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The Imperial Pantry of Parthenia is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IV. An icy, frozen cave, it is used as a seed bank by the Parthenians, preserving precious feverfew seeds. The slippery floor makes it difficult to navigate.


In Parthenia, the Hero and the Chosen learn that Alena has already set out for the imperial pantry, in order to find the feverfew seeds needed to cure Kiryl. The party decides to follow after her. Inside the cave, they bump into the headstrong Tsarevna, along with her temporary allies, but she is unimpressed with the party and continues her own search for the seeds, despite seemingly walking around in circles. The party eventually find the necessary seeds at the bottom-most level of the cave, and hurry back to Parthenia to plant them.



Item Location
Seed of agility Treasure chest, 1st level
Seed of life Treasure chest, 2nd level
Robe of serenity Treasure chest, 2nd level
800 G Treasure chest, 2nd level
Feverfew seed Treasure chest, 3rd level

Other Appearances[]

Dragon Quest XI[]

In the 3DS and Definitive Edition versions of the game, the Luminary visits the pantry through the Echo Chamber's Altar of the Chosen, and finds that the icy cavern has been turned into a sweltering oven by a flamethrower hell-bent on burning the feverfew seeds. Alena and her makeshift party can be spoken to as well, and the Tsarevna tips the Luminary off as to the whereabouts of the Prince of Cannock when asked.


Version differences[]

  • In the remake versions, the first basement of the cave is blocked by a thief's key door, which can only be opened by Alena. She will not appear in the cave until Borya has joined the party, preventing the player from sequence breaking. The NES version of the game lacks such a door, allowing the player to retrieve the feverfew seeds before meeting Borya.


  • The mercenaries from Castle Casabranca show up until the seeds are obtained. Though the leading warrior is present, his priest was replaced by a soldier, his dancer was replaced by a poet, and the merchant was replaced by Alena.
  • Despite having the thief's key in her possession, Alena will break down the door to the cave, something which is noted by her companions.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Cave impériale de Parthénia
German Kaiserliche Kammer von Parthenia
Spanish Despensa Imperial de Parthenia
Italian Sala del tesoro Imperiale di Parthenia
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown