Hustle, hustle!
A character performing the Hustle Dance

Hustle Dance is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Typically learnt by Dancers and/or Luminaries, this skill invokes buff effects that can vary by title. In its most common incarnation, Hustle Dance restores a moderate amount of HP to all active party members.


Dragon Quest VI

Hustle Dance is learnt by advancing to rank 6 of the Luminary vocation. The dance also heals those resting in the wagon.

Dragon Quest VII

Same as VI in the PSX version, but also learnt by reaching rank 3 of the Druid vocation in the 3DS remake. In the latter, the amount of HP restored has been reduced to 50~60.

Dragon Quest VIII

Jessica can perform the Hustle Dance after allocating 100 skill points into her Sex Appeal skill tree. Caped caperers and Volpones can use this dance in battle to heal their allies.

Dragon Quest IX

Hustle Dance can be performed by any character that has the Further Fanmanship (quest #76) item in their inventory. It is also used by Sluggerslaughts and Boogie manguinis in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Learnt when 100 skill points are invested in the Minstrel's Litheness skill tree, it can heal all allies and the user for 80 HP each. However, it is the first main series game to have a MP consumption for the skill. It is also used by Pink bonbons, Bags o' sweets, Snowballs, Dandelion fluffs, Trickstars, Genomes, Pretty cat flies, and Bondiri, as well Caped caperers once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Sylvando can learn Hustle Dance by advancing through the Showmanship section of his Character Builder grid. Contrary to earlier titles in which magical mending is determinant of its power, Sylv's Charm value determines the skill's strength. Grey gordons and Abyssal octopots use it, as well as Caped caperers and Bags o' sweets once again, but when used by a Grey gordon gone Malicious, it Peps itself and its allies up on top of healing them.

Dragon Quest Heroes

Hustle Dance can once again be learnt by Jessica for 15 skill points and costs 25 MP to use. She is the only character in the game who can heal the entire party. When used, spotlights will appear on Jessica and she will be unable to act until the dance finishes, restoring the entire party for about 30~40 HP at the end.

  • Hustle Dance can be powered up twice with the skill Hustle Dance Bolsterer for 20 skill points each, which will increase the amount of HP restored to about 90~110.
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