The Holy Order of the Almighty (formerly Soldiers of God) is an organisation in Dragon Quest VII.


The Holy Order of the Almighty is an ancient organisation created by the Almighty that is dedicated to ridding the world of Orgodemir, the Demon King. The Order lived in four shrines that floated high up in the sky thanks to the power of the sacred stones. On the eve of the final battle with the Demon King, the Almighty decided to seal away Sir Mervyn, his most devoted follower, in the Sizzling Stone as a precaution in case the battle did not go well. Orgodemir succeeded in defeating the Almighty and sealing away the islands in darkness, but the Almighty predicted this would happen and put a plan in place to be revived later. Once the Almighty was defeated, two of the Order's shrines fell from the sky. The remaining members of the Order that did survive took refuge in the Divine Shrine, waiting for their chance to strike back at the Demon King. The Divine Shrine is the only shrine that managed to keep their sacred stones and stay aloft in the sky. The other shrines dedicated to the Order are located across the world, such as the Pool of Piety to the east of Faraday. Some of the other members of the Order that were sent to the Earth would go on to form the Roamer tribe, continuing their mission of one day reviving the Almighty.

Notable members

  • Sir Mervyn - A knight who fought alongside the Almighty against Orgodemir. Before the final battle took place, the Almighty sealed away Sir Mervyn in the Hero Stone in order for him to be revived later.
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