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Hocus Pocus is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Causes completely random effects, some of which benefit the party and other cause catastrophe.


Dragon Quest II[]

Making its debut, it is learned by the Princess of Moonbrooke at level 25 and costs 15 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest III[]

Acting the same as in II, it is learned by Mages and Sages at level 40, and it costs 20 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest IV[]

Hocus Pocus is learned by the Hero at level 39. It once again costs 20 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest V[]

The spell is learned by the following characters, and once again costs 20 MP to cast. It is also used by Metal king slimes and Luneyetics in battle.

Name Level
Hero *
King cureslime 17
Minidemon 23
  • The hero learns Hocus Pocus in Zoomingale, during Generation 3.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Hocus Pocus can only be learned by mastering the Gadabout vocation. The spell once again costs 20 MP to cast, and is not blocked by Bound nor Bounce. It is also used by Annihilanterns in battle.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Hocus Pocus is learned by reaching rank 5 of the Djinn Genie vocation. It once again costs 20 MP to use, and is also used by Carbuncles and Gnuriels in battle.

Dragon Quest X[]

Appearing as the Coup de Grâce for the Gadabout vocation, it once again has various effects, in addition to not being affected by Fizzle. It reprises its role in the Offline version of the game, but costs 100 Tension to use.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Definitive Edition[]

Only appearing as a spell used by the Pilferpithecus, it fails due to the old age of the monster.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Plouf-Plouf
German Risikooo
Mystik (M)
Spanish Abracadabra
Italian Abracasualis
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown