Inferno is a recurring breath attack in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest Remakes

Appearing only in the remakes, it is the Dragonlord's strongest breath attack to use against the Hero, hitting for 65-69 damage.

Dragon Quest II Remakes

Appearing only in the remakes, it is Malroth's ability against the Scions of Erdrick, hitting for 90-110 damage. (100-120 in the mobile versions.)

Dragon Quest III

Appearing only in the remakes, Baramos & Soul of Baramos use this ability against Erdrick himself, hitting for 80-99 damage. Infernal serpents also use this ability against the Hero who would later defeat Zoma.

Dragon Quest IV

Making its debut, it is used by Night riders, Barbatos,

Dragon Quest V

Inferno is learned by several monster companions. It does not cost MP to use.

Name Level
Barbatos --
Archdemon 4
Great dragon 10
Rebjørn 10
Drag-goof 15
King slime 20
Small fry 28
Flamethrower 30

It is also used by Great dragons, Hybirds, Lick-o'-flames, and Strongylokrotaphuses, as well as Barbatoses once again.

Dragon Quest VI

Inferno is learned by Lizzie at level 15. Other characters can obtain this technique by advancing to rank 5 of the Dragon vocation. It is also used by Hopping hellfires, Uber dreamaeras, Hacksauruses, and Blackmar in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Inferno is learned by advancing to Rank 6 of the Seasaur, Rank 5 of the Prism Peacock, mastering the Rashaverak, as well as advancing to Rank 7 of the Monster Masher in the 3DS remake. It is also used by Drakulards, Weighverns, Rotwyrms, Sulkk,

Dragon Quest VIII

Munchie can attack foes with inferno if he is fed Super Spicy Cheese, and is also used by War gryphons, Dragurns, Tyrantosauruses, Bobongas, Seasaurs, Hellspawns, Belials, Gemon, the 2 Megalodons, Dhoulmagus and Rhapthorne in their final forms in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

An enemy only skill for the first time since its debut, it is used by Abyss divers, Red dragons, Cosmic chimaeras, King Godwyn's final form, and Nemean, as well as Drakulards once again.

Dragon Quest X

Inferno can be learned by investing 7 skill points into a recruited Small fry and Hacksaurus's Flame Breath Knowledge skill tree, and costs 6 MP to use. It is also used by Salamander fries, Sweaty yetis, Tyrannoceratopses, Dragsters, Grillerpillars, Face invaders, Hot dogs, Tantamounts, Grimlins, Firebirds, Axesauruses, Quetzalcoatluses, Little wyverns, Remotes, as well as War gryphons, once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Once again only used by enemies, it is used by Black dragons, Blue dragons, Flamethrowers, Green dragons and Ham shamwitches gone Vicious, Masqueraiders, Lobster mobsters, Hyperpyrexions, Metal dragon slimes, Drake slimes gone Malicious, as well as Bobongas,

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