Jack of Alltrades is a character in IX. he is able to change a character's vocation, and currently resides at Alltrades Abbey.


Jack of Alltrades is an old man. He has pale skin and a long white beard and moustache, and wears flowing purple robes. He is also seen holding a book.


He is kind and understanding.



Main Games

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When the player first arrives at Alltrades Abbey, he/she learns that the Abbot, Jack has mysteriously disappeared. Upon investigation, it is discovered that the Abbot consumed a golden fygg and went to the Tower of Trades. The player ventures to the tower, and at the top the Abbot is found. Although the Abbot wishes only for a better way to guide his people, the fygg turns him into a monster instead, the Master of Nu'un. After the player defeats his monstrous form, he reverts back to his normal self and returns to the Abbey, thus allowing the player to begin changing vocations.
Thou hast defeated the spoiler.


"Here you stand in the holy precincts of Alltrades Abbey, my child, where lost lambs come to change their vocations."

"And who among you will be starting a new vocational path?"


  • His name is a pun on 'Jack of All Trades', which describes a person capable of doing many things.
  • His fygg-altered form also plays off the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none."
  • Interestingly, both in appearance and personality, he resembles Professor Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series.
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