Dragon Quest XI
Japanese name ホメロス
Rōmaji Homerosu
Gender Male
Title(s) Strategist
Race(s) Human
Age 36
Family Unknown

Jasper is a character in Dragon Quest XI. He is known as the cold-blooded strategist of the Kingdom of Heliodor.


Jasper is an attractive young man with cruel features. He has fair skin, small yellow eyes, and chin-length light blond hair with some of the fringe covering the right side of his face and a long ponytail that goes down to his waist. He wears an ornate suit of silver and gold knight's armor over chainmail, white trousers, and a white pair of boots. Attached to his armor is a long white cape with red lining that reaches down to his feet. Emblazoned on the front of his armor's breastplate is a golden two-headed eagle, which is the symbol of Delcadar.


Jasper is a ruthless tactician and is skilled in the art of war. He is known for his accurate judgement and decisiveness and has achieved many victories due to his skill, such as securing victory against a large army of monsters with only a small force. Although he is a soldier, he is also capable of using powerful magic, as well.



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Dragon Quest XI

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