The Immigrant Town is an essential place in Dragon Quest III. It is east of the village Persistence, and someone from that village came to create another village. This is a key location, because it contains the Yellow Orb, an item needed to hatch Ramia. The town's name is "Merchant's name"-Burg. (For example, let's say you name your merchant "Jacob". The town's name will be "Jacob-Burg".)

Growing The Town

Stage One

The town will just be cleared and a villager from Persistence will be awaiting an arrival for a dealer. Bring him a dealer alive to progress.

Stage Two

Walk in and out a few times to get the item shop in the town. It will be ran by your merchant you gave. The shop only sells medicinal herbs and leather hats. So don't try to buy that (unless you really need medical herbs at that time).

Stage Three

The requirements to reach this level of the town are to

Once completed just go in and out until you see the founder's house. During the process of going in and out of town, you will see and inn, theater, weapons and armor shop, stronger item shop, jail, and the founder's house being built. The town seems happy, but some people think the dealer overworks them.

Stage Four

To get to this, you have to have completed stage three, then go to night. Go near the jail, and you will see 3 people discussing whether the founder should be put in jail, and they do agree. Go sleep in, then find out that the merchant is in jail! He/She will tell you to search behind the throne is his/her house. Start searching and find the Yellow Orb. The merchant will also tell you that he/she will start thinking about what they have done and how they can improve. The music also changes from stage 1-3.

Stage Five (Optional)

This only happens after you hatch Ramia. Once you arrive there, the merchant will be out of jail, though he/she will tell you that he/she is moving back to Patty's Party Planning Place, because he thinks that the villagers can make the town better on their own. Now, if you really want him/her back in your team, you can get the merchant back.

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