Jade is a character in Dragon Quest XI. She is a martial artist who fights with fisticuffs, claws and spears, while also being highly geared towards charming the enemy with her sex appeal.


Jade is around 165cm tall and physically fit woman with purple eyes and long, blackish-purple hair tied in a ponytail that drops below her back and down to her legs with a fringe parted to the right side of her face.

In her default appearance and attire, she wears a jade green-coloured halter top attached to a choker by a metal ring, over a midriff-revealing black tank top and a jade green leather skirt over a pair of black short shorts. Around her wrists she wears jade green bracers and black fingerless gloves on her hands. She also wears a pair of jade green high-heeled laced boots that go up below the knee. By default she equips her glaive, Jade's Glaive, resembling a cross between a Japanese naginata and a Chinese guandao. Her hair is also tied back by a red hairband.


Jade has a lot of common sense and is open to the atmosphere around her; she is understanding of others and their needs. She has a lot of dignity and courage, however a softer side when it comes to discussing herself and when she is with the Hero, who she protects as an older sister but also shares a much deeper bond with him than that. Even if she cannot be there to protect the Hero, she still has a strong desire to protect someone or something.

She is very strong in her beliefs and when she feels strongly about something, she will not take 'no' for an answer. She also has a lot of physical strength, especially with her legs as she resorts mostly to using kicks. During her youth, she is described as a tomboy who would often get scolded by her father for running around everywhere. This translates into her becoming a martial artist and a warrior.


Dragon Quest XI

She is one of the party members that appears in the game.

Her Story

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Early Life

Jade was born to King Carnelian, her father, and her unnamed mother over 20 years prior to when she reunites with the Hero, making her a princess of Heliodor and she therefore resided inside of Heliodor Castle. After her birth, her mother tragically passed away as a result of an epidemic and Jade was left to grow up with only her father. It is unknown when her mother died but it is assumed to be before Jade reached the age of 6.

Before Jade was born, Hendrik and Jasper were assigned by King Carnelian to protect Jade, since she is the princess, as well as resuming their normal duties as future Knights of Heliodor. They both grew up protecting Jade as she also grew up, where they became somewhat friends.

While growing up, Heliodor was often visited by Prince Irwin and Princess Eleanor and vice versa to Dundrasil, their kingdom, and would later become the king and queen of Dundrasil. They took a liking to Jade and spent a lot of time with her, often treating her like their own daughter. She had a very close relationship with Eleanor especially, as she had no mother of her own and Eleanor seemed to fill that void for her, especially when they played together.

When Eleanor became pregnant with a baby boy, the Hero, she felt happy at the thought of having her own younger brother to protect and play with.

After Eleanor had given birth to the Hero and it was discovered that he is the Luminary, Jade would often tease and play with him, letting him grab her finger. These are memories that she would hold dear to her heart and would spur her on when she grows up. During the Colloquy of Kings, several nights after the Hero had been born, at Dundrasil Castle, Jade spent the evening in Eleanor's company gazing out of the window.

After the colloquy had convened, monsters suddenly invaded the castle and Jade made an escape along with King Irwin and Eleanor who cradled the Hero in her arms. They exited through a secret exit under the castle, until Irwin is stonewalled by two Moosifers and a Barbatos (A Chasmonaut, Moosifer, Hyperpyrexion, and a Headless horseman in the 3DS version and 2D Definitive Edition mode). Irwin is forced to fend off the monsters to allow Jade and Eleanor to escape. Both Jade and Eleanor attempted to flea, however they were quickly spotted by Headless Horsemen and Eleanor sacrificed herself to protect both Jade and the Hero, allowing them to escape. With the Hero cradled in her arms, Jade made an escape down to a river in the First Forest, where she was forced to let the Hero go in the river after being attacked by a third Headless Horseman.

This is an important memory that sticks with Jade, as she often reiterates not wanting to let the Hero go ever again. It is also possible that Jade was traumatised by the close-encounters with such large monsters at a young age and also being attacked by one when carrying the Hero.

Jade's Mother

Jade never finds out when her mother died, however Jade learns that her mother was once a student at l'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles and was best friends with Madame de Beauvoir who gives the side quest A Memorable Mystery, a quest about Jade's mother, after finding her diary stashed away in a bookshelf. This is where Jade learns that her mother was a graduate at the academy. She recalls how they used to swing on tree branches and discuss their futures. In the diary, an excerpt reads:

"Here I will bury my memories, where the shadow of the birch tree that we dreamed beneath stretches in the evening light. All that I leave behind, I leave to you, my dearest friend."

A memory box left behind her mother is found by the Hero amongst a flower garden where the diary depicts it to be. Jade and her companions are around as the Madame opens the memory box, where there is a red ribbon and a letter inside. The letter reads:

"By the time you read this, I will be far, far away. The crown prince of Heliodor has asked for my hand in marriage, and I cannot refuse him. I am to be a queen, so I cannot think only of my own happiness any more. My kingdom, and my people, must come first. I am afraid that I will no longer be myself... But even though I may change, I will always carry the wonderful memories of the days we shared together in my heart. I will never forget you. So I beg you, dear friend, do not forget me. Remember the girl I was, and know that you will always be ma meilleure amie, mon âme sœur. My best soulmate. I give you my ribbon as a token of our eternal friendship. You always said how much you liked it. Now, it is yours."

Jade learns of her mother's appearance through the Madame, who describes her as the prettiest girl in the academy, with long black hair tied with the red ribbon from the memory box. She felt betrayed when Jade's mother left and they had an argument. The Madame offers her condolences expressing how she regrets the argument with Jade's mother, especially after learning of her passing. While sobbing, the Madame recalls the moments she spent with her best friend. The Hero receives the red ribbon, Belle's Bow, to which the Madame suggests that Jade wears it due to being as beautiful as her mother with similar black hair, although it does not occur to her that she is her daughter nor does Jade say anything. Despite this, Jade does seem to have some concern over these events as she was told by her mother about the academy.

When Dundrasil Fell

After the tragic events of Dundrasil that caused Jade to be separated from her family, Eleanor and, most importantly, the Hero, she was saved by Lord Robert, Rab, who had survived the events of Dundrasil despite being inside the castle. With great trauma left in her heart, she was forced to move on although the idea of finding the Hero once again sat on her mind and went into exile from Heliodor. In the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI, in the First Forest, she explains how she dislikes the traumatic memories it brings back for her of letting the Hero go in the river.

After being saved by Rab she decides to accompany him on a shared adventure to both find the Luminary and the root of the darkness that plagues Erdrea while causing the fall of Dundrasil. Initially, they went to Heliodor to see if her father would help them find the Luminary, but decided not to see him after he told everyone that she had been killed by the Luminary. This leads them both to feel suspicious and that he must be possessed by someone. They both travelled around the world for 16 years before Act 1 of the story began, discovering the presence of Mordegon and beginning to inquire about Mordegon's involvement in the dark events that took place.

During her time with Rab, she was trained to be a martial artist as Rab is also a skilled fighter. This is where she learns the kicks that she mostly uses, where she explains that she was fascinated and satisfied by the turning kicks that Rab taught. Rab has a habit of collecting Ogler's Digest volumes, which could have had an influence on Jade and the part of her personality that is sexually suggestive, perhaps giving her the ambition to have a nice body and giving her the idea to use suggestive abilities like Puff-Puff. It could also be the reason why she is comfortable wearing outfits like The Bunny and The Swimmer, even wearing The Bunny in suggestive Pep Powers involving the Hero such as Buff-Buff.

She eventually wound up in Octagonia with Rab while on her adventure, to investigate Mordegon, to enter the Masked Martial Arts tournament and investigate a scandal about missing people going on in the town.

Act 1

Both Jade and Rab entered the Masked Martial Arts (MMA) tournament in Octagonia, learning that the prize for winning is the Rainbough. Neither of them were aware of its power, although it was obvious to them that it was of value. A party of adventurers join the brackets and another contestant, Vince Vanquish, who both Jade and Rab were wary of. Jade swept through her side of the bracket with Rab not having to do much at all, while Vince paired up with the Hero and swept through their side as well. After the brackets are up and they all go to rest, she briefly makes eye contact with the Hero and raises concerns about his partner, Vince. This does not come to anything however and the final round of the MMA is set for the following morning.

Before the final round takes off, Jade notices that Vince appears to be using some sort of concoction that boosts his abilities while also giving him internal pain. She disapproves of the poor sportsmanship, but both her and Rab engage in battle with the pair anyway. During the fight, she is on the losing end against the pair, where Rab is alerted by the Hero's mark, the mark of the Luminary. Jade watches as Rab is taken out by Vince, but continues to fight the Hero until she notices that he bears the mark as well and is also taken aback, just to be knocked down by him and Vince.

After losing to the pair, neither Jade nor Rab directly bring up the fact that the Hero is the Luminary however Rab steals the Rainbough before it is given to the Hero. During the evening, Jade creates a plan to expose Vince by letting Vince kidnap her and take her to a monster known as the Arachtagon underneath Octagonia, where she pretends to be incapacitated to fool both Vince and the monster into luring her there to stop their plans. Eventually, she is accompanied by the Hero and his party, as well as Rab, who all thought that she had gone missing like all the other fighters.

Jade and her companions are shocked when they learn of Arachtagon's doing, especially concerning Vince's negotiations with the monster. This is where Vince got the concoctions to boost his ability to fight, the one that Jade disapproved of. It turns out that it does more harm than good to him, although he was willing to take the risk to win the MMA. She is also shocked when the monster reveals to Vince that he was being used to tenderise its prey before it consumed them. Jade appears to be thankful that the Hero and his party came just in time, although still focused on the matter at hand.

After defeating Arachtagon, Vince and the Hero go off to do a tie-breaker for the Rainbough which Rab had already stolen. Jade peels off to Dundrasil, while Rab informs the Hero to meet them in Dundrasil before going along with Jade.

Jade is gazing over a cliff-face beyond Dundrasil Ruins, where there is an altar that is used as a ceremony to commemorate the events of Dundrasil. After Rab is finished informing the Hero of the past, Dundrasil and showing him his mother, Eleanor's, grave, Jade is joined by all of them. She appears to be happy to see the Hero again, where she informs them that she is the Princess of Heliodor and stands back with the Erik, Sylvando, Veronica and Serena as they watch Rab and the Hero perform a ritual with the altar. She, along with everyone else, is left in awe by the sight of the souls being released from their despair as a result of the ritual.

After the ritual, Jade peels off with the Hero, where she seems to want to formally reunite with him and catch up on all they had missed out on together. It seems like she had held everything in until this moment, where she thinks she finally has the chance to be alone with him and to break the ice between them. She immediately feels fond about the Hero, who she protects like an older sister, where she discusses her thoughts and feelings as they walk towards Dundrasil Ruins through a tunnel. When they reach the end of the tunnel, she talks about her love for Eleanor and how she was the only real mother she knew; she used to read her stories and take her flower-picking. Jade is very upset over the loss of Eleanor and she stutters when telling the Hero about her.

They are interrupted by Heliodorian Soldiers, who they hear patrolling the area in the distance. Noticing their presence, Jade and the Hero go to warn the others and head back up the tunnel they came from towards the altar, until they see a group of soldiers. They overhear them mention how the others escaped and that there's no sign of the Hero, who they called the Darkspawn.

While they are eavesdropping, they are spotted by another group of soldiers who alert the other soldiers. The soldiers are surprised that Jade, Princess of Heliodor, has sided with the so-called Darkspawn. She decides she has had enough, takes the Hero's hand and they both run away towards a cliff area.

Sir Hendrik stops them in their tracks where Jade sees him for the first time in over 16 years. She is disappointed in what has become of him and his inability to see the truth, that the Hero is not the Darkspawn. However, Hendrik seems to be disappointed in her and somewhat shocked for siding with the Darkspawn. Surrounded by soldiers, Jade and the Hero are forced to fight their way out. Hendrik joins the fray as well.

While Hendrik engages the Hero, Jade is busy holding back the soldiers. Jade quickly notices that the Hero is close to the edge of a nearby cliff, where he gets knocked down onto a loose rock. As the loose rock falls, she pushes past Hendrik frantically and rushes to hug onto the Hero as they both plummet into the water basin below. While falling, she holds him firmly and tells him that she will not let him go again, ignoring Hendrik who yelled after her as she fell.

Upon washing up on the bank of the basin, she finds an abandoned lodge that she carries the Hero to and allows him to rest in a bed. She warms up the lodge by collecting wood and putting it on the fireplace in the lodge. When the Hero finally wakes up, she is greeted by him at the door where she is standing in the rain carrying more wood back to the lodge. She appears to be happy that the Hero is awake and that they have the chance to be alone again together, despite the bad conditions. She seems satisfied that she was finally able to protect him, especially in a circumstance like this which was similar to the time when she lost him. After greeting him, she invites the Hero to sit by her near the fireplace so they can both dry off.

The Hero listens to her as she discusses how she could not forgive herself if she lost him again. She displays her trust in the Hero, recalling the escape from Dundrasil that Rab told him about and the death of his mother, Eleanor. Even though it is made known that she is the Princess of Heliodor, she feels comfortable enough to tell the Hero, formerly, that she is that princess and how Eleanor saved her life. While lamenting over the events that happened in Dundrasil, she displays guilt for feeling weak and stupid for letting the Hero go, despite Eleanor's sacrifice. She also wishes that she switched places with the Hero, and that Rab saved him instead of her. Jade recalls going to Heliodor and tells the Hero about the lies King Carnelian was spreading about both him and her. She airs her concerns about her father being possessed by someone, and her quest to find out who it is and why. After the confrontation with Hendrik, she feels lucky to be alive and that she is upset that she had to meet him on these terms.

After the rain subsides, both her and the Hero head back to Dundrasil. On their way, they run into Sir Hendrik again who wishes to dispose of the Darkspawn and she is denounced by Hendrik who despises her for siding with the Darkspawn. However, he appears to be conflicted after she utters his name and is merciful towards her to some extent. She pleads with Hendrik to let both her and the Hero go on their way, although she recognises Hendrik's stubborn loyalty to his king. Realising that her pleading will not work, she engages Hendrik until she is knocked down. As he charges her on his horse and prepares to kill her, she pleads once again to distract him and makes his horse buck him off.

She steals Hendrik's horse and helps the Hero get on behind her, where they escape from Hendrik once again and go to find the others. Once reunited with the Hero's party and Rab, their goal is being set out and they all prepare to investigate Mordegon. After this meeting, Jade, along with Rab, decide to join the Hero's party and follow the Luminary in his quest around the world.

She, along with the rest of the party, are informed of their quest to find the six orbs and make their way to Yggdrasil through the First Forest. After Erik gives the Hero the Red Orb, Jade and Rab gives him the Yellow Orb that they won from the MMA tournament.

Jade, following the Hero, sets off on Sylvando's ship to sail the world and find the rest of the orbs. They end up getting caught in a misty veil, where they embark on a small island called The Strand. There is a mermaid called Michelle who jumps out and surprises Jade and the party. Michelle tells them their story, and Jade, feeling taken by the story, asks the Hero if he can help her find Michelle's lover in Lonalulu. When the Hero says no, she throws a fake kick in his direction and asks again. She is satisfied when he agrees and they all set off to Lonalulu.

Sometime later during the quest, after arriving at Lonalulu and a touching scene between Michelle and Kai the Second, the son of her lover, Kai the First breaks that news that her lover is dead. Michelle disappears into the ocean and Jade finds a note in Kai's shack behind a painting of Michelle. She hands it to Kai to read. She watches, as the Hero receives the Pink Orb.

Now in possession of Lorelei's Harp, the party heads to Nautica. The Queen greets the Hero and his party; the Hero is now in possession of the Green Orb.

She accompanies the party on their way to the Eerie Eyrie in The Champs Sauvage where they find the Silver Orb.

Their last stop is the Phnom Nonh, where adventures are coming after hearing about an ancient painting in a tomb behind the town. There is a girl named Dora, who leads the Hero to the tomb; Jade chases after him along with the rest of the party, curious as to why he headed there. While gazing upon the painting, she shares a similar feeling of unrest with the party about the painting. As soon as they're about to escape, the doors begin to close and Jade rushes to them to try and open them to no avail. They are trapped and the painting entraps them all inside of it!

They end up in a mysterious realm, where they discover the truth and all manage to escape the painting. After telling the locals the truth, they confront Dora and chase her into the painting to put a stop to her antics. Dora transforms into Dora-in-Grey and the party defeats her, when she reveals that she works for Mordegon. Out of desperation, Jade tells her to tell them more about Mordegon, to which she gets no concrete answer besides how Mordegon wants to achieve eternal life. Before moving on from Phnom Nonh, Rab suggests getting a move on to hunt down Mordegon. Jade agrees by saying that he should be stopped.

Now in possession of the Magic Key, they make their way to the Zwaardsrust Ruins to get the Purple Orb from a chest.

Jade accompanies the Hero to Sniflheim. They enter Sniflheim City via the Magic Door on the left side due to the main entrance being frozen. Although the climate is cold, Jade does not seem to be bothered by it. Upon seeing the entire city frozen, Jade, like the rest of the party, is shocked by the sight. They find Queen Frysabel and go to slay Jörmun in the Hekswood. On the way there, Jade and the others are separated from the Hero through a mist. While Jade is lost, the Hero ends up defeating the monster on his own and the mist finally clears. She and the others are shocked to find both him and Hendrik there, frozen by Krystalinda until Veronica rescues them. The Hero passes out due to the confrontation, which shocks Jade and the others.

Once the Hero awakens, Jade and the others accompany him to The Royal Library along with Snorri. They discover the truth about the situation and go to confront the fake Queen Frysabel, defeating Krystalinda and restoring Sniflheim. Jade watches as the Hero obtains the final orb, the Blue Orb.

Before departing, a copy of the Oogler's Digest slips out of Rab's possession and Jade seems jokingly disappointed in him for not getting over his hobby. With all six orbs in the Hero's possession, Jade and the others follow him to Arboria to complete their journey to Yggdrasil.

When Jade arrives at Arboria, she turns to the Hero and describes Arboria as a beautiful place and is breath-taken by it. She accompanies the party through the First Forest to make their way to Yggdrasil. Rab begins to get worn out near the top of the First Forest and the party agrees to call it a night at the nearby campsite.

As Serena plays her harp, Jade gazes at the beauty of Yggdrasil, where she describes it as magical at night and brings up how each of their lives is a leaf on its branches. Thinking deeply about the journey, Jade moves on to discussing Mordegon and how it will not be long until the party has to face him. She seems to be nervous over this although wants her father to return to normal as a result. Veronica picks up a flute and Jade asks if she plays an instrument, to which Veronica says she does not. After this discussion, Jade heads to sleep along with the rest of the party.

At Yggdrasil's Altar, Jade and the party gaze at the orbs naturally fitting into their pedestals on the altar, watching as the path to Yggdrasil opens up.

When the party makes it to the Heart of Yggdrasil, Jade is the first to comment saying that it is bigger than she thought it is. As the Luminary goes to claim the Sword of Light, Jasper appears and casts a Zam-like spell to knock him down. Jade immediately goes to attack Jasper, but is repelled by his new dark aura. This renders Jade surprised, wondering why she cannot land a hit on him. They are all paralysed by Jasper's dark orb and then they are all swiftly knocked down by Jasper.

Jade watches on as Hendrik attempts to stop Jasper from stealing the Sword of Light, only for King Carnelian, who is actually Mordegon, to knock him down and reveal his true form. She watches on with her downed comrades, as Mordegon steals the power of the Luminary from the Hero who is writhing in pain. They all stand and watch the Mordegon take over Yggdrasil.

Before Yggdrasil falls, Veronica separates the party, sacrificing herself, sending Jade and others to somewhere safe.

Act 2

After the Fall of Yggdrasil and the devastating turmoil of events that took place across Erdrea after Yggdrasil fell, Jade goes back to her original life of wandering around the world, protecting and helping those in need. On her adventures, she comes across Lorelei's Harp that the Hero must have dropped after the tree fell. With it in her possession, she explores Erdrea hoping to find her friends and the Hero along the way.

Hearing that Octagonia had been overrun she quickly made her way there, where she immediately notices that it has been affected by the devastation caused by Mordegon. She goes to investigate after being told not to by a man who seems to have fled the town. As she goes in, she sees an innocent man being harassed by a War Gryphon and a Hyperanemon. She goes to his aid, standing on top of a building near them and landing a dropkick on the Hyperanemon. After taking out the Hyperanemon, the War Gryphon goes to tell Booga about Jade's interference and the man thanks Jade for rescuing him. The man welcomes Jade back to Octagonia after recognising her from the Masked-Martial Arts tournament, hinting at the change that has taken place in the town. She informs him of her purpose; liberating places from monsters and rescuing people. He informs her of Booga, who he describes as a creep who enslaved all the humans from Octagonia and took over the whole place. All of the other MMA fighters were unable to take out Booga and Jade realises that she is the only one who can stop him.

She goes to confront Booga, who correctly assumes that Jade is there to stop him. When he finally takes a look at Jade, he is swooned by her looks and falls for her immediately, to which Jade lets out a sigh of disapproval. The last thing Jade wants to do is become another one of his slaves and it is clear by how she reacts to his compliments. She rejects wearing the outfit that Booga had selected for her and goes to attack him. It is only until Booga blackmails her by threatening human hostages where Jade is forced to wear the outfit, The Hare-Raiser, a blue version of her normal The Bunny outfit.

She is fed up with Booga's antics and demands him to stop after having done as he asked so she can fight him. Booga does not keep his end of the deal and decides to punish Jade and the humans. He vows to enjoy Jade's company while he attempts to send the other human hostages into a demonic dimension that he calls Limboo. To do so, he releases a blackhole-like spell that acts as an entrance, and instead of the hostages going in, Jade decides to go in instead.

She is welcomed by a Wrecktor who is either Boodica's left-hand man or Boodica's right-hand man and is found punishing an injured man to ten thousand battles for defying Booga. Jade immediately comes to his aid, pleading with the monster to stop punishing him. The monster recognises that Jade is new to Limboo and she learns about the brutal way of life there, that they must fight endlessly until they learn to obey Booga. It also informs Jade that she will be a victim soon enough.

Despite being told several times that fighting back will only make it worse, Jade is determined to fight back and defeat Booga. The injured man points her in the direction of some holding cells, where a bunch of hostages are being kept, including the MMA fighters.

When she goes to confront the fighters about what happened, they tell her about Limboo and how nobody can leave until they learn their lesson for standing up to Booga. Sinderella explains how the lesson involves fighting every monster one-by-one until you cannot take anymore, to which Jade calls it awful. Golden Boy tells Jade that the whole thing is run by Boodica who is responsible for bringing them all to Limboo. Even with this new information, Jade remains unphased and determined to defeat Boodica, saying that they will all be able to go home afterwards. The fighters do not seem convinced however, The Underdigger says that they gave up hope long ago and that she should stop being heroic. This only makes Jade even more determined, as she knows that nothing will change if they do not stand up to Boodica.

On top of them all being made hostages, they were also fed false rumours on how the Luminary is the Darkspawn and how he set the Lord of Shadows, Mordegon, loose. Sinderella describes Jade as one of the Luminary's intimate friends and everyone seems to have no faith in her. Saddened by hearing the false rumours, Jade sighs before she is interrupted by the warden, who is a Moosifer.

The Moosifer calls up Golden Boy to come and get punished, whereby Jade interrupts and decides to take his place. After the Moosifer agrees, Boodica interrupts the pair saying that she noticed how Booga was swooned by Jade. Enraged by Jade, Boodica declares that she has a special punishment in mind for Jade called the Girly Burly. Even though the other fighters seem wary of the declaration, Jade does not plan on giving up and her resolve tightens as she prepares to face Boodica.

As she heads to the arena, there are a whole range of monsters in the crowd, cheering on for the Girly Burly as Jade stands courageously awaiting Boodica. All of the fighters are concerned about her odds, but she, again, remains unphased. It is only when The Hare-Raiser that Booga made her wear gives off an effect where she appears a little bit nervous.

Boodica announces Jade as an upstart who pretends to be a hero and vows to show Jade that she is superior to her. The Girly Burly begins and Jade has to, first of all, defeat three Boodiful Hoodlums, Boodica's variation of a Hoodlum. After beating the first round, Jade seems out of breath but feels as though she cleared the round with ease. Perhaps it is a bluff on her part as she pants between her words, although she does not appear to want to give up.

For the next round, Boodica herself appears and knocks Jade over after dropping from above. She is annoyed by how Jade survived and promises to end Jade herself. Initially, Jade gets brutally pummeled by Boodica before engaging in a battle against her. After almost overcoming Boodica, the other fighters have seen enough and try to stop Jade from continuing to take punishment. She believes that if she stops, everyone will give up hope and that she will continue to fight while she is still breathing. It tears her apart that so many have already given up hope, but does not blame them. Jade feels as though her cause is different, and that her companions would not give up hope, so she cannot either. Feeling the strength from her companions, she gets up and prepares to fight Boodica again, declaring that she will keep getting up no matter how many times she is knocked down.

She manages to knock Boodica down, however the two Wrecktors use Frizz-like spells to stop here. This gives Boodica an opening where she prepares to stomp on Jade, until Vince comes along to protect her. Jade is surprised by the other fighters getting involved, but her speech about hope seems to have resonated with them and they regain hope. Sinderella even heals her, apologising for her comments about the Luminary and his companions.

Jade commands them all to take out Boodica and her boyfriend, Booga! They all, including Jade, engage in battle against Boodica and the two Wrecktors. After defeating Boodica, she sobs over the thought of being defeated by humans, to which Jade stares her down and tells her goodbye before delivering the final blow. The Limboo starts to crumble around them, with a shred of light appearing in the dimension. Within the shred of light, Jade notices that Octagonia is on the other side and she escapes with all the fighters.

Everyone, including the hostages and fighters, are released from the Limboo with Jade and they appear in front of Booga. Some of the fighters start celebrating, until Jade remembers that they have yet to defeat Booga, the cause of all their suffering. Her attempts to face Booga are futile however and it appears that the effect she felt from earlier was, in fact, a curse. The curse starts taking control of Jade's body, turning her blue bunny suit into a black one. She is unable to respond to anyone and falls unconscious, losing almost complete control of her body. Booga revels in the moment, knowing that the curse will force Jade to become Booga's romantic partner for the time-being. Despite Booga's language being sexually suggestive, his plans with Jade were plainly romantic, being writing love letters to one another and holding hands. In her last gasp before the curse takes over, she remains adamant that she would never want anything from Booga, let alone anything romantic.

Before her friends come to find her, little is known as to what romantic events occurred between Booga and Jinxed Jade. Her behaviour is the result of the curse and she would never normally behave in a romantic nor flirtatious manner out of habit. Word passes around Octagonia of Jade, although none of the monsters mention her name in the casino. Information that alludes to her however, that her companions could link to her, is available and upon investigating Octagonia they manage to figure out where Jade is.

Jinxed Jade appears before the party after being summoned by Booga, where the party sees nothing wrong initially and asks her to rejoin them. She begins to belittle them, especially Rab and Hendrik; she mocks Rab's accent and denies rejoining them as well as flirting with Hendrik while also insulting him. As she is confronted by Hendrik, Jinxed Jade begins to attack them after declaring that she belongs to Booga. Infuriated by the party, she engages them in battle as the monster, Jinxed Jade.

She is freed from her curse upon both her & Booga being defeated. Initially, she cannot remember where she is until her friends tell her. She seems to be relieved, both to be back in control of her body and to see both the Hero and her friends again. Seeing Hendrik as part of the Hero's party comes as a surprise to her as well, until Booga interrupts her and she proceeds to remember who he is. Jade proceeds to brutally kill Booga for all he has done after also taking control of the cursed state, Re-vamp, that he gifted her. The Green Orb is released from Booga's clutches and the Hero takes it back.

After killing Booga, she is surprised by her new ability and Hendrik comments on it. Jade apologises to Rab and the rest of the party in case she worried them and Hendrik also apologises to her for his previous actions. She jokingly flirts with him alluding to her former cursed state, calling him "Henny-Wenny" and then thanking him for being there for her. Turning to face the Hero, Jade seems happy to finally see him again and comments on how he seems tougher. Remembering that she picked up Lorelei's Harp on her journey, she returns it to the Hero and tells him that she was trying to track him down for a while. She is determined to find the rest of her friends and to defeat Mordegon; she rejoins the Hero's party!

At this point, the only friends Jade is missing are Erik, Serena and Veronica, who they assume are all alive and about in Erdrea somewhere.

Jade and her friends set off to Sniflheim on Sylvando's ship, until they notice something coming from inside the ship. She follows the others to go and investigate, to find Erik scavenging for food. He has lost his memory but temporarily rejoins the party and they continue their journey to Sniflheim.

At Sniflheim, Jade and the others notice a strange feeling in the air, making their way to Queen Frysabel to investigate. She tells the party of a new disease called the Gold Fever and how both things and people are randomly turning to gold in Sniflheim. The party goes around the city to investigate, where residents recognise Erik. Erik seems to get a headache, concerning Jade and the others, where he is taken to the church to rest. He eventually runs away and Snifheim is invaded by an army of Gyldenbritches and Gyldenauts who take Erik back to The Viking Hideout with them.

Jade goes with her friends to rescue Erik and the party learn about his sister, Mia, who had been turned to gold and Erik's memories also return. They eventually find Mia has turned into Gyldygga and attempt to rescue her from her curse. She releases solid gold tentacles that come crashing down, separating Jade and the others from Erik and the Hero. Jade asks if they are alright and it turns out that they are. Erik goes to save his sister as Jade and the others watch on; they receive the Yellow Orb after rescuing her.

With Erik back to normal, Jade and the rest of the party set out to find Serena and decide to journey to Arboria. On the way there, they encounter an Auroral Serpent that had been thawed from its ice imprisonment. After defeating it, Jade and the party are alarmed by its tenacity until Serena uses her harp to dispel the monster. After greeting her friends after so long, she rejoins the Hero's party and they head to Arboria.

In Arboria, they discover that Veronica is missing and they all go searching for her. They eventually find her, dead, resting on a tree with her wand. It recalls her rescuing them all, when Jade was sent away before she started her journey. Learning of her passing brings sadness to all the party members, including Jade who even sobs over it; a rare moment for her as she often holds it in and saves it for private conversations with the Hero. She feels strongly about her friends and blames herself when she cannot protect them.

They are soon tasked with going to the Luminary's Landing to summon Cetacea and visit Haven's Above. Jade watches as the Hero plays the Calamus Flute and summons Cetacea, in awe of the giant whale-like sentient being that emerges from out of nowhere. They pilot Cetacea to Haven's Above and are tasked to create a Sword of Light to breach the dark aura around the Fortress of Fear so Cetacea can reach it.

After going to The Battleground to collect Orichalcum, they make their way to Gallopolis to get the Forging Hammer from the Sultan. Erdwin's Lantern eclipses the sky above the city and Jade goes with her the party and Prince Faris to investigate. While investigating, Mordegon obliterates the lantern. Jade and the others are shocked, besides the Hero who was interested in something else.

They receive the Forging Hammer and go to Hotto to get access to the forge itself. Jade and the party learn about a beast who scares travellers away from The Hotto Steppe; it turns out to be two kids stopping people from being eaten Tatsunaga in Mount Huji. After Jade and the party deal with the quest, they obtain the Crucible Key from Miko's maid and gain access to The Crucible. Jade stands in awe with the others as the forge appears out of the lava and they all, Jade included, take it in turns to help the Hero in crafting the Sword of Light.

With the Sword of Light in hand, they all go to defeat Mordegon in Fortress of Fear. After making their way through the Fortress, they find a fake Veronica and are all left disturbed by her asking them to die. Realising it is Jasper, Jasper reveals himself in his demonic new form. Jade shows no remorse for Jasper after his defeat, even though she grew up around him when they were younger. When they make their way towards Mordegon, they are all stopped by Jasper and the Spectral Sentinels; Jade and the party are held back in a dark aura, leaving only the Hero free to go. However, none of them stood for it and stuck by their resolve to go with the Hero, breaking free from Jasper's clutches, defeating both Jasper and the Sentinels.

Jade feels tension, along with her friends, before stepping through the doors to face Mordegon. As they confront him, she shares a sense of anxiety with her friends that is overwhelmed by the desire for revenge and justice for all the suffering Mordegon has caused. With the defeat of Mordegon, the fortress begins to crumble and they are all forced to flee the area. Jade and the others embark on Cetacea, in high spirits as they watch the Fortress disappear and Yggdrasil return to life. For the first time, Jade feels like she has truly accomplished something and that all her years of remorse have paid off.

The party all go to celebrate their victory in Arboria, where a celebration is held and they commemorate it while remembering Veronica. Jade seems exceptionally happy and spends the rest of the celebrations looking over Arboria in front of the cathedral.

Jade pays a visit to her father, along with the Hero and Hendrik, in Cobblestone after these events and is the first time she has seen him in over 16 years. At first, she feels weary but begins to warm up to him. Her father apologises for all of the lost time and the untold suffering that he caused while under the control of Mordegon. She seems to forgive him, but still is quite overwhelmed by the reunion. Jade strangely notices Gemma during this and takes a long look at her without making a comment, so it is unknown how she truly feels about her and whether it is in relation to the Hero.

While the party investigates the ruins of Haven's Above, they discover the Wheel of Time and go looking for The Tower of Lost Time in the hopes that they can bring Veronica back and go back to when Erdrea was more peaceful with no Mordegon. Jade seems fond of this idea and follows the rest of the party to the tower. In the tower, the Timekeeper tells the Hero of the consequences of going back in time and Jade feels concerned about losing the Hero again but is convinced that it is the right thing to do. Despite this, she still seems upset over the thought of losing him and sees him off as he disappears into the Sphere of Time.

The possibility of Act 2 continuing despite the Hero going back in time is arguable. If it does continue, Jade said she would focus on rebuilding Heliodor and protecting the people of Erdrea.

Act 3

The Hero suddenly disappears from Arboria during a meeting involving his Jade and the others. Jade never learns that this is a result of the Hero going back in time and does not question it later on, although she may have figured it out after the party's upcoming visit to the Tower of Lost Time. She later finds him with Veronica in the cathedral with the Sword of Shadows strapped on his back, although she does not seem concerned and instead seems grateful to find him.

A repeat of the scenes from Act 2 occur, where they watch all the orbs fit into place as Yggdrasil's Alter and go up to Yggdrasil. Not knowing what the Hero knows, they are all prepared to see the Heart of Yggdrasil and watch the Hero claim the Sword of Light. However, what is different is that the event feels familiar to the party, as if they have done this before. Jasper emerges behind them and sends a Zam-like projectile towards the Hero and Jade watches in shock as he deflects it with his sword.

She goes to attack Jasper for interrupting the ceremony but is repelled by his dark aura. The Hero, however, is able to carve through his dark aura with his sword and it allows Jade and the others to hit him. Jasper is defeated and the party watches as Hendrik and King Carnelian approach. Jade listens as Rab tells Hendrik the truth about Jasper and they watch as they call King Carnelian his master. King Carnelian, who is actually Mordegon, kills Jasper in front of everyone and prevents him from intervening further.

Jade is led to believe that her father is no longer controlled by Mordegon and that he is still out there somewhere, although something seems off to her and she does not get too comfortable around her father. They are all invited to Heliodor Castle for a banquet to celebrate the Luminary and Jade is finally able to return home for the first time in 16 years.

During the ceremony, Jade stands by her father at moments since she is the Princess of Heliodor. While the banquet itself is ongoing, she stands outside the Hero's room and informs him that it is his room for the night. As everyone is asleep, Jade hears a commotion coming from the Hero's room and rushes with everyone else to see what is happening. To everyone's surprise, besides the Hero's, King Carnelian's eyes have gone red and reveals himself to be Mordegon.

Jade felt as though something was off beforehand and felt reassured to know that her instincts were correct. Just as they are all about to face him, he teleports to the throne room and is confronted by the party. Mordegon releases King Carnelian's body from his clutches, as Jade watches in both concern and anger. The party engage Mordegon in a battle at the throne room and manage to defeat him.

When Mordegon is defeated, he feels enraged that he could not have his plans go through but before he died he hinted at a potential new threat to Erdrea. This alarmed the party, including Jade, although none of them acted on it immediately. Instead, Jade was more focused on her father who had just woke up and seen his daughter for the first time in 16 years. She assists him in taking him to his room for rest and decides to leave her catch-up talk with him for another time.

Jade and the party finally manage to get rest that night. The following morning, they meet in the throne room with King Carnelian who is now caught up on the world's affairs and the defeat of Mordegon. Jade seems to feel happy to see her true father again and is somewhat comfortable acting as a princess during this meeting.

As the meeting concludes, it is interrupted by the emergency news of Erdwin's Lantern falling. Jade and everyone else rush to the balcony to witness it fall and to be consumed by darkness. This darkness she and the party would later discover to be Calasmos, otherwise known as the Dark One. Shocked by the devastating scene of a new calamity in Erdrea, King Carnelian asks the Luminary to save Erdrea once again. Even though Jade could easily settle down as Princess of Heliodor, the thought never crossed her mind and she rejoins the Hero to go on another quest to investigate the lantern.

Jade and the party go to The Emerald Coast to get a better look at the state of the lantern. They are visited by The Seer disguised as Mordegon, who they all seem to be familiar with, including Jade, although it is never known whether she has had a vision with The Seer. The Seer informs the party of a vision of them all riding Cetacea and visiting the watchers. The Hero summons Cetacea with the Calasmus Flute and goes to Haven's Above, where they learn about seedlings and the Guiding Light. Elder Eegoltap restores Jade and the party's levels from Act 2, making Jade feel much stronger and giving her access to Re-vamp again.

The visions from the seedlings recall memories of Age of Heroes, with flashbacks of Erdwin, Serenica, Morcant and Durstan. More flashbacks are discovered when The Seer gives the party a collective vision and temporarily gets Serena and Veronica to become a sacred tree. Jade is touched by a particular scene involving Erdwin's death. The Seer reveals herself to be Morcant and the party is initially shocked by it, until he tells them the truth.

When returning to the Watchers, they are tasked to go and find Serenica who will equip Cetacea with her sacred armour capable of piercing Calasmos' protective aura. They are given the Wheel of Time and go to the Tower of Lost Time to find Serenica. Like with Yggdrasil, the tower gives the party members a familiar feeling. As Serenica is reminded of who she is, Serena, Veronica and Serenica play a legendary song that provides Cetacea her armour and true strength. Jade and the others watch in amazement at the ritual as they are all transported onto Cetacea.

Before going to face Calasmos, there are many world events that involve Jade. The Watchers recommend going to Trial Isle to prepare the whole party for the event. Another event to complete isd Grand Master Pang's Wheel of Harma trials in Angri-La that provides the party useful items as well. They are also tasked with helping to restore Cobblestone, a requirement if the Hero ever decides to live with Jade.

Jade also goes to properly reunite with her father in Heliodor, accompanied by only the Hero. The Hero kindly allows the pair to reunite and have a private conversation, involving how much Jade's father missed her for all these years. He expresses deep regret that he could not see her grow up and wishes that things were back to normal. This does not resonate with Jade, however, as she would not change a thing as it led her to meeting the Hero and her friends. She would also rather go along with the Hero than return to Heliodor as the princess. Her father seems shocked by Jade's resolve, but ultimately sees her point and encourages her to continue her path. Jade feels as though it was a satisfactory reunion for now and that they would have plenty of time to catch-up after Calasmos is defeated.

As the party goes to defeat Calasmos, Jade appears brave and prepared to break through the dimension with her companions. When confronted by Calasmos, she shares the anxiety and will of her companions to defeat the huge monster.

After a grueling battle with Calasmos and saving the world from his darkness, the party flee his dimension on Cetacea and exit to a glitter-filled sky while they celebrate together. Jade shares this same excitement, as they all smile and look ahead together as eternal companions.

Before returning to their normal lives, they decide to visit Serenica and watch her as she is freed from her Timekeeper state. Jade watches as the Hero gives Serenica the power of the Luminary and the Sword of Light to return to the Age of Heroes to break the cycle.

Jade decides to leave for Heliodor after the defeat of Calasmos, even if she is living with the Hero at the time. She does not accompany the Hero to return the Sword of Light either.


Living With The Hero

While Jade can end up living with the Hero, there are no clear answers as to whether or not they get married like with how Gemma does with the Hero, although it is very unlikely at this time. The only implication is the celebration photo inside of the Hero's house, where Jade is pictured beside the Hero like with the other celebration photos and the wedding photo with Gemma as a bride.

Throughout the story, Jade feels as though she is an older sister to the Hero and that they share a sibling bond, although that may not necessarily be how the Hero feels. In fact, in Tickington, at the Briscoletti Mansion as part of the Dragon Quest V pasttimes, choosing Jade as part of the wedding rehearsal leads her to saying that she always thought of herself as an older sister to him. Although, she hesitates while making that statement and ultimately accepts being his bride for the rehearsal. This can be done both before and after she starts living with the Hero.

While it is highly unlikely that she is married to the Hero upon living together, she seems adamant on no longer behaving like an older sister figure to the Hero when they go up to Cobblestone Tor and feels the need to hold his hand due to the height of the cliff, although riding Cetacea did not seem to bother her too much. Upon asking him to hold her hand, she insists that she needs to hold his hand. They end up holding hands and Jade takes a deep breath and admits to her fear of heights. There are other times where she admits her fear of heights, but her fear seems to subside when there are greater concerns to be had.

She enjoys the view with him and analyses his hand, calling how small they used to be when he was a baby. She realises that the Hero is strong enough to protect himself, that she no longer needs to protect him, and brings up how she should stop treating him like a child. As she enjoys the company of the Luminary, it begins to rain and they decide to spar in order to warm up. Again, recognising his strength, she praises him for how far he has come after their spar. They both go back to enjoying the view together, where Jade tells the Hero that there is nothing that cannot do while together and she alludes to staying with him forever. When coming to the end of their moment together at Cobblestone Tor, she gazes into the night sky with him and they slowly begin to hold hands again.

It seems as though Jade has warmed up to the Hero and that she wishes to open a new chapter in her life with him. It is unknown what she may eventually do together, but everyone in Cobblestone approves of them living together.

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Party Talk

Party Talk is always addressed to the Hero, so Jade is talking to the Hero in all of these quotes.

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Act 1

After her walk with the Hero from the Altar in Dundrasil: “We must get away from here, before reinforcements arrive! Come on, [the Hero]! Let’s return to the altar and join Rab and the others!”

“I can’t believe I allowed us to be spotted! How could I have been so careless!? Reinforcements will already be on the way, I’m certain of it… Come on, [the Hero]! We must hurry up and rejoin the others!”

After escaping Hendrik from Dundrasil Ruins:

“We seem to have given them the slip—but we were very fortunate. If Hendrik hadn’t faltered, we’d have been done for… Well, let’s not dwell on that. We must return to Dundrasil and rejoin the others.”

“I left you once, [the Hero], and I swear I will never do that again. I owe it to Lady Eleanor. Now, come. We must rejoin Rab and the others before Hendrik and his men find us. Let’s head back to the ruins of Dundrasil.”

When reuniting with the party in Dundrasil:

“For years Rab and I have been trying to uncover the truth about the evil that dwells in Heliodor… But all we have succeeded in learning is a name: Mordegon… We feared we had reached a dead end, but things have changed. With you alongside us, we may yet rid Heliodor of the shadow that has fallen upon it.”

Upon learning of her adventure with the party:

“That vision the Rainbough gave us was incredible… There’s no doubt about it—you really are the Luminary. Rab and I have spent so many years wandering around, getting nowhere. If only we’d have found you sooner…”

“Every time I see the sea, it reminds me of what happened all those years ago in Dundrasil. Rab and I fled and boarded a ship, setting sail before dawn. I still remember the inky black water. I was terrified, but Rab put his arm round my shoulder and told me it was going to be alright. I will never forget that.” Jade is still traumatised and the sea reminds her of losing the Hero in the river.

“Rab really is very popular. At first I didn’t believe him when he said he had friends all over the world, but it’s true. And they weren’t all elderly gentlemen, either. Rab gets along with everyone—princesses and paupers, young and old. No, there can’t be many royals like him…”

Before going out to see from Puerto Valor:

“Once the sea gates have been opened, we can take to the high seas. Who knows what awaits us there… But first things first, we need to board our ship and return to Puerto Valor. Servantes should open the gates for us once we are ready.”

“Is there something else we need to do here, [the Hero]? I know it’s very pleasant, but this isn’t the time to dawdle… The gates are open, and the ocean awaits. Let’s go and see what new things we can find out.”

In Puerto Valor’s casino:

“I do understand, [the Hero]. Sometimes all you want to do is forget about the world’s troubles and have some fun… Well, I suppose I can’t stop you. Please don’t overdo it, though. I may not know much about casinos, but I know that moderation is the key…”

“I would never have expected you to be quite such a fan of casinos, [the Hero]. Still, I don’t suppose anything I say will persuade you to leave. I’ll just have to wait until you get bored…”

“If the Rainbough hadn’t shown us that vision, we’d have no idea how to get to Yggdrasil. To think, when we first laid eyes on it back in Octagonia, we had no idea of the power the Rainbough possessed…”

“Rab and I spent so long trying to find out more about Mordegon, but we just kept hitting a brick wall… But now we’ve met you, there’s hope again. I’m starting to believe we can finish this…”

During sad, vacant or troublesome moments, Jade will often say “……” when spoken to.

At the Strand:

“Come on, [the Hero]. Let’s go and find Kai and bring him back to Michelle. She said she marked his village on your map, didn’t she? Once we’re at sea we can get our bearings and set sail for Lonalulu.”

“Does Michelle know the kind of stories they’re telling about her kind back in Lonalulu, do you think? If I found out that my fiancé’s friends and relations were spreading malicious rumours about me, I don’t know what I’d do… “

At sea:

“Michelle has marked Lonalulu on the map for us so we won’t get lost. Come on [the Hero], let’s go and find Kai and bring those lovebirds back together!”

At Lonalulu:

“Hmm… I can’t see anyone around here who fits Michelle’s description of her fiancé. She did say Kai was a fisherman from this village though, didn’t she? Well, I suppose there’s nothing else for it—we’ll just have to ask around. Surely somebody in the village must know where we can find him.“

“Well, that explains it. The reason Kai couldn’t go to meet Michelle was because he had to fight the giant squid and save his village. No wonder she’s got such a soft spot for him—he’s quite the hero.”

“Why isn’t Kai celebrating the defeat of the demon squid with everyone else? I don’t mean to speak badly of him, but it would seem he’s not the most fun-loving fellow…”

“That story was true. All those terrible things really happened to Kai’s grandfather. I can hardly believe it. In fact, I don’t believe it at all! The Michelle we met would never steal anyone’s soul! Still, I don’t suppose there’s anything we can do about that now. Let’s go and see what Kai has to show us. He said we should meet him on Saikiki Beach, on the other side of the church. “

“Let’s go back to the Strand, [the Hero]. We need to give that veil to Michelle. The luau’s over and the fishermen are making themselves ready to set sail again. We should do the same.“

“Come on, [the Hero]. Let’s take Kai over to Saikiki Beach. Michelle has waited long enough already.”

Back at the Strand: “I know it’s hard, but we have to give Michelle the veil and tell her why her fiancé isn’t with us. We have to see this through to the bitter end…”

“The jetty where we usually land is far too exposed—Michelle would be spotted right away. We should sail around the cape and ask her to wait for us by Saikiki Beach. Nobody ever goes there—it’s the perfect place for a secret rendezvous.”

“This might be the last time we ever set foot on the Strand. Now that Michelle is gone, we have no reason to go there again.”

Back at Lonalulu:

“So this is Saikiki Beach, the place that Kai’s grandfather was exiled to. I wonder what it is that he wants to show us?”

“What a lonely place Saikiki Beach is… I can’t begin to imagine how Kainoa must have felt, living alone in that cabin for all those years.”

“Michelle’s waiting for us behind that rock. Let’s take Kai to meet her. She’s been waiting long enough.”

“Kai seemed pretty upset back there. I know he’s not the friendliest person, but I think he probably needs some company right now. Let’s check on him before we head back to the village.“

“The mermaid in Kainoa’s painting looked just like Michelle… He only knew her for a short time, but he never forgot her face…”

“I wonder why Kainoa never went to meet Michelle? Surely he could have built a new boat and slipped away when no one was looking? Instead, he died on this lonely shore, without ever telling anyone what really happened. I’m sure he must have had a very good reason…”

“I never knew that mermaids lived for five hundred years. The flow of time must feel so much slower to them than it does to us. That didn’t make any difference in the end, though… Michelle couldn’t bear to spend another second in a world without Kainoa. “

“I know it’s too late to change anything now, but I wish Michelle hadn’t chosen to end it all. Losing people that you love is sad, but it is simply a part of life. So long as one is alive, one can dream of a better tomorrow. That’s what I believe, at least…”

“You did the right thing, [the Hero]. You can’t live without hope. Even if that hope is just an illusion…“ Jade is proud of the Hero for being courageous.

“When you’ve finished sightseeing, let’s head down to the kingdom of the mermaids, shall we? We have to tell the Queen what happened to Michelle. The whirlpool that leads to Nautica is in the middle of the inland sea. We just need to sail through the Valorian strait and play Lorelei’s harp once we’re in the right spot.“

At sea:

“When we meet the queen of the mermaids, we should ask her about the Orb—but there’s something more important we have to tell her first. We have to tell her that Michelle won’t be coming back… “

“When Rab and I were travelling together and we needed to cross the ocean, we used to beg for lifts on fishing boats or stow away on cargo ships. Either way, it was never a pleasant voyage. It’s so much more enjoyable to be able to set sail whenever and wherever we please—thank goodness we met Sylvando!“

In Nautica:

“Well, here we are. Nautica, Michelle’s hometown… You can’t see it at all from the surface, but it’s so beautiful up close. Still, we can leave the sightseeing till later. First we have to speak with the Queen, and tell her what happened with Michelle and Kai…“

“When our adventure is over, I’d like to come back here and have a good, long chat with Queen Marina. She was born a princess, too. I’m sure she’d be able to give me some excellent advice about how best to rule my country when the time comes.“

“Once all this is over, I would really like to have a proper conversation with Queen Marina. Truly, she seems like a natural leader, someone who was born to rule. I would love to hear more about her experiences as Queen…” Perhaps Jade would like to learn so that she can return to her duties as Princess of Heliodor and, one day, as a queen.

“So this is where Michelle comes from. Well, it’s certainly very different to life on dry land! I’d love to take a look around, but we should speak to the Queen first. We need to tell her about Michelle and Kainui.”

“Queen Marina said she would pray that Michelle and Kainoa would meet again in their next lives, and I’m going to do the same. It was the World Tree’s will that brought them together. I’m sure that one day their spirits will meet again, and then they’ll never be apart.“

At The Champs Sauvage:

“The Champs Sauvage… This takes me back. Rab and I passed through these fields and valleys a fair few times on our travels.”

“Ever since the fateful night we were driven from Dundrasil, Rab and I have wandered the world, keeping our true identities secret. We passed through these lands several times, I’m sure. There’s a village with some famous old ruins over the bridge to the south.“

In Phnom Nohm:

“The girl you told us about—Dora, was it?—I saw her walking towards the ruins. I expect it’s not sightseeing that’s drawing her there—just what is it about that place?”

“You know that little girl you told us about? Do you think she might still be searching for her parents? I know we must push on, but I really don’t think we can leave until we have made sure she is alright.”

“The people trapped inside that mural are in desperate need of our help. I know it’s a dreadful place, but as long as we are together, we have nothing to fear. Come on, [the Hero]—we have to go back.”

“Did you notice that the mural had a crack, just like the one on the Other Side? It’s hard to believe, I know, but I think we may have been inside the mural…”

Inside the Other Side:

“I wasn’t totally unprepared for it, but it was still a shock to see that little girl suddenly turn into that evil creature… I can’t help thinking of my poor father. Mordegon seems to have deceived him. He seems to have deceived everyone in Heliodor…”

Back in Phnom Nohm:

“Many centuries ago, Phnom Nonh was at the heart of a flourishing civilisation. Then Mordegon possessed its chancellor, and reduced it to ruins… I fear that something similar is now taking place in Heliodor. After all, Mordegon is already making his presence felt in the kingdom. Who knows what he may be plotting…?”

“Ever since we came in here, I feel as if we’re being watched. Can you sense it too? It’s as if some evil presence is following our every move… I fear for that poor girl. It can’t be safe for her to be here alone…”

In the tomb:

“That woman in the picture, it’s strange, but she seemed to be especially fond of you, [the Hero]… Oh, and you know what else is strange? I’ve started to feel as though we’re being watched again. Ever since that woman in the painting went away, in fact…”

Inside the Other Side again:

“This is not going to end here. I won’t let it. Now come on, [the Hero]. Let’s find a way out—we’re not going to let some wretched curse stand in our way!”

After escaping the Other Side:

“You saved us, [the Hero]… Thank you. There is evil in this place that must be confronted, but for now I think it’s best for us to find a way out of here.”

Returning to Phnom Nohm once again:

“Mordegon… I suspect he’s the one who’s behind all of this… Behind everything that’s happened in Heliodor… We have a lot to think about, but for now we’d better return to the village. Oh, and let’s not forget that we have the magic key now. That was an unexpected bonus.”

“Rab and I have visited Phnom Nonh once before… We didn’t find out anything useful back then, but this time we’ve got you with us, [the Hero]…”

At L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles:

“L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles… My mother told me about this place. It’s one of the finest schools in Erdrea. All sorts of rich folks send their girls here to learn how to be perfect little ladies…”

“Taking a tour of this school is all well and good, but don’t you think we ought to visit the kingdom of the mermaids first? We need to tell Queen Marina what happened between Michelle and Kai…”

“When I was the same age as these schoolgirls, I was studying too. Rab was teaching me how to perform the perfect roundhouse kick. I can still remember the very first time I was able to put my boot through a brick wall. Such happy days… “

“The girls here seem so happy, enjoying their schooldays together. When I was younger, I always dreamed of enrolling in a school like this. I spent all of my youth travelling around the world with Rab, you see. I didn’t have any friends my own age. I suppose that’s what I missed the most…”

When going back to adventuring: “We should look out for columns of light when we’re out at sea—they’re a sign that we can use Lorelei’s harp, apparently. It seems there are places we can go that no ship could ever reach…”

“Rab and I wandered from town to town for years, keeping our identities secret. We were always on the move, never staying in any one place for long. We tried to keep away from crowds, in case anyone recognised us and reported it to my father. I could never make any real friends. …Ah, but that’s all in the past. Now that I’ve found you, I’ll never be lonely again.“

“Everyone knows about the Darkspawn in Heliodor and Gallopolis, but the rumour doesn’t seem to have spread much further than that. Still, that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. Heliodor’s on the warpath, and there’s a bounty on your head. We could be attacked any time, anywhere.”

At The Eerie Eyrie:

“The Eerie Eyrie… What an impressive name! And fitting, too… Birds are very important to us Heliodorians. We have a two-headed eagle on our royal crest, after all…”

“The Eerie Eyrie… I wonder what’s so eerie about it? Perhaps a particularly fearsome kind of bird makes its nest here. I hope so… The emblem of Heliodor is an enormous double-headed eagle. I saw it everywhere when I was a little girl, and I’ve loved birds ever since—the eerier the better!“

At Sea:

“Looking at the sea, I can’t help but be reminded of everything that happened, all those years ago… I remember it like it was yesterday, Rab and I setting sail from Zwaardsrust before dawn. I remember Rab putting his arm around me on that dark ship and telling me everything was going to be alright. I don’t know how I would have got through it without him.”

At Sniflheim:

“Did Sniflheim get hit by an ice storm? Is that why everything’s frozen? I don’t know much about cold climates, but this seems too extreme to just be down to bad weather. There must be some other explanation…”

“We’ll freeze to death if we stay out here much longer. If we can’t get in through the gate, we’ll need to find another way.”

“(gulp) That was a long voyage… I hope no one’s feeling…seasick… Maybe we should find an inn and take a rest, [the Hero]? We shouldn’t try and do too much. Someone might…(gulp)…you know…someone might be feeling a little…(gulp)…unwell…” Here it is discovered that Jade does not like travelling by boat, at least not too far.

“This wind chills you to the bone… I knew it was going to be cold up here, but I wasn’t prepared for this…”

“It looks like we can’t get in through the main gates, but we’ll freeze if we stay out here. Let’s see if we can find another way into the city.”

“Phew… We’re finally here. I think that’s the longest, choppiest boat ride I’ve ever been on. How are you feeling, [the Hero]? Did you get seasick? If you’re not feeling well, we should take a rest at the inn.”

In Sniflheim City: “The whole town is frozen… How could this have happened? Did a blizzard suddenly pick up and freeze everything in an instant? It hardly seems possible…but I can’t think of any other explanation…”

“Queen Frysabel said a band of soldiers from a faraway land came to her aid. Who exactly are they, do you think? She wasn’t very forthcoming with the details. Still, they must be on our side if they’ve agreed to fight the wicked witch. We should go and help them.”

“Erik said we should meet him by the main gates after we’ve finished doing whatever we need to do in the city. It seems he wants to be alone for a while. I don’t know why. I suppose we all get that way from time to time…”

“The Sniflheimers don’t seem to realise they’ve been frozen solid all this time… Still, they don’t seem to be feeling any ill effects. What they don’t know can’t hurt them, I suppose.”

“The wicked witch is hiding somewhere in these woods. That’s probably why it feels like we’re being watched… She also has some kind of magical beast protecting her, according to Queen Frysabel. Stay on your guard.”

“The great enchanted beast absorbed a part of the witch’s power… But now the beast is no more, does this mean all her powers have returned? Even with her diminished strength, she was able to freeze this entire city. I shudder to think how strong she must be now…”

“Krystalinda’s a master manipulator. She tricked us—perhaps she’s tricked Her Majesty, too. Be careful, [the Hero]. This could all be part of the witch’s plan. Don’t let your guard down for an instant!”

“The pendant the witch took from Sir Hendrik was given to him by my father. It’s a token of fealty to Heliodor. Why would she even want such a thing? She doesn’t have any connection with our kingdom… Not that I know of, anyway…”

“The pendant Krystalinda tried to take from Hendrik was given to him by my father. Which means that the person who released her from the grimoire must have been… …O-Oh, sorry—I was just thinking aloud. Please, ignore me. We’ve got more important matters to be focusing on right now.”

“It seems that the beast you and Hendrik slew in the Hekswood was actually the one that was sealing away the witch’s true power… But then, why would Queen Frysabel tell us it was the witch’s pet? It makes no sense. Unless…”

“The higher we climb, the colder it becomes. It doesn’t look like there are many places to shelter around here, either. If we need to rest, we should head back to the city.”

“You’re concerned for the Sniflheimers aren’t you, [the Hero]? Well, we’re not going to find out how to save them by loitering around here. We need to get to the Royal Library!”

“This library looks absolutely ancient. But why would anyone build such a beautiful building in such an inhospitable place?”

“This library isn’t just home to forbidden grimoires and the like. There are many other tomes packed with fascinating information. If we’re ever in need of the wisdom of the ancients, we could do worse than pay this place another visit.”

“Sniflheim has nothing to fear from Krystalinda now. She and Queen Frysabel seem to have become the best of friends.”

“Everyone here is so nice. I’m as loath to leave as anyone, but it’s time we were on our way. We have a mission to fulfil. When that’s done, we’ll have all the time in the world to come back and visit.”

“Honestly, Rab hasn’t changed a bit. I asked him to try his best to be a good role model for you, but chance would be a fine thing. They say that violence never solves anything, but perhaps just this once…”

“(shiver) This wind blows right through you… I knew Sniflheim was cold, but I never imagined it would be as bad as this.”

On the way to Arboria:

“I thought the climate would change once we had left Sniflheim behind, but it’s almost as chilly up here as it is down there. I suppose it’s always colder at altitude…”

In Arboria:

“Everything about Arboria seems so spiritual and serene… Especially that figure carved into the mountain, gazing down on the village. I wonder who it’s supposed to be?”

“Weren’t they just lovely? You know, that couple in the square with the newborn baby. They reminded me of King Irwin and Queen Eleanor…and you. I don’t want any happy families to be torn apart again, [the Hero]. We have to defeat Mordegon.”

“Veronica and Serena’s parents must be so happy to see them again… I wonder what my father is doing right now? Spreading lies and persecuting the innocent, no doubt. We have to defeat Mordegon, [the Hero]—it’s the only way to make him see the truth.”

In the First Forest:

“We’re so close… Just one step further, and we’ll have the power to defeat the darkness… The power of Yggdrasil… We’re coming for you, Mordegon. You’ll pay for what you did that night.”

“I heard Veronica and Serena chatting away in the night when we camped up here. Those two are really very close, aren’t they? It’s been their sacred duty to protect the Luminary since the day they were born. I can’t imagine what it must be like to grow up with such a weighty burden on your shoulders…”

At Yggdrasil:

“Being here takes me back to when I was a girl… Those memories still pain me, [the Hero]. I wish I could have stayed with you. Protected you… But those days are gone, and there is no sense in dwelling on them. Now I have a chance to fight alongside you and protect those who are most precious to me. I will not squander it.”

“The river that I fell into on that fateful night—the one that took you from my arms… I think Yggdrasil might be its source. Perhaps that was Her plan all along… She carried you to Cobblestone, knowing that you would be safer there than with me…”

“We’re so close now. It won’t be long before we have the power to defeat the darkness. Just you wait, Mordegon. You’ll pay for what you did to Dundrasil. Be afraid—be very afraid! …… Speaking of which…we are rather a long way from the ground, aren’t we? To tell the truth, I’m not especially fond of heights. D-Don’t let me fall, will you, [the Hero]?”

Act 2

At Octagonia:

“I am grateful to you, [the Hero]. If you had not come to my rescue, I fear I may have remained a monster forever. The thought of being controlled by that, that thing… It’s shameful. I will never allow anything like that to happen again! Still, every cloud has a silver lining. I did learn something new—something that I’m sure will prove useful to us.”

“Ah, do you remember defeating Arachtagon and saving the abducted fighters? That was a good day… Gosh, but it was a while ago now, wasn’t it? Time is really flying by at the moment, don’t you think? …What? You don’t feel like that? Ha! Well, I suppose you wouldn’t—you’re still young, after all!”

On her adventures:

“Ever since that terrible day all those years ago, I vowed that I would find you again, [the Hero], and that this time I would not let you go. But now things have changed. I don’t fight just to protect you. I fight for everyone. We’re going to do it! We’re going to defeat the Lord of Shadows! That’s truly something worth fighting for.”

“It seems that since the fall of Yggdrasil, the world has been plagued by all manner of monsters. Judging from the faces of the people here, something untoward is going on. Could they have monster troubles of their own?”

“Monsters in this area appear to have grown far stronger since the fall of Yggdrasil and the rise of the Lord of Shadows. The Fortress of Fear is far away, but its influence can still be felt out here in the desert…”

“Legend has it that Erdwin and his allies forged the Sword of Light in order to take on the Dark One… That means that if we had a sword of similar power, we would be able to defeat the Lord of Shadows. Well, it sounds as though it’s time to get forging!”

“This is no time for aimless wandering, [the Hero]. We must defeat the Lord of Shadows and bring the world’s suffering to an end.”

“If we see a column of light on the ocean’s surface, we should try using Lorelei’s harp. If we’re lucky, that should let us visit places we couldn’t get to before. We may even find our missing friends there. We need to—we won’t have a hope of defeating the Lord of Shadows without them. Now, let’s get moving. We’ve let Mordegon’s reign of terror go on long enough. It’s time to put him in his place.”

“Being aboard this ship reminds me of the night I fled from Dundrasil. After Rab found me, we travelled to Zwaardsrust before setting sail for Heliodor. I was just a helpless child back then, but things are different now. This time I will not flee—I will stand and fight!”

“Erdwin and his companions combined their powers to forge a sword with which to defeat the Dark One… Now it’s up to us to make a new version, and banish the darkness once and for all.”

“Mordegon has brought so much despair to the world, but now that we have the Sword of Light, I finally feel hope returning. Do you hear us, Lord of Shadows? Your time is coming to an end. You will pay for all you have done, mark my words!”

“The Elder in Arboria said that a power capable of driving away the darkness could be found in the home of the Watchers. But what form does that power take? I just can’t imagine…”

On the way to Sniflheim:

“That thing had some strange power protecting him, but we managed to beat him—and we need to do the same to any other servants of the Lord of Shadows we find. Oh, [the Hero], you saw that pillar of light right where Alizarin appeared, didn’t you? Well, you know what it means, don’t you…”

“I’m so glad you’re still alive—and I see you’ve managed to talk Hendrik around too. No doubt the people of Erdrea will be happy to see the Luminary and the Hero of Heliodor working hand in hand. Poor Erik, though, losing his memory like that… Let’s hope we can find some way to bring it back.”

“In the days after Yggdrasil fell, when I was wandering the world alone, I missed everyone so much… Surely you didn’t think I was too stone-hearted to care? Listen, no matter what happens—no matter how hard things get—I’m just glad I found you all again.”

In Sniflheim:

“It’s too quiet… I don’t like it… You should go with Rab to check on the Queen. We’ll take a look around the town.”

“It seems that since the fall of Yggdrasil, the world has been plagued by all manner of monsters. Judging from the faces of the people here, something untoward is going on. Could they have monster troubles of their own?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it… That woman turned into a golden statue right in front of our eyes… It all happened so fast… No wonder everyone around here is living in fear of catching the Fever…”

“Come on [the Hero], let’s go and find Erik. We can’t leave him all alone out there, especially with this Gold Fever going around. He can’t have gone far. I’m sure he’ll still be somewhere in the city.”

“…Do you hear that, [the Hero]? Monsters, inside the city walls! We have to protect the townspeople—and there isn’t a second to lose!”

“[the Hero], I’m worried about Erik. We shouldn’t have left him alone back there.”

“Those golden monsters have a lot to answer for. They’ve stolen the Sniflheimers’ possessions, the bodies of the people who were struck down by Gold Fever, and now they’ve taken Erik. It seems they’re working for someone—or something—called Gyldygga. But I still don’t understand what the point of it all is…”

“Sniflheim looks so beautiful from above—I could watch the light falling on the snow forever. Scenery aside, though, is there a reason we’re here? If there’s somewhere you’d rather visit, I don’t mind at all.”

“It hardly ever snows in Heliodor, so our troops have never been well-suited to campaigns in frozen regions. We are trained for all sorts of battlefield situations, of course, but one’s first foray onto icy ground can still be a bracing experience.”

“…What’s that? No, no, I’m not feeling cold. Don’t worry about me! My training means I can put all discomfort out of my mind. To be honest, I barely notice when it gets chilly.”

At The Viking Hideout:

“Now isn’t the time to be standing around chatting! We have to find out where those monsters have taken Erik!”

“Thank goodness we were able to save Erik from those awful monsters. He was acting very strangely, though, wasn’t he…? Did those fiends do something to him, do you think?”

“So that was Erik’s little sister, Mia… It looks like they had a hard life, but they made the best of it. There’s one thing that’s been bothering me though, [the Hero]—why would the Yggdrasil root show us images of Erik’s past? There must be some reason… Let’s try touching the root again. Maybe it’ll have some more to show us…”

“Hm hm hm! By the looks of it, Erik could never win where Mia was concerned. That necklace has got me interested, though. Did you see how it turned that copper coin into gold? I get the feeling the story doesn’t end there. Come on, let’s try touching the Yggdrasil root again.”

“Poor Erik. His sister turned to gold right in front of his eyes and there was nothing he could do to save her. It’s no wonder all this business with Gold Fever has him so shaken up. It’s strange, though… In the vision we saw, Erik left Mia in the middle of the room, but she isn’t there any more. Might those thieving skeletons have something to do with it…?”

“It’s good to see Erik back to his old self again, isn’t it? …But Sniflheim is still in the grip of Gold Fever, and the bodies of the victims are still missing. This won’t be over until we’ve defeated the one behind it all. There’s a golden castle near the shack where Erik used to live. That must be where Gyldygga is hiding.”

At Gyldenhal:

“Well, I won’t say all this gold isn’t beautiful, but it’s easy to lose your way in here when every room looks the same. Stay focused on where we’re going, [the Hero], or we might be stuck in here forever!”

“It’s good to see Erik back to his old self again, isn’t it? But to regain his senses only to find out that his sister is the one behind all the terrible things happening in his homeland… It’s enough to make him want to lose his memory all over again…”

On the way to Arboria:

“To get to Arboria from Sniflheim, we’ll have to cross the Snærfelt and head into the Highlands. We don’t know what awaits us up there, so we ought to make sure we’re prepared for all eventualities before we head out.”

“It was Erdwin who sealed the auroral serpent away in that fjord, all the way back in the Age of Heroes… Which means the Luminary of Legend wasn’t able to defeat him, but somehow, we did… I must admit, though—for a moment there I didn’t think we stood a chance.”

“Perhaps it’s because I’m an only child, but the idea that twins can somehow sense where the other one is seems so magical to me… Magical or not, though, this is hardly the time to be musing on such matters. Come on, let’s go back to Arboria and make sure Veronica’s alright.”

In Arboria:

“It’s been ages since I last saw Veronica. We have so much to tell her about our adventures since the Fall. I can’t wait to see her again!”

“Until now, I thought it was a miracle that we survived the Fall…but it was all Veronica’s doing… She saved us… Ugh, I’m losing my mind here… If only I’d been stronger… I feel sick to my stomach…”

“Poor Serena… It must have come as such a shock to see her hometown in this state… She hardly even flinched when we first set foot in the village, though. She’s stronger than she looks, you know.”

“Veronica was the only one who wasn’t knocked out by Mordegon’s blast… She could have escaped, but instead she gave her life to save us… She made the ultimate sacrifice… What was she thinking in those final moments…?”

“A divine being who soared through the sky on silver wings… A beast summoned to Erdwin’s side by a mystical melody… I wonder what kind of song can summon a legendary creature like that? I can’t even begin to imagine it.”

At the Luminary’s Landing:

“Luminary’s Landing, where Erdwin first landed Cetacea all those years ago… I would never have thought of fishing for a whale from a clifftop… Those ancient heroes had such strange ideas.”

“I can’t believe we can go flying on the back of a whale whenever we want. I feel like I’m dreaming. Veronica once told me that she had a soft spot for big, friendly animals. She would have loved to have met Cetacea…”

In Nautica:

“It’s such a relief to see that Alizarin didn’t destroy this place. I was so worried. I suppose it takes more than some mindless monster to faze Queen Marina!”

At L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles:

“The forest that surrounds the school is so lovely. I’d say it would make a perfect spot for a picnic. Gosh, I miss being able to cook… Once I have my own kitchen, I’ll whip us all up a round of Dundrasil smokies with tatties on the side. Oh, Rab taught me how to make them, before you ask…”

“I love the school uniform here, I must say. I wouldn’t mind wearing something like that myself, just for a change… Oh, honestly, [the Hero]! Don’t make that face! I was only joking! I’m far too old for that kind of thing! I mean, I’d have liked the chance to come here as a girl, but those days are behind me now.”

“The world may be in a terrible state, but the students here are still striving to improve themselves. It’s so inspiring! We’d do well to remember this place whenever things feel like they’re getting too much for us.”

“After the Lord of Shadows took over, monsters have been driven mad all over Erdrea. The ones who study here seemed to have been spared, though, thank goodness.”

“When the World Tree fell, the whole of Erdrea was thrown into chaos, but somehow this school has escaped unscathed. Everywhere else has been taken over by monsters, transformed beyond recognition, but not here… Are mini medals really that powerful?”

“This is truly a special place, where humans and monsters can study together… I just fear that all this good work would be undone the minute the Lord of Shadows decided to turn his attentions here… We have to do all we can to protect this place, and keep its pupils’ hopes alive!”

At Haven’s Above:

“If Father Benedictus’s prediction was right, there should be something on this island that will help us defeat the Lord of Shadows. What was it he said—‘A power to banish the darkness’? I wonder what it could be… Another sword, perhaps?”

“People have obviously been up here before, but how did they manage it? Travelling to islands floating in the sky isn’t something just anyone can do…”

“I feel a great power coming from within this temple. Perhaps this is the Guiding Light of which the Watcher spoke… We should take a closer look at it, [the Hero]. Perhaps it will show us the way ahead.”

“The three seedlings in the temple appear to have great significance for the Watchers. I don’t know what kind of power they have, but even I can tell those are no ordinary plants.”

“It seems these seedlings share the power of Yggdrasil, and can show us visions of the past… But these visions feel different to those we have seen before—there is something very special about these seedlings, that much is clear.”

“Those two seedlings have showed us extraordinary visions, but we still don’t have a clear idea of what we should do next. Perhaps the final seedling will show us the way.”

“Before doing battle with the Dark One, Erdwin and his allies combined their strength and forged the Sword of Light. If we do the same, we may give ourselves a chance of defeating the Lord of Shadows.”

At the Battleground:

“Extraordinary. One young lady, working all alone in an isolated spot like this… How does she manage it? She can’t be a regular person. No, she must have some secret. Well, whatever it is, I wish her luck in her chosen career…”

“The ore here must be something very special if entire armies fought for control of this place. I suppose the stuff used to forge the Sword of Light was never going to be just any regular old ore, was it…”

“The power that emanates from the orichalcum is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Now I can understand why wars were waged to get hold of it…”

In Gallopolis:

“So it seems the star’s descent started after the fall of Yggdrasil. There must be a connection—and I bet the Lord of Shadows is behind it. I fear that anyone capable of destroying the World Tree wouldn’t balk at making a star fall from the skies. It seems there is no end to his evil…”

“I never imagined something like this could happen here in Gallopolis. All we can be sure of is that the accursed Lord of Shadows is behind it.” “The Sultan has been gathering expert opinions from around the world about the falling star. People used to say he was more interested in horses than ruling his kingdom, but it seems that in times of crisis, he is not willing to let his people down.”

“My father used to compete in horse races here alongside Rab and the Sultan. He used to tell me about it when I was a child. According to him, he competed against them countless times but never lost a single race. I don’t know if it’s all true, but my father was very convincing!”

“So it seems the star has been growing closer ever since the fall of Yggdrasil. There must be a connection—and I bet the Lord of Shadows is behind it. I fear that anyone capable of destroying the World Tree wouldn’t balk at making a star fall from the skies. It seems there is no end to his evil.”

“I never imagined that something like this could ever happen. You know who is behind this, [the Hero]. This is Mordegon’s doing…”

In the Celestial Sands:

“Erdwin’s Lantern appears to be directly above the ruins in the centre of the Celestial Sands… It’s unlikely to fall on our heads, I know, but getting that close to it seems a little risky.”

“Who could have erected these stones right in the middle of the desert? And why?”

“Can it be possible that something’s been carved into the side of the Lantern? I mean, it’s so high up. Did the ancients know some special technique for writing on stars? But that still doesn’t explain why anyone would do it…”

“Rab is right. The sword that sliced through the Lantern did look an awful lot like the Sword of Shadows… Surely that’s impossible, though. Surely…”

Back in Gallopolis:

“Erdwin’s Lantern’s been destroyed, and the skies are clear once more, but something still doesn’t feel quite right…”

“The cats are back in the palace! That’s the clearest sign I’ve seen that Gallopolis is no longer in danger. Isn’t it amazing, though? They seemed to know instinctively when they needed to get out—and when it was safe to come back.”

“The crisis is over for Gallopolis, but we’re none the wiser as to the meaning of the runes carved onto the Lantern. We can assume it was never an ordinary star, but that is all. As for who wrote the runes or why, it remains a mystery.”

“Now we have the Forging Hammer, we can make our own Sword of Light! But this one’s going to be even more powerful than the one Erdwin used!”

In Hotto:

“Miko doesn’t just pray all day—she’s willing to fight dragons to defend her people. If it weren’t for her injury, she’d be out there fighting right now. I can imagine how frustrating that must be.”

At the Hotto Steppe:

“To be honest, I was looking forward to battling that monster. When I saw it was just a couple of children, I was a bit disappointed. Now, let’s find out what in the world they think they’re doing. It didn’t look like they were dressing up for fun…”

“So the terrifying monster turned out to be a couple of cute kids called Atsuo and Atsuko. I must admit, they had me fooled for a second there.”

“Seeing the love that the children and their mother have for each other is wonderful, but it also pains me. I have few memories of my own mother, you see. How I wish I could have had the chance to fight to defend her…”

“I feel for those children’s mother. I would have chosen to sacrifice myself too, in her position. If it came to it, I would lay down my life to save the lives of those around me.”

Back in Hotto:

“First we were told that Miko and Ryu had slain the dragon, then we learnt that it’s still alive. We’re never going to get to the bottom of this until Miko tells us the truth…”

“So Miko claimed the dragon was slain, but this was untrue. And now she insists that Atsuo’s mother be sacrificed… Could she really be doing all this to hide the truth? Could Atsuo be right?”

“Where do you think you’re going, [the Hero]? That dragon’s going to destroy the village if we don’t deal with it!”

“That dragon was a formidable foe. We did all we could, but we could not slay it… But we’re not going to give up! We will find it, and we will finish it, you have my word!”

“We had plenty more to say to Miko, but that can wait. Let’s get after her!”

“I, I can’t believe it. Miko tried to protect her people, and paid the ultimate price… We need to hurry, [the Hero]! If we don’t stop this dragon, who knows what it could do next?”

In Mount Huji:

“Look at the lava bubbling up! No wonder it’s so hot up here…”

After Miko incident:

“So Miko just wanted her son to survive. That’s what was behind all of this. Truly, the love a mother has for her child is strong enough to transcend all questions of right and wrong.”

“It’s all so awful. Ryu became a dragon, and devoured his own mother… Let’s hope he never becomes human again. The truth would surely destroy him.”

“I’ve been thinking about the dragon’s curse, [the Hero]… Who knows how many others fell victim to it before Ryu and Miko? It’s just awful to contemplate.” “There’s a lot I could say about Miko and Ryu, but sometimes in life it’s better to leave things unsaid. Come on, [the Hero]. They have suffered enough. It’s time to bring this to an end. It’s time to release Ryu from the dragon’s curse…”

At the Crucible:

“There’s something about the design of the Crucible, something that really draws you in… And you know the strangest thing? It feels familiar somehow…”

“It seems this place has been off limits for a very long time… I understand that—the place where the Luminary forged the Sword of Light is a sacred place, after all…”

At the Fortress of Fear:

“There’s something so arrogant about building a castle in the sky. The Lord of Shadows must see himself as some kind of god…”

“All those years I spent, separated from my home and those I love… I cannot have them back. But this isn’t the time to dwell on the past. That’s what you taught me, [the Hero]. You showed me how to fight for a brighter future!”

“I must confess, [the Hero], when I first saw you, you didn’t inspire much confidence. You just looked like an ordinary young man. But now I know different. Now I know that you never give up. Without you, we would never even be within striking distance of Mordegon! Thank you, [the Hero]. It has been an honour to fight alongside you.”

“I was once a weakling. A spoilt princess who could not protect you, [the Hero]… But no longer. Now I fight to protect the Luminary, and I will not stop until Mordegon has drawn his last breath.”

“You know, seeing the Sword of Shadows still sends shivers down my spine. It still possesses terrifying power, I’m sure of it.”

“I understand, [the Hero]. There is no alternative…”

“The Jasper I knew was smart, loyal and had a bright future ahead of him as one of the finest knights in Heliodor. If only he hadn’t been tempted by the power of evil. It’s such a waste…”

“Whenever I think about facing Mordegon, my body starts to shiver… Oh, don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not scared—I’m excited! I just can’t wait to make him pay for what he’s done!”

After Mordegon’s defeat:

“Being able to spend time with you in a world without Mordegon is truly wonderful!”

“I long to meet Veronica and see that radiant smile once again. It always made me feel that everything was alright with the world, no matter how bad things got.”

“You don’t need to worry about your friends and family back in Cobblestone. I’ll make sure they’re all safe and well. My father, Hendrik and I will get the village back on its feet, I promise.”

“My father and I have so much catching up to do. So much time has passed… Of course, there are some things that are best left in the past—I think it’d be better for both of us if we talk about the future!”

“I have lost so much in my life, but through meeting you, [the Hero], I have gained a great deal as well. Still, the thought of losing someone precious to me hurts so much…”

“Perhaps dancing with Sylvando’s friends would do my father some good, too. I should ask Sir Hendrik to practise a few moves and teach them to my father once we’re back in Heliodor.”

“It’s better not to bring up the past with Hendrik. I can tell it’s painful for him to think about everything he did when my father was possessed by Mordegon. Sometimes it’s just better not to talk about things like that.”

About Puerto Valour:

“The way that Puerto Valor makes use of the Valor-Sauvage Channel is quite ingenious. Heliodor could learn a lot from this place.”

About Dundrasil:

“May King Irwin and Queen Eleanor rest in peace…”

About Heliodor:

“[the Hero], I know you’re going to be a huge inspiration to the people of Heliodor as they try to rebuild their kingdom. If ever the day comes when you wish to restore Dundrasil to its former glory, I’ll give you all the support I can.”

“This place may be in a terrible state, but I recognise it still. It was my home, after all… But this is no time to dwell on all that has happened. That won’t help the kingdom get back on its feet. I vow to restore Heliodor to its former glory, no matter how long it takes. The people of this kingdom have suffered greatly, but their spirit is far from broken. As long as I have them beside me, I will not falter. We can build a future together, I know we can!”

While exploring:

“All that I learn from travelling the world with you, I intend to put to use when restoring Heliodor to its former glory. Go wherever you like, [the Hero], I will follow you gladly. There is much to be gained from seeing how people have rebuilt their lives.”

“Seeing lilies always reminds me of my mother. She loved them, and my father would always make sure the castle was filled with them.”

In Hotto:

“The sight of the volcano brooding above the village is as impressive as ever. You know, it feels like just yesterday we were there forging the Sword of Light. And now the battle’s over—we really defeated Mordegon!”

In Gallopolis:

“Whenever I see Prince Faris’s foolish face, I want to tell him to sort himself out. I’ve managed to bite my tongue so far, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hold back…”

“Are you taking part in a race, [the Hero]? I know if you set your sights on victory, no one will be able to stop you.”

“Ah, what a wonderful town. The smell of delicious desserts seems to fill the air.”

In Octagonia:

“We need to make sure Rab doesn’t gamble all of our gold away. When we were on the road together, there were nights we had to go without supper because he had squandered all our funds. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

“The poor people of Octagonia did nothing to deserve that hideous statue at their town’s entrance. Hendrik’s body with Booga’s head isn’t the best combination in the world…”

At The Strand:

“Poor Kainui and Michelle… Theirs is a sadness we can do nothing to relieve. Love can be painful indeed.”

In Nautica:

“I would love to have a proper conversation with the mermaid queen one day. I feel we would have much to share with each other.”

At Angri-La:

“Climbing the steps in this village every day would make you amazingly fit. Maybe one day I’ll come and stay here for a while, and do some training…”

“We’ve come all the way to Angri-La, so it would be a shame not to visit the Field of Discipline. You can never train too much, [the Hero]!”

At Zwaadsrust:

“If the Purple Orb had fallen into the hands of Mordegon, we would never have been able to defeat him. We must salute the courage of the people of Zwaardsrust. They lost their kingdom, but still they did what they could to help the Luminary fulfil his destiny.”

In Sniflheim:

“Queen Frysabel is tougher than she looks. She’s won Krystalinda over, and that must have taken some doing. Still, that’s what a true ruler does, I suppose.”

At Sea:

“If you think about it, we’ve really been all over the world, from the bottom of the ocean to a village floating in the sky. You know, as long as we’re together, it feels like there’s nowhere we can’t go.”

Haven’s Above ruins:

“The time I have spent with you has taught me that nothing is impossible. If there’s even the slightest chance that we can bring Veronica back, we have to try. Let’s start by searching for the Wheel of Time.”

“Those round creatures in the wall painting looked adorable. My father has always had a keen interest in all the living things in our world—I know he’d be delighted if we could bring one back for him.”

The Tower of Lost Time:

“Are you sure that this is where we need to be, [the Hero]? There doesn’t appear to be anything else of interest around here—aside from that huge tower, of course…”

“I was hoping we could find the white creatures from the wall painting, but it seems not. Perhaps they have long gone…”

“So the sacred light in this tower may somehow be able to return Veronica to us. I pray we can see her smiling face once again. Whatever it takes, we have to try.”

“I believe in you, [the Hero]. I won’t try to stop you. You’re the only one who can save the world. Now go and do it!”

“Once you have returned to the past and defeated the Lord of Shadows again, the home of the Watchers will hopefully be restored.”

Act 3

After the Hero’s sudden disappearance: “It’s a relief to see you again, [the Hero]. I was worried that you’d been snatched by monsters or something. You know, it’s funny but you look a little taller since I last saw you. Maybe it’s a trick of the light or something…”

In Arboria:

“It’s almost time. We’re finally going to banish the darkness that lies hidden within Yggdrasil. Are you watching, Mordegon? We’re finally going to pay you back for what you did to my kingdom. For what you did to the world…”

In the First Forest:

“I remember it as if it were yesterday, [the Hero]. Falling into the river, seeing your basket drift away from me… Well, now we’ve found that river’s source. You were just a tiny baby, but you made it all the way to Cobblestone. Perhaps Yggdrasil was watching over you… It’s strange, isn’t it? It’s almost as though the world around you is willing you on, that it wants you to defeat the Lord of Shadows. The rivers, the trees, all of us—we’re all on your side.”

“After we set up camp, I lay awake listening to Veronica and Serena whispering to each other. They seem to share everything… But then they have grown up knowing they share the same destiny. I can’t help envying them, always knowing their purpose in life.”

At Yggdrasil:

“……… …I’m sorry, it’s just taking a while to sink in. Meeting my father again, I mean. I haven’t seen him since I was a little girl, and then suddenly there he is. It’s just going to take some time to get used to, that’s all…”

“Of course I’m happy that I was able to meet my father again, but if I’m honest, it hasn’t sunk in yet. So much has happened…”

At Heliodor Castle:

“It’s strange. I’ve been wanting to be with my father again for so many years, but now I can’t help but feel heavy-hearted about the prospect. I’m his daughter and I should want to spend time with him—especially after all the time we spent apart. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…”

“My poor father… He was Mordegon’s puppet. That was why he called you the Darkspawn and had you thrown in prison. Suddenly it all makes sense…”

“Hendrik was known far and wide as the pride of Heliodor. He was a nightmare to have as an enemy, but as an ally, he’s hard to beat. Now let’s get to the Emerald Coast and see what’s going on with Erdwin’s Lantern.”

“This is serious. If something’s wrong with Erdwin’s Lantern, it doesn’t bode well for us—or for anyone.”

At L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles:

“I remember asking my father what precisely mini medals were for when I was a girl. He responded by saying that they were as valuable as you wanted them to be. I never quite understood what he meant…”

While Exploring:

“Come on, we don’t have time for this. We must speak with our Watcher friend without delay. He is much older and wiser than any of us. Hopefully he’ll be able to give us some guidance as to how to defeat the Dark One.”

At Haven’s Above:

“I’d never have thought that anyone lived up here in the sky… But then if they’ve always been above the clouds, that explains why no one on the surface knows anything about them.”

“Eegoltap the Elder has been around since the time of the original Luminary, it seems… I wonder what it feels like to live that long. It’s not something we could ever imagine, I suppose.”

“The Watchers have something we don’t, that much is clear. They just seem to be above normal human concerns somehow. They have lived for a long time, I suppose. That must give them a different perspective on the world.”

“This is amazing… I can feel this incredible new power welling up from within me! It’s like the Elder has awakened something that’s always been in there, waiting. We’re finally ready to take on the Dark One, I can feel it!”

“The Watchers have skills we can only dream of—there are things for sale up here that we could never find down on the surface.

I’d say it’s a good idea to buy all the items we can—they’re bound to prove useful at some point.”

“The Elder wants us to give Serenica his regards—I suppose they must go back a long way. It’s hard to believe we’re going to meet one of the first Luminary’s companions. We should be grateful to the Watchers—we wouldn’t have been able to do this without them.”

While looking for seedlings:

“Isn’t it incredible what you miss when you’re travelling on foot…?”

“The Luminary was born of Yggdrasil, so it makes sense that the seedlings can share their memories with you, [the Hero]. It may feel completely natural, but it really is an incredible power.”

After Morcant reveals himself:

“Can it be true that whatever good was left in Mordegon’s heart split off and became the Seer? It’s hard to believe, but I suppose we have to take him at his word. He has helped us a lot, after all.”

At Whale Way Stations:

“I love gazing out at the sea from these clifftops. Seeing that beautiful blue water stretching to the horizon takes my breath away.”

“To think there was a whole area of Zwaardsrust we wouldn’t have had a clue about if it wasn’t for Cetacea… There are bound to be plenty of other places that we couldn’t access back when we were on foot. We should fly around and see what we can find.”

“Rab has told me a lot about this mountain—about how it’s a legendary spot, and pilgrims come here from every corner of the world… He should know, of course. He did train here when he was a young boy.”

While Exploring:

“Come on, [the Hero]! We need to go and see Serenica right away! I have a feeling she’s the only one who can tell us how to give Cetacea the power to reach the Dark One.”

At the Tower of Lost Time:

“It’s hard to believe that a tower like this would be built so far away from anything else… I wonder who built it, and why?”

“That’s the tower we saw Serenica heading towards. It’s finally time to go and meet her…”

“Have you ever thought about time, [the Hero]? I mean properly thought about it? Where did it start, and where does it end? I remember wondering about it when I was a girl, but now it seems we’ll live our whole lives without ever getting a proper answer… Sorry, I know we have other things to be worrying about, but in a place like this, you can’t help but think about these big questions.”

While Exploring:

“Defeating Calasmos will be no easy task, but we just have to remember that we’re not fighting alone. Whatever happens, we’re in this together. That’s what friends are for!”

“You know, I’ve noticed something about you, [the Hero]. You didn’t look surprised in the slightest when we met the Seer or Cetacea. It was almost like you’d seen them before… I know that can’t be true, of course… But there is something a little out of the ordinary about you. I know that much.”

At L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles:

“Apparently the food they serve the girls here is very nutritious. You know I often think how nice it would be to have someone cooking for us, instead of always eating the same old boring supplies…”

“The world’s problems seem very far away when you’re in a place like this. It’s our job to protect these girls from danger. Whatever happens, we’ll never let the Dark One lay a finger on this beautiful school.”

In Cobblestone:

“I just ran into your old friend Gemma, [the Hero]. She was asking me all about you. She seemed worried you’d been pushing yourself too hard… You never mentioned you had a beautiful friend like that waiting for you at home. You really are a dark horse, aren’t you? Is there anything else you’re keeping from us?”

“So Gemma was the girl next door when you were growing up, was she? Hmph. How sweet…” Jade appears to feel slightly jealous towards Gemma here, although it is unclear why.

In Heliodor:

“I finally made it! I’ve finally come home! I’d better not start feeling too nostalgic, though. That can wait. For now, we have things to do.”

“It’s been tough, but those long years I spent exiled from Heliodor have taught me a lot. I’ve learned what’s important in life. Of course, I treasure my father, my kingdom and my companions. But more than that, I treasure every living thing in Erdrea. I will fight for them all. When we take on Calasmos, we will be fighting for the future of our entire world and everyone in it. And we will win.”

“Come on, let’s go and tell my father what we’ve discovered. He’ll be desperate to learn more of this dark star’s true nature.”

“I have fond memories of growing up with Hendrik and Jasper as playmates. They could be tough with me and would sometimes tease me, but I knew they cared for me like a sister. Seeing Jasper’s smiling face reminded me of that time. I believe that at the end, he had finally returned to his old self—the Jasper I used to know.”

“The dark power that Jasper wields may be formidable, but Hendrik is never going to admit defeat. We must allow him to take up the gauntlet once more…”

“I remember the day when everything changed. When I fled Dundrasil Castle and left Hendrik and Jasper behind, I felt like I was losing two brothers… Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to stay—maybe I could have done something to stop all this happening.”

“There’s no doubt about it. The vision the Yggdrasil root showed us was the throne room of Heliodor Castle. It may have lain in ruins, but I know my home when I see it. Don’t ask me why, but I get the strong feeling that apparition has some connection with Heliodor Castle—and with Hendrik…”

“As a child, I rarely strayed from the castle, and I wasn’t even aware that places like this existed… The riches of Heliodor have certainly not been shared with those who live here. This is an injustice I must seek to rectify.”

In Hotto:

“What do you think really freed Ryu from the dragon’s curse? Personally, I don’t think it was the Seeing Glass, or anything we did. I think it was love. If it wasn’t for Miko’s love for her son, I feel certain that Ryu would have been done for long before we could bring that mirror to them. Without love, all hope would have been lost.”

While exploring:

“This terrible feeling of dread that’s hanging in the air must be coming from the star. It’s making the monsters even more aggressive. We need to watch our step.”

“There are people here who might like to flee, but who can’t go and start new lives somewhere else just like that. They are fearful for the future but they have no choice but to go on. We must stand by them and banish evil from the world.”

In Gondolia:

“Monsters have always posed a threat, but they’ve never been as brazen as this. This is a full-blown invasion! The dark star must be to blame. The evil that’s emanating from it seems to have fired the monsters up…”

“We managed to save this town, but I fear there are still countless monsters out there in the world. If we come across anyone else facing a similar threat, we must do all that is in our power to help them.”

In Octagonia:

“It’s strange. There’s no sign of Vince or any of the other competitors from the Masked Martial Arts contest. I can’t escape the feeling that there’s something very wrong here—we need to get to the bottom of this.”

“I still can’t quite believe Arachtagon returned and was controlling the fighters. He really was a nasty piece of work. Still, at least we’ve taken care of him for good now. Let’s get back to what we were doing.”

In Zwaardsrust:

“To think, the armour that once belonged to Drustan may still be here, buried somewhere deep underground. Any weapon or armour that was used by the heroes of legend is sure to be of great assistance in our battle against the Dark One…”

In Dundrasil Ruins:

“Queen Eleanor continues to watch over and protect her husband… They still love each other deeply, just as they did when they were alive. Truly, they are an example to us all. I will hold them both close to my heart for as long as I live.”

“I remember that night we fled Dundrasil. We took a secret passage that went under the castle… I wish I could remember precisely where it was, but it’s all a bit of a blur.”

“I remember this place. I escaped through these tunnels on the night Dundrasil was attacked…”

In Puerto Valour:

“Well, this clears things up. If Sylvando is from Puerto Valor, it makes sense that he would have encountered Hendrik. The place has always had strong links with Heliodor. And to think that Don Rodrigo is his father… I hope the two of them can resolve their differences. They could teach us a lot, I’m sure of it…”

“Sylvando and Hendrik make quite a pair! It was amazing to see them, perfectly in synch. Well, I suppose they did train together all those years ago. Now, I don’t know about you, [the Hero], but I’m not going to let them have all the fun! Let’s team up and learn all the new tricks we can!”

In The Kingsbarrow:

“I have known about the Kingsbarrow since I was a girl, but I had no idea that knights used it for their training. It seems that only those in the know can train here—it’s sealed off from prying eyes. I suppose it’s an honour to have it opened for us.”

In Puerto Valour Casino:

“Once when Rab and I visited a casino, I was asked if I’d like to work there. Naturally, I refused, but who knows what the future holds? Once our journey comes to an end, maybe I’ll see if they’re still interested… …That was a joke! Just a joke!”

In Lonalulu:

“I wonder what Kainui is doing now… I know he had a lot to deal with, but I hope he overcame everything and is living a happy life as a fisherman.”

At the Strand:

“I wonder how Michelle is doing, still waiting for Kai to come… She had a tough time of it. Love between human and mermaid can’t be easy. I mean, how do you plan a future together when time flows differently for the two of you?”

“Look! Kainui and Michelle are in danger! We have to do something!”

“I’m so glad Kainui and Michelle are doing well. He did so much for her, it’s nice to see that it’s all worked out. It’s sad that Kainoa is gone, of course, but Michelle and Kainui will just have to get on with their lives now.”

In Phnom Nohm:

“Someone’s making an awful lot of noise, [the Hero]… We should go and see what’s happening. It might explain why the villagers are being made to dance.”

“That grey gordon may have been rather eccentric, but he was still a formidable opponent. Could he have been inspired by the dark star? I fear that its baneful influence has spread across the whole world…”

“We don’t really have time to spare, but it feels wrong to abandon these people to their fate. You will have to make a decision, [the Hero]. Do we stay here, or do we press on?”

In Sniflheim:

“What’s that? You’re wondering if I’m feeling the cold? Oh, don’t worry about me! Rab and I have done a lot of training in extreme conditions over the years. A little nip in the air doesn’t bother me!”

“Snorri was conducting research into Jörmun, it seems…

If only we’d known. I feel terrible. We’ll have to do something to make up for what we did, [the Hero]…”

At The Royal Library:

“When you flick through a book, it’s easy to forget how much effort has gone into writing it. It’s amazing to think that someone has put their heart and soul into every single book in this library!”

At the Viking Hideout:

“There’s something about the wind here, isn’t there? It really cuts through you, chills you to the bone… It doesn’t seem to bother Erik, though. Did you notice that?”

“I always thought Erik was a bit too nice to be a thief. Now I know where he gets his caring side—from looking out for Mia as they were growing up. I always wished I could have had a brother or sister. They teach you things you can’t learn as an only child…”

At Angri-La:

“Um, is there a reason you dragged us all the way up here? Please don’t tell me you’re getting into mountaineering. The last thing you need right now is a new hobby…”

“Rab told me that those who come here to train are focused on bringing out their inner strength, and will undergo any hardship to achieve that goal. It sounds like something I might be interested in experiencing myself one day.”

“So Grand Master Pang plans to summon a stream of enemies for us to fight. It sounds like she’s really going to push us to the limit. If we can get through this, who knows what new powers we might gain?”

“The four pictures in the main hall depict the battle between the heroes of legend and the Dark One. You know, there’s something about those images that really gets my pulse racing. To think that we’re following in their footsteps. It really is an honour.”

In Nautica:

“If you think about it, we’ve really been all over the world, from the bottom of the ocean to a village floating in the sky. You know, as long as we’re together, it feels like there’s nowhere we can’t go.”

“It seems that no one is safe from the evil of the dark star—not even down here. We have to speak with Queen Marina and find out what exactly is going on.”

“Now that Bathysfear’s gone, the Pearl of Wisdom is back in its rightful place. That must be a relief for the merfolk. They do have other problems to contend with, though. The dark star’s getting monsters riled up all the way down here, too. We really need to do something about it, [the Hero]…”

In the Hotto Steppe:

“Miko spoke of something called the Crucible sleeping in the volcano’s heart. Whoever decided to put it here didn’t want ordinary people using it, that’s for sure.”

At The Crucible:

“There’s something about the design of the Crucible, something that really draws you in… And you know the strangest thing? It feels familiar somehow…”

“The sword we forged together is surely the equal of the one Erdwin once wielded. With both Swords of Light, the Dark One doesn’t stand a chance.”

In Mount Huji:

“We need to be careful, [the Hero]. This heat will sap our energy. We shouldn’t stay here too long.”

At the Battleground:

“The monsters down here are a lot tougher than those on the surface. We can’t afford to let our guard down. Not even for a second.”

“This place seems to go on forever. I’ve completely lost track of how far we’ve come.”

At Trial Isle:

“Where do you think the village’s supplies of food and drink come from, [the Hero]? I suspect we’ll just have to chalk that up as another mystery that’ll probably never be solved.”

“So the Watchers must have been here from the beginning. I can’t imagine staying put in this tiny village for however many years it’s been, but then maybe they don’t think like me.”

“If we let this place beat us, we don’t stand a chance against the Dark One. We must persevere. Drustan is testing us so that we can grow stronger. We mustn’t let this opportunity go to waste.”

“If we let this place beat us, we don’t stand a chance against the Dark One. We must persevere. Drustan is testing us so that we can grow stronger. We mustn’t let this opportunity go to waste.” During the first two trials: “Whatever we face in the final trial, there’s no doubt that it’ll be a formidable opponent. But the tougher the foe, the more we relish the fight! I just know we’ll rise to the challenge!”

“We can’t give up now, [the Hero]. We’re nearly there. The end is in sight, I just know it…”

During the Trial of the Luminary:

“So this is it, the Trial of the Luminary. We’re facing the toughest monsters of all, and it’s easier to get lost than ever. But we can’t give up. This is the last trial. We have to show Drustan we have what it takes.”

While Exploring:

“Something tells me we don’t have much time… Let’s summon Cetacea and make our way to the Tower of Lost Time before it’s too late.”

If the Hero marries Gemma, in Cobblestone:

“It looks like things are going well with Gemma. You’re very lucky to meet someone so…nice and sensible. Oh, and don’t worry. I’m not going to breathe a word to her about what happened with Drustan…”

If the Hero lives with Erik, in Cobblestone:

“Do you and Erik really not have any problems living together, just the two of you? I can’t help but wonder if either of you ever bother to clean, or cook, or do the laundry…”

If the Hero lives with Veronica, in Cobblestone:

“I can’t help but feel that Veronica’s become a little…softer lately. I wonder if that has anything to do with you? Everyone does seem quite happy with this new arrangement, after all—even I’m on the verge of breaking into a smile!”

If the Hero lives with Serena, in Cobblestone:

“Serena’s quite the catch, [the Hero]. You must be pretty pleased with yourself. She’ll always be there for you, even when times are tough—so make sure you treat her properly, alright?”

If the Hero lives with Sylvando, in Cobblestone:

“How many times a day does Sylvando treat you to one of his shows, now that you’re living together? You know what, don’t tell me. I’m jealous enough as it is…”

If the Hero lives with Rab, in Cobblestone:

“Rab won’t stop going on about how happy he is to have moved in with you. I bet you’re happy too, aren’t you? Let me give you one piece of advice, though, as someone who’s spent a while travelling with him… Don’t let him have too much to drink—he’ll snore like a lion and keep you up all night.”

If the Hero lives with Hendrik, in Cobblestone:

“Take it from me as someone who’s known Hendrik for a long time—living with him won’t be easy. He’s always been so stubborn about the strangest things. You’re going to have your work cut out, [the Hero]…”

If Jade lives with the Hero:

“Who’d have thought I’d end up living with the little baby boy I met so many years ago in Dundrasil…? Now listen, I may be a princess, but that doesn’t mean I expect you to be stand-offish. Feel free to tell me whatever’s on your mind, okay?”

“Cobblestone Tor is very impressive, [the Hero]. The view from the top must be stunning. I bet you feel like you’re on top of the world.”

“I still remember how fragile you looked when I first met you as a baby. It’s hard to believe that tiny thing turned into the man you are today. Your parents must be so proud, and for their sake, I promise I’ll do everything I can to keep you safe. All you’ve got to do is stay with me, alright? I’ll make sure you come to no harm.”

In Octagonia:

“You’re certainly stronger than you were at the Masked Martial Arts tournament. I do wonder who would win if we fought each other now…? I don’t really, of course. It’d be another foregone conclusion… On a more serious note, why don’t we go up to the tor’s peak? We’ve already come this far, after all.”

In Hotto:

“When I first came here with Rab, I couldn’t get him out of the bathhouse. In the end I had to threaten him with a roundhouse kick to get him to put some clothes on so that we could hit the road.”

In Zwaardsrust:

“Being in Zwaardsrust makes me think of what happened all those years ago in Dundrasil. Rab and I fled here and boarded a ship, setting sail before dawn. I still remember the inky black sea. I was terrified, but Rab put his arm round my shoulder and told me it was going to be alright. I will never forget that.”

In Lonalulu:

“You know, I think I might like to spend a little time here once our journey is at an end. Just imagine swimming in the ocean before enjoying a fine meal, or watching a show in the evening as you listen to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore. Hee hee! Just thinking about it has put a spring in my step! And now I’ve imagined it, I’m going to do all I can to make it a reality!”

In Puerto Valour:

“Don Rodrigo is a classic old-fashioned knight, but you could tell how happy he was to see his son again, even if he did try to hide it.

It was so nice to witness their reunion, all those years spent apart just falling away. I sincerely hope that the same thing can happen with my father…”

In Phnom Nohm:

“It wasn’t all combat training when Rab and I were travelling the world together. No, we did plenty of dancing too. In fact, travelling in the guise of a dancer can be really good when you’re trying to keep a low profile. And it was a lot of fun too! Ah, I miss those days…”

In Sniflheim: “I’m getting used to the cold, but we still need to be careful. We don’t want to end up with frostbite.”

In Tickington

“I've heard that people can come here and choose to embark on new lives as martial artists. I'm mostly self-taught when it comes to combat, so I'm not sure it's something I could ever do. But who knows, it might be interesting to take formal lessons and make it a full-time career.”

“Always on the move, without a place to call your own... The way the Roamers live reminds me of the time I spent travelling around with Rab. Except I did have a place to call my own, of course—Heliodor. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it a lot, but that time on the road made me who I am today.”

“Did I ever tell you about the time I had to fight off four sabrecats singlehandedly as part of my training? I knew I didn't have a hope of beating them for speed or agility, so I held back and waited till they got tired before whacking them on the nose, one after the other!”

“Ugggh... (gulp) I, I'll be alright in a minute, I promise. I just...struggle a little with heights, that's all.”

“You know, being in this inn reminds me of something that used to happen a lot when I was travelling around with Rab. Whenever we'd stay anywhere, we'd somehow always end up in their very best suite, no matter how full the place was or how late we turned up.” – at the Quester’s Rest in the Dragon Quest IX pasttime.

“Imagine if I'd grown up as the Princess of Heliodor, as I was supposed to. I'd probably still be there now. And now we're here visiting other worlds. I guess you just never know how life is going to turn out.” – in Tickington Jade is aware of the ability to visit other Dragon Quest worlds, although it is unknown how deep that knowledge goes with both her and the other party members. There is a possibility that they are alternative versions of the places.

“There are seven plinths, but only five statues. I wonder why...? Could there be other tribes in this world that we don't know about yet?” – in a Dragon Quest X pasttime

“That must be a church, and... Is that a tavern? This place is just like a regular village, isn't it? A very friendly one, too.” – in Tickington

“It makes me rather sad to think that our time in Tickington is coming to an end. But let's make sure we come back here and visit before too long, alright?” – in Tickington

“We have no idea what might have happened inside those books, so we need to be careful.” – in Tickington

“Wait a moment, [the Hero]. We have absolutely no idea what we might find at the top of those stairs. We need to make sure we're as well prepared as possible before we head up there.” – in Tickington

“Travelling to other worlds to fix the past was quite an experience. I hope we get another chance to head back some day.” – in Tickington

“I still don't understand why would anyone want to corrupt the past like this. Well, I suppose we're about to find out. Come on, [the Hero]. We've got work to do.”

“All we know is that something terrible happened here. We'll need to stay on our guard, [the Hero].”

“It seems that exploring this cave is going to take some time. Let's not be afraid to leave and rest up if things are getting tough.”

“The whole castle is filled with a strange, evil aura… It makes sense, though. The tockles said that the whole kingdom of the Necrogond had been taken over by monsters.”

“It's so slippery in here. We need to make sure we keep our footing, especially in battle.”

“This forest reminds me of the night I fled Dundrasil. The night I saw your mother for the last time… Oh, don't worry. I'm not going to cry. I've shed enough tears over the years. It's just... Well it's sad, that's all.”

“I've always liked towers. There's nothing like running up and down stairs to keep you in peak condition!”

“This place is truly enormous. The miners must get a good workout, lugging the rainbow rocks to the surface.”

“Whoever lived here seems to be long gone. I hope they're alright, wherever they are…”

“We must remain vigilant, [the Hero]. In a place like this, there's no telling when or where we may come under attack.”

Unused and untranslated dialogue

「聞いた話では 命の大樹が落ちてから あの真っ赤な星が 落下を始めたそうよ。 これも 魔王の誕生が 関係してるのかもね。 「あの命の大樹を 滅ぼすくらいだから 空に浮かぶ 星を落としたとしても それほど 不思議ではないわ。

「命の大樹が落ちてから 勇者の星が 落下を 開始したってことは これにも 魔王の誕生が 関係してるのかもね。 「あの命の大樹を 滅ぼすくらいだから 空に浮かぶ 星を落としたとしても それほど 不思議ではないわ。

「サマディー王は 勇者の星に対処するため 全世界から 情報を集めているそうよ。 「風のウワサで サマディー王は すこし抜けたところがあると 聞いてたけど いざという時は やっぱり 頼りになるのね

「ロウさまと同じく お父さまも サマディーのレースに 参加してたそうよ。 子供の頃 その思い出話をしてくれたわ。 「なんでも 何百回も 走ったけど ロウさまや サマディー王には  一度も 負けたことがなかったんだとか。 「本当かどうかは 知らないけど もし 本当だったら すごい話よね。

「命の大樹が落ちて 魔王が誕生してから 魔物が 暴れているという話は 世界のあちこちで 聞くようになったけど……。 「ホムラの里は 何が起きているのかしら? 心なしか 里の人たちの顔色が


Thou hast defeated the spoiler.



Jade can equip weapons that are claws and spears in Dragon Quest XI.


Jade's base statistics in Dragon Quest XI. Her starting level is Level 23.

Attribute Level 23 Level 99
HP 214 700
MP 53 280
Strength 77 350
Agility 73 400
Resilience 31 190
Magical Might 0 0
Magical Mending 0 0
Deftness 78 480
Charm 91 370

Character Builder

Jade's skills that she unlocks through the Character Builder in Dragon Quest XI.


Name MP SP Cost Panel Description
Hip Drop 2 6 A single-target attack that deals more damage than a normal attack
Puff-Puff 0 8 A single-target status move that attempts to beguile an enemy
Charm +15 10 Boosts charm by 15 points
Charm +20 10 Boosts charm by 20 points
Resilience +10 8 Boosts resilience by 10 points
Blow Kiss 3 10 A single-target attack that damages and can beguile an enemy
Pep-Up Power-Up 12 Boosts the effects given when pepped up
Sexy Beam 12 14 Mystery Panel A single-target attack that damages and can beguile an enemy
Charm +40 14 Boosts charm by 40 points
Pink Typhoon 16 18 An all-target attack that damages and can beguile an enemy
Femme Fatale 24 20 Mystery Panel An all-target attack that damages, heals the user and can put enemies to sleep.
Pep Chance +5% 12 Mystery Panel Boosts the chance of getting pepped up by 5%
Pink Tornado 18 25 Mystery Panel An all-target attack that damages and can beguile an enemy


Name MP SP Cost Panel Description
Attack Power When Wielding +5 3 Boosts attack by 5 points when claws

are equipped

Propeller Blade 2 4 A single-target attack that deals wind damage
HP Absorption When Wielding +10% 6 Boosts HP absorption by 10% when claws are equipped
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +6% 7 Boosts Critical Hit chance absorption by 6% when claws are equipped
Can Opener 4 9 A single-target attack that deals extra damage to machines
Hawkeye Claw 5 13 A single-target attack that cannot miss
Attack Power When Wielding +15 16 Boosts attack by 15 points when claws

are equipped

Hardclaw 10 18 Mystery Panel A single-target three-hit attack
Attack Power When Wielding +35 14 Boosts attack by 35 points when claws are equipped
HP Absorption When Wielding +20% 18 Boosts HP absorption by 20% when claws are equipped
Crone’s Claw 6 16 Mystery Panel A single-target attack that uses double the strength of a normal attack and steals MP
Air Raiser 12 20 Mystery Panel A single-target attack that does wind damage


Name MP SP Cost Panel Description
Leg Sweep 1 5 A single-target attack that attempts to knock down an enemy
Harvest Moon 3 6 A single-target attack that deals more damage to flying monsters
Agility +5 7 Boosts agility by 5 points
Maximum HP +10 7 Boosts maximum HP by 10 points
Strength +5 8 Boosts strength by 5 points
Strength +10 9 Boosts strength by 10 points
Agility +30 10 Boosts agility by 30 points
Vacuum Smash 2 16 Mystery Panel A group-target attack that deals extra damage to enemies
Maximum HP +30 14 Bonus Panel Boosts maximum HP by 30 points
Miracle Moon 16 18 An all-target attack that randomly lands 5 kicks against enemies and restores health
Multifeet 10 20 Mystery Panel An all-target attack that randomly lands 7 kicks against enemies
Pep Chance +5% 12 Mystery Panel Boosts the chance of getting pepped up by 5%


Name MP SP Cost Panel Description
Cattle Prod 2 3 A single-target attack that deals extra damage to beasts
Attack Power When Wielding +5 4 Boosts attack by 5 points when a spear is equipped
Thunder Thrust 4 6 A single-target attack that has a chance of landing a critical hit
Deliverance 2 7 A single-target attack that deals extra damage to the undead
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +4% 9 Boosts critical hit chance by 4% when a spear is equipped
Attack Power When Wielding +10 13 Boosts attack by 10 points when a spear is equipped
Party Pooper 4 16 A group-target attack
Multithrust 12 18 Mystery Panel A group-target four-hit attack
Attack Power When Wielding +30 14 Boosts attack by 30 points when a spear is equipped
Crushed Ice 16 18 A single-target four-hit attack using ice
Lightning Storm 24 20 Mystery Panel An all-target attack that damages and can paralyse enemies
Lightning Thrust 9 16 Mystery Panel A single-target attack that guarantees a critical hit
Flashback 10 25 Mystery Panel A status move that lowers defense for two turns of counterattacks


Other skills that Jade unlocks through other methods in Dragon Quest XI.

Name MP Requirement Description
Re-Vamp 16 An event Boosts Jade's defense by 50%, her agility by 50%, her attack by 25% and her resistance to status ailments, lasting for four turns.

Pepped-Up Effect Bonuses

  • Agility +100%
  • Charm +100%
  • Critical Rate increased


Outfits that can be obtained in Dragon Quest XI for Jade. In the standard edition of Dragon Quest XI, each required item needs to be equipped. However, in Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition, the required items need to only be in the party's possession instead.

The Bunny

An outfit belonging to a cotton-tailed coquette.

It is a glossy black bunny suit that mostly covers her torso, leaving her arms exposed as well as, partially, her chest and neck area. She has a white, fluffy bunny tail on the rear of the suit. She wears two loose golden bracelets around her wrists on each arm. Her hairband is her normal red variety, except it is accompanied by black bunny ears on top of her head; one of the ears are lopsided. It also comes with a choker that has a heart-shaped metal accessory on it. She wears black fishnet stockings and black high heels.


There are three required pieces of equipment required to unlock the outfit:

You can forge these items after obtaining the Down the Rabbithole recipe book from Puerto Valor Casino.

The Hare-Raiser (Definitive Edition only)

An outfit belonging to Booga's number one bunny girl.

It is a glossy light-blue bunny suit that is an alternative variation to The Bunny, another outfit of hers. This time, the bunny suit is all blue along with her fishnet stockings, choker and bunny ears. Her wrist bracelets are silver as well. The benefit to wearing this suit, however, is that it resurrects Jade anytime she is defeated in battle.


Only one piece of equipment is required to unlock the outfit:

Additional steps are required alongside obtaining these items

A spoiler draws near! Click 'show' to display, otherwise run away!

To obtain this outfit, the Timewyrm needs to be slain and the Hare-Raising Suit will be given as a reward.

Thou hast defeated the spoiler.

The Medal Maniac

An outfit belonging to a model pupil who is mad about mini medals.

It is a school outfit from l'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles. It has a blue dress that goes below the knees with a blue overcoat, both of which have white stitchings. Her dress is wrapped in a black belt around the waist. There is a red laced-knot on the neck area where there is also a white collar sticking out neatly. Her headband remains its normal red variety. She wears black leggings and black heels with this outfit.


Only one piece of equipment is required to unlock the outfit:

The Mega Medal Maniac (Definitive Edition and 3DS version only)

An outfit belonging to a legendary student from a certain Académie.

It is an alternative school outfit from L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles. It has a white dress that goes below the knees with a lighter white overcoat, both of which have grey stitchings. Her dress is wrapped in a black belt around the waist. There is a blue laced-knot on the neck area where there is also a white collar sticking out neatly. Her headband is white and she wears white leggings and dark red heels.


Only one piece of equipment is required to unlock the outfit:

The Swimmer

An outfit belonging to someone skilled in both sorcery and the aquatic arts.

It is a swimsuit that comes in three pieces. Her bikini is a reddish-pink with lilac highlights on both the outer trimmings and the straps. Her shorts are a bright pink with reddish-pink highlights that match her bikini. On her feet are white heels that are laced at her toes and ankles.


Only one piece of equipment is required to unlock the outfit:

The Slinky Swimmer (Definitive Edition only)

An outfit belonging to a very stylish someone skilled in both sorcery and aquatic arts.

It is a swimsuit that comes in three pieces. Her bikini is black with yellow highlights on both the outer trimmings and the straps. Her shorts are a black with yellow highlights that match her bikini. It comes with black heels that have yellow laces at her toes and ankles.


Only one piece of equipment is required to unlock the outfit:

The Warrior Princess

An outfit as beautiful as the flowers that bloom on the battlefield.

It is a complex dress that it made up of various colours and elements. The torso part of the dress is white with golden trimmings that meet a golden amulet that she wears around her neck. Also around her neck is a golden neckbrace with a blue gemstone on the front-centre, parallel to that of the headdress she wears which is also golden. The headdress has red gemstones on its front-face, two on each side.

Beneath her shoulders she has long white sleeves that go all the way to her hands to also form a glove. She also has purple pieces of silk around her upper-arms where the sleeves start; they have lilac elements to them as well. Also on her wrists are golden bracelets, one on each.

Her waist bears a golden accessory with blue gemstones on each piece of the accessory. The skirt part to her dress is purple accompanied by a secondary lilac section to her dress. She wears a red and gold accessory that hangs over her skirt and forms a bow on her back. Her leggings are black and her white boots go up to her thighs. These boots have heels that have golden undersides and the thigh-area has golden trimmings around the outside. Her red headband remains.


Two pieces of equipment are required for this outfit:

The Minerva

An outfit belonging to a goddess who governs all matters of war.

It is another complex attire, alike The Warrior Princess outfit. The torso part of the dress is a deep purple with black trimmings that meet a silver amulet that she wears around her neck. Also around her neck is a black neckbrace with a red gemstone on the front-centre, parallel to that of the silver tiara she wears. The tiara also has four other red gemstones on its front-face.

Beneath her shoulders she has long purpleish-black sleeves that go all the way to her hands to also form a glove. She also has black pieces of silk around her upper-arms where the sleeves start; they have red elements to them as well. Also on her wrists are silver bracelets, one on each.

Her waist bears a silver accessory and the skirt part to her dress is purple accompanied by a secondary lilac section to her dress. She wears a wine-red and silver accessory that hangs over her skirt and forms a bow on her back. Her leggings are black and her deep purple boots go up to her thighs. These boots have heels that have white undersides and the thigh-area has silver trimmings around the outside. Her red headband remains.


Two pieces of equipment are required for this outfit:

The Divine

An outfit belonging to a woman so bewitching that even monsters swoon at the sight of her.

She wears a dress that is made up of a light purple attire on her torso, that also has white and golden elements that divide the centre and appear as trimmings, and a golden tutu-like skirt. There are wings on the rear of the torso and she has white sleeves that go from beneath the shoulders to her hands to form a glove. The sleaves have golden highlights and bracers around the wrists, furthermore a purple trimming from where it meets the upper arm. It comes with white leggings that have purple and gold bracers around the thighs. She wears purple heels with a black strap and a red rose on the strap. There is another rose with its green leaves stuck through her purple headband.


Only one piece of equipment is required to unlock the outfit:

The Xenlon

An outfit belonging to a warrior blessed by a deadly dragon deity.

It is mostly a gown coloured in a pastel purple colour with a dragon design on its lower-half and golden trimmings; it only covers the front and rear sides of her legs. She has a black breast-guard on her left breast and a golden shoulder plate on her left shoulder. She has black sleeves on both arms from below the shoulders and down to her hands to form fingerless gloves. There is also a large golden bracer around each of her forearms. Wrapped around her dress is a blue cloth that hangs off of her left side. She has gold-plated heeled boots and a golden headband. Her normal black short-skirt is worn as well.


Two pieces of equipment are required for this outfit:

The Scarlet Slayer (Definitive Edition only)

An outfit belonging to a warrior who had the heavens on her side.

It is an outfit with a two-part dress. The torso area is a glossy red that has golden trimmings and comes with a white neckbrace also with golden trimmings. Her red, gold and blue skirt does not connect to the torso area, leaving her belly area exposed. The skirt has a dark red brace around the waist area. Her boots are white with red and gold pads strapped to them. It matches her arm sleeves that goes from her upper arms to her wrists, also with red padding on both sleeves. She wears a red, metal headband and a white hairband.


Only one piece of equipment is required to unlock the outfit:


Masked Jade

#102 - Masked Jade
??? Family
DQXI - Masked Jade 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
414 53 109 84 140
Exp Gold Drop None
0 0 G
Note: A mysterious marital artist whose killer kicks and fantastic footwork were more than a match for Erik-a testament to her considerable skill.
Normal attack
Gets Pepped Up
Leg Sweep
Harvest Moon
Vacuum Slash
Black Boot (Performs with Rab)
Assesses the situation (Wastes turn)
Haunts at:

Jinxed Jade

#311 - Jinxed Jade
??? Family
DQXI - Jinxed Jade 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
1800 40 275 244 190
Exp Gold Drop None
2500 0 G
Note: Corrupted by Booga, she became a self styled queen of darkness whose stated aim was to make the men of the world pay for being so pitiful.
Normal attack
Acts twice
Gets Pepped Up
Puff-Puff (PS4 and 3D Switch)
Blow Kiss (3DS and 2D Switch)
Hip Drop
Party Pooper
Femme Fatale
Sexy Beam
Haunts at:

Other Appearances

Dragon Quest Rivals

She has three cards that arrived as part of the 4th & 9th card pack series. As part of the one of the Luminary's abilities, Jade appears cradled in his arms along with the strong suggestion that they are in love with one another.

Dragon Quest of the Stars

She appears as part of the Dragon Quest XI event. This has so far only happened in the Japanese version of the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

She appears as part of the Hero's Comrades spirit.


Jade's original Japanese name, Martina, is the feminine form of the Roman name Martinus. The name ultimately derives from Mars, the Roman god of war, and befits her role as a martial artist. Martina was a 3rd-century patron saint of the city of Rome.

Her localized name, Jade, is derived from the ornamental stone of the same name, which is used in jewelry and artwork. It is also a shade of green, which fits as the majority of her outfit is colored green. Jade was greatly valued in Asian countries. Confucius believed that jade had properties encouraging bravery, honesty, and purity.

Other languages

Other languages
French Jade
German Jade
Spanish Jade
Italian Jade
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown


  • Instead of revealing her age, she says “That’s a prized secret of Heliodor.”
  • She does not reveal her weight and instead says “Heh heh, I’ll leave that to your imagination.”
  • Her favourite food are sweets and Heliodor cuisines.
  • She likes collecting hairpins while on adventures.
  • She prefers people who are like her father.
  • Her motto is that practise gives power.
  • When the world comes at peace, she says she wants to travel the world by foot.
  • Her favourite thing about herself is her black hair.
  • Her stress reliefs are burning incense and doing her nails.
  • The thing she wants most are sweets that do not cause her to become fat.
  • Her main hobby is cooking and she likes teaching herself new recipes.
  • She is adventurous when it comes to fashion, although she thinks wearing tight clothing is a pain while fighting.
  • She trains daily with exercises she learned from Angri-La.
  • Her favourite moments with her friends is the whole experience of being around them in general.



Masked Jade

Jinxed Jade


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