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Hybris is a character and a boss in Dragon Quest VII.


Dragon Quest VII[]

In his youth, Hybris was childhood friends with both Martyn and Lucia. However, their friendship was cut short when their kingdom was attacked by the neighboring Rucker Empire, resulting in the death of Lucia. A distraught Hybris vows to become powerful enough to avenge the death of Lucia and destroy the Ruckers. The kingdom of Hubble was forced to become a vassal nation to the Ruckers, but ten years later, Hybris was able to lead a revolution against the Ruckers with the help of magic, leaving them a shell of their former selves. He would ascend the throne even though both of his parents were still alive.

However, the young king still thirsted for more power, vowing to never to be weak against since he couldn't prevent the death of Lucia. He had a falling out with Martyn some time later and the two became estranged. When Martyn and the party are on the verge of preventing Hybris from uttering the Incantation, he reveals the depths of his obsession and his perceived failure at preventing Lucia's death all those years ago. After the Incantation has been cast, Hybris begins to emanate an aura of pure evil—the dark power of the Demon King. In his delusion, he believes that he has become powerful enough to save Lucia, but he becomes consumed by its power and is transformed into a monster with the appearance of a Sculpture vulture.

Hybris ends up losing consciousness after the party defeats him and is able to return to normal, to the relief of Father Martyn. The full power of the Incantation is sealed away once more and the party takes a rest afterwards. When they wake up, the Queen Mother thanks both the party and the Wizz for their deeds and for saving the kingdom. They then speak with Hybris, who is still resting in bed after the ordeal, who tells the party he owes them a debt of gratitude. He then says he hopes it is not too late to atone for his sins and hopes that the people of Hubble can live in peace from now on.


# - Hybris
Demon Family
No Image HP MP Attack Defence Agility
40000 (First fight)
2200 (Second fight)
∞ (Both fights) 270 (First fight)
165 (Second fight)
200 (First fight)
90 (Second fight)
37 (First fight)
82 (Second fight)
Exp Gold Drop None
710 G
Normal attack
Desperate attack
Sometimes acts twice per turn
Freezing Blizzard
Haunts at:
Hubble Bridge (Past)

Other Games[]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

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Other languages[]

Other languages
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