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Hooly (full name Boo Hooly) is a supporting character from the Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime series. He is a mischievous but strong-willed healslime with a red scarf. He is a longtime friend of the player character Rocket.


Oddly enough, Hooly shows no healing abilities typical of his species throughout the game. In fact, Hooly's main strength comes from his abilities in combat, which are decent compared to a few other tank crew members the player can obtain. In tank battles Hooly can be ordered to launch himself at or infiltrate and sabotage the enemy tank, using his tendrils to throw punches.

In Tank Masters[]

Surprisingly, Hooly appears as the opponent of the last battle of Tank masters (the Ultimate Rank).

The tank he uses is the Shogun. It has 3000 HP, the same amount of the Schwarzman tank when you fight Slival after beating the game. Also, in this battle, you don't have any crew member to help you, which increases the difficulty of this battle. After beating him, the player will unlock 2 new tanks: the Shogun and the Gott Schliemen.

As a prize for beating the Ultimate Rank, Morrie Morrie will give Rocket a Hero Sword.

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German Hulli
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