Jamirus' Keep, otherwise known as the Isle o' Smiles, is a dungeon in VI. Located in the northeastern seas of the Dream World, it is from this location that the Dread Fiend Jamirus asserts his control over fellow monsters.


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Legends persist in and around Aridea of a place called the Isle o' Smiles that can grant eternal happiness, and of a floating island that will ferry people to it on the night of a full moon. The Hero and his party arrive in Aridea amid reports of its people being drawn to the island and never returning. As the party gathers intel on this phenomenon, night falls and the party boards the island. In the cabin are the townsfolk who have also boarded the island in search of their promised bliss. All eat, drink, and are merry, but they are soon knocked unconscious by the crew. As the party comes to, they are dragged off the ship by minions of Jamirus. Along the way, the party observes that their fellow passengers have turned to stone. Jamirus is seen giving a speech to a gathering of demons ready to feast on the souls they have captured. However, Jamirus senses the party is of a different breed, as they recently defeated Murdaw. Thus, he wishes to take their souls himself, and attacks the party. Though the battle is long, Jamirus falls, returning the captives to normal and unsealing Medford's Manor.

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