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Japanese name 邪竜軍王ガリンガ
Rōmaji Evil Dragon Garinga
Family Dragon
Introduced in XI

Indingus is a boss monster in the Dragon Quest series.



Indignus is fiercely loyal to Mordegon, guarding the door to the Fortress of Fear. He has some respect for the Luminary, showing his admiration with human achievements.


When the Luminary and his allies make their way to the Fortress of Fear, a giant blade comes out of nowhere, thus marking Indingus' entrance. He commends the Luminary for defeating all the other Spectral Sentinels, and making it this far, but vows to kill him and his friends so Mordegon can keep Erdrea under his rule. After a fight to the death, Indignus dies and tries to warn the Luminary that time is what it is and must not be changed. With that, he disappears, relinquishing the Blue Orb and allowing the party access to the Fortress of Fear. He is shown in the Definitive Edition, attacking Erik with some monsters in the Viking Hideout, presumably to inflict amnesia on him.

Main game appearances

Dragon Quest XI

#369 - Indignus
Dragon Family
DQXI - Indignus 2D
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
3600 999 404 300 20
Exp Gold Drop None
32000 15000 G
Description: One of the Spectral Sentinels, and the gatekeeper of the Fortress of Fear. His loyalty to the Lord of Shadows is absolute, and he would give up his life for his master in an instant.
Normal attack
Guards against attacks
Falcon Slash
Inferno Slash
Thunder Thrust
Readies his weapon (Unleashes seven attacks on random party members)
Unleashes a blue blast from the Blue Orb (Disruptive Wave like effect)
Haunts at:
Fortress of Fear (Mid game)


  • Indignus' role in Dragon Quest XI S is unknown aside from commanding Liege lizards, Skelegons, Dragon riders, and Ethereal serpents with Chihuawyrms gone Vicious to attack Erik.
    • Indingus (Maybe) causing Erik's memory loss is similar to Captain Goomba causing Bowser's amnesia in the Superstar Saga remake's Minion Quest. However, while Goomba's cause was accidental and got him stripped of Captain of the Koopa Troop at the end of the story, Indingus' may be intentional since he didn't want Erik to find out that Mia became Gyldygga.

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