Jörmun is a boss monster who appears in Dragon Quest XI.



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Jörmun, an ethereal jowler, was a mythical beast with whom the warriors of yore made a pact to seal the snow witch Krystalinda, and was tasked with keeping her powers in check while Krystalinda herself would be sealed within an ancient tome.

In the present day, the corrupt Jasper of Heliodor stumbles upon the sealed tome from which Krystalinda calls out and ends up making a deal with him to thwart his rivals. She takes Queen Frysabel of Sniflheim prisoner within the book, proceeds to freeze the city in an impenetrable wall of ice, and impersonates Her Majesty with uncanny ease. With this ruse, Krystalinda tricks the heroes into trekking to the Hekswood that they may defeat Jörmun and break the spell, telling them that soldiers from Heliodor went to slay the beast and never returned. He is seen battling Hendrik, who believed that the monster was the witch's lapdog. It knocks out Hendrik after he gets sidetracked by the Darkspawn's appearance, falling upon the wanted hero to defeat the beast. He does so, but instead, the Luminary inadvertently restores the witch to her full power with which she bests both the Luminary and Hendrik in single combat. She would then engage the party from within Sniflheim a short time later. Though Krystalinda is defeated, Frysabel remains trapped within the tome. To get her out, the royal chancellor Snorri proposes a test question between the two. Frysabel gives the correct answer and is freed, but as Snorri prepares to seal Krystalinda away for good, Frysabel pleads with him to spare her.

Jörmun is absent after the Fall of Yggdrasil, but is among those revived when Calasmos is released. Now with a malicious nature and much more aggressive and powerful, the party must fell him with light energy to release him from his earthly bond. Once this is done, he can be recruited as the guardian of the restored Cobblestone, even after Calasmos has been taken care of.


Dragon Quest XI


#175 - Jörmun
Beast Family
DQXI - Jörmun 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
820 999 141 150 79
Exp Gold Drop None
2400 290 G
Note: A hulking great creature who haunts the Hekswood with his horrifying howls of 'Jööööööööör!', with which he freezes foes before battering them.
Normal attack
Acts twice
Throws a snowball (Enemy's ice resistance decreases)
Dances a jolly jig (Increases attack by 2 and defense is decreased by 1)
Gives a good kicking
Haunts at:
The Hekswood (Early game)


#586 - Malicious Jörmun
Beast Family
DQXI - Jörmun 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
2800 999 620 424 230
Exp Gold Drop None
12000 3000 G
Note: The Horror of the Hekswood, made even more monstrous by the Dark One's malign influence. His once holy heart had been lost utterly to evil.
Normal attack
Acts thrice
Gets Pepped Up
Hurls a stingingly cold snowball (Enemy's ice resistance decreases along with removal of buffs)
Gives a good kicking
Haunts at:
The Hekswood (Post game)

Other languages

Other languages
French Jörmun
German Jötunn
Spanish Jörmun
Italian Jormun
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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