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Jarvis is a boss monster who appears in Dragon Quest XI.


A blue jargon-type fiend with a brand on his belly, Jarvis has the power to absorb magical energies into jars, robbing victims of their skills. He does this under the orders of the Lord of Shadows, who has deemed sorcery a threat to his rule.

As an ice dragon, Jarvis has a canteen slung over himself whose magic allows him to blow cold breath. To amplify the effect, he is backed by his shadows. He can attack physically as well, and uses a belly suplex to do so.

Being a jargon, Jarvis makes use of container puns in his dialogue.

Main game appearances

Dragon Quest XI

#48 - Jarvis
Dragon Family
DQXI - Jarvis 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
260 99 66 52 35
Exp Gold Drop None
460 350 G
Note: The reprehensible reptile responsible for plundering Veroncia's powers. He worries that his eyes make him look too kind, so he makes up for it by being as rude as possible.
Normal attack
Gets Pepped Up
Cool Breath
Focus Strength
Haunts at:
The Cryptic Crypt (Early game, Only one)
A spoiler draws near! Click 'show' to display, otherwise run away!

Jarvis is seen berating two of his shadows for letting Veronica get away, saying he needed her full power to earn the Lord of Shadows' respect (who was possessing King Carnelian at the time). The Luminary, Erik, Serena and Veronica overhear the conversation, but Serena gets frightened by another of Jarvis's shadows from behind. Jarvis is delighted that Veronica has returned, and he and his shadows fight them. Despite their best efforts, Jarvis and his shadow henchmen are defeated, with the jargon feeling bad he wouldn't be the Lord of Shadows' right hand man. Erik demands to know who he's talking about, and Jarvis tells them "You'll find out soon enough... when everything finally pot." before disappearing, foreshadowing a certain Heliodorian knight's victory at Yggdrasil for monsterkind...

Thou hast defeated the spoiler.


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Other languages

Other languages
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German Wampert
Spanish Tinajo
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Chinese 甸達
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