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Insulatle is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest III

Making its debut, it is learned by Priests and Sages at level 32 and costs 6 MP to use. The spell will reduce breath damage by 33%, overriding any additional reductions provided by armour in the original NES game. This bug is fixed in all subsequent versions, and the spell will last 6~9 turns in all versions.

Dragon Quest IV

Meena learns Insulatle at level 29, once again costing 6 MP to cast. It lasts for 6~9 turns, and reduces breath damage by 50%, setting the precedent for nearly all future appearances. It is also used by Divs in the remakes.

Dragon Quest V

Insulatle costs 3 MP, decreasing breath damage by a massive 70% in the original Super Famicom release before being nerfed to 50% in all subsequent versions. It is learned by recruited King cureslimes at level 7, recruited King slimes and Metal slimes at level 10, recruited Revaulting horses at level 27, and Parry at level 23, as well as recruited Conkuisitors at level 40.

Dragon Quest VI

Insulatle is obtained by advancing to Rank 2 of the Sage vocation, and once again costs 3 MP to cast. It can also be learned by recruited High djinkses, though only in the SNES version, and can halve damage from Tidal Wave, Pyre o' Fire, Big Banga, and Magma Blast. (Though those 2 skills are not resisted in the remake) It is also used by Aggrosculptures and Loss leaders in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Insulatle features the same traits as in the previous games, but now lasts 6~9 turns. It is once again learned by reaching rank 2 of the Sage, as well as Rank 4 of the Djinn Genie and Rank 5 of the Gripevine vocations, and is also used by Divs in battle. In the 3DS remake, it is also learned by advancing to Rank 3 of the Armamentalist and Monster Master vocations, and Rank 1 of the Hero and Druid vocations, in addition to Kernels of truth using in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Insulatle is learned by Jessica at level 25 and costs 3 MP. It lasts 6~9 turns, and can be replicated by Munchie's Chunky cheese.

Dragon Quest IX

Insulatle is learned by Rangers at level 26 and Priests at level 43. It reduces breath damage by 25%, capping at 50% when cast twice, and costs 8 MP to cast. The effects of the spell will last for 6~9 turns.

Dragon Quest X

Insulatle is once again learned by Rangers at level 42 and Priests at level 34, and acts the same as in IX. It costs 4 MP to use.

Dragon Quest XI

Rab learns Insulatle at level 40 and cuts breath damage by 25% once more, but now costs 12 MP to cast.

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