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Your clothes, houses, tables and chairs... The sky, the land... They too remember each passing day.
Ishmahri, to the party upon first meeting them.

Ishmahri is a character from Dragon Quest VIII, a spirit, keeper of the mysterious Moonshadow Land (月の世界, Tsuki no sekai).


Ishmahri is a graceful looking man with long blue hair, blue eyes, and pointed elven-like ears. He dons a beige dress with an orange collar, and a blue half robe over it with night sky themed designs on the edges. He wears an orange sash around his waist, and tan sandals on his feet. Around his neck is a long silver necklace, and around his forehead is a circlet of the same silver with a single blue stone dangling off the front.


It is apparent that he possesses the ability of clairvoyance as he can read objects to obtain unspoken information about them.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

The party meet Ishmahri twice during their adventure. In Ascantha, the party are sent by Emma in Ascantha castle on a 'diversion' to find Ishmahri. They then lead him to King Pavan to soothe his heart broken by grief. Ishmahri creates past images of the late Queen Sasha by playing a melody on his harp, thusly remindig King Pavan of the bottomless pride his late wife had in him, shaking him out of his depression.

The party later meets Ishmahri a second time, while in Castle Trodain, whilst looking for a way to cross the ocean. When the moon's beams casts a shadow on a door covered in vines, the Moonshadow Realm is accessable. When the party enters the realm, Ishmahri states that he can reawaken the memories of the ocean that once existed. However, it is beyond his own harp's ability, and it breaks. The party is then sent to Ascantha to retrieve the Moonshadow harp, which had unfortunately had recently been stolen by a group of moles. Once it is retrieved from Don Mole, Ishmahri reawakens the land's memory, with the help of Medea's voice, thusly dislodging the Magic Ship from its resting site.

It is implied Ishmahri is a being far beyond humanity, and possibly even the likes of Rhapthorne in terms of knowledge. In his first encounter with the party when he saves King Pavan from his grief, if the player speaks with him on the way to the King, he will first make idle talk about the moonshadow and the King. However, if the player speaks to him twice, he talks about knowing what will unfold during the player's travels and claims he can see into the future but is not allowed to tell the player of what will happen to them for an unknown reason, and instead wishes the player safety. It is likely at the very least he knew they would meet again, and possible he has full sight of the future, including all the events of the game.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Definitive Edition[]

Ishmahri is seen in Castle Trodain once again via his voice, requesting the Luminary and the party's aid in stopping the repeating day, since night must have its chance, and furthermore the original Dragon Quest VIII party is stuck in the Moonshadow Land. When the culprit behind the endless day is defeated, he rewards the party with a Shamshir of light and wishes them well on their quest.

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