The Hunters' Yurts is a location in Dragon Quest IX. It is a small collection of huts north of Batsureg. It is considered a outlook location for the town of Batsureg and is ruled by the same ruler.


Quest #126 - "Puff-Puff Performance"
Location Hunters' Yurts
Available at after finishing the main story
Requested by Tuya
Response to Tuya
Requirement More info collecting...
Reward Lambswool
Detail If you want Tuya from the hunters' yurts to perform a proper puff-puff, you'll have to bring her some cheer-me-up. Pick your moment well, and you should easily be able to steal some from a boss troll.
Hint for solution Boss Trolls can be found in the Oubliette, but not the main part of the fortress. Just keep stealing from them until you get the cheer-me-up.

Quest #171 - "I Would Do Anyfang for Love"
Location Batsureg Hunters' Yurts
Available at DQVC
Requested by Nergui
Response to Nergui
Requirement Drakulord's tooth
Reward  ?
Detail Nergui at the hunters' yurts needs your help to woo a girl he's keen on. Defeat a drakulord in three turns or less to win a drakulord's tooth for him.
Hint for solution Drakulords are found in the Realm of the Almighty and level 40s grottoes post-game. Bring either a high-level group or a thief, ranger, and priest for their one-shot kill abilities.
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