemy, the Lord of the Underworld: Estark.

In the remakes, there is also a very brief prologue that takes place in the Hero's Hometown.


Dragon Quest IV

Chapter 5 opens with its destruction at the hands of Psaro the Manslayer and his minions, who are hoping to kill the Hero before he can become a threat. However, thanks to the quick thinking and brave sacrifice of his childhood friend Eliza, the Hero survives and begins gathering the other Chosen around him to take on Hell.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Switch

The Luminary and his party can visit this secluded hamlet through the Echo Chamber. They are taken to a time just before the events of the fifth chapter of IV, when Eliza is still practicing her Morph spell. Unfortunately, she is stuck in the form of a slime and is being chased by the suspicious villagers, who accuse the ooze of being responsible for Eliza's disappearance. The party must present the poor girl with a supreme sage's staff to return her to her normal form, and are then accused of being in league with the slime by the villagers. Eliza apologies for all the fuss, and sets the townsfolk straight after taking the Luminary's shape. The town can then be explored at will, but the cellar in the northeastern section is strictly off limits.

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