Dragon Quest XI
Japanese name マルティナ
Rōmaji Marutina
Gender Female
Title(s) Unknown
Class Martial Artist
Race(s) Human
Age Unknown
Family King Carnelian (father)
Queen Belle (mother)

Jade is a character in Dragon Quest XI. As a martial artist, she fights with her bare hands, claws, and spears, while also being highly geared towards charming the enemy with her sex appeal.


Jade is a tall and physically fit woman with purple eyes and long, dark purple hair tied with a red hairband in a ponytail that goes past her back and a fringe parted to the right side of her face. She wears a jade green-coloured halter top attached to a choker with a metal ring over a black tank top and a jade green leather wrap over a pair of black short shorts. On her hands, she wears jade green bracers and black fingerless gloves, and she also wears a pair of jade green high-heeled boots that reach up to her knee.


Jade is fearless and brave. Her flashing kicks are said to be unmatched in terms of power. Her elegant beauty and dignified personality indicate that she may be more than just a skilled warrior. She deems herself the protector of the Hero, much like an older sister, but has a vulnerable side as well.


Dragon Quest XI

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Jade's original Japanese name, Martina, is the feminine form of the Roman name Martinus. The name ultimately derives from Mars, the Roman god of warrior, and befits her role as a martial artist. Martina was a 3rd-century patron saint of the city of Rome.

Her localised name, Jade, is derived from the ornamental stone of the same name, which is used in jewelry and artwork. It is also a shade of green, which fits as the majority of her outfit is colored green. Jade was greatly valued in Asian countries. Confucius believed that jade had properties encouraging bravery, honesty, and purity.

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