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Humanoid Family (Japanese Kanji: 怪人 Hiragana:かいじん Romanji: Kaijin Monstrous Human) refers to the monsters in Dragon Quest game series that has a human-like forms.

Strengths and Weakness


Like regular humans, it depends on the humanoid. Some are proficient in physical combat, while others are magical. This gives them more variety than the other classes.


Whips deal 110% damage to humanoid monsters. Lashings of Love deals even heavier damage,

Sub-types of Humanoid Family

  • Bodkin Archers use bows and arrows, Light-type attacks damage them the most.
  • Carters have good speed and can attack all party members
  • Gnomes carry around a shield, and has possibilities of blocking attacks.
  • Mages know spells
  • Claws can powerfully slash
  • Hammers are weak and have a chance of a Critical hit
  • Lumps know spells.

Monsters of the Humanoid family

Bodkin Hunters






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