Jasper is a character and secondary antagonist in Dragon Quest XI. He is known as the cold-blooded strategist of the Kingdom of Heliodor.


Jasper is an attractive, older man with cruel features and a youthful appearance. He has fair skin, small yellow eyes, and chin-length light blond hair with some of the fringe covering the right side of his face and a long ponytail that goes down to his waist. He wears an ornate suit of silver and gold knight's armour over chainmail, white trousers, and a white pair of boots. Attached to his armour is a long white cape with red lining that reaches down to his feet. Emblazoned on the front of his armour's breastplate is a golden two-headed eagle, which is the symbol of Heliodor. When his master conquers all of Erdrea, he has an outfit resembling a cross between Dhoulmagus and Nelgel's, his skin is a shade of lavender, his ponytail is tucked into the outfit, and his fingernails are black. When transforming into his Unbound form, his appearance is a mix of Burmese King Bermud and Corvus. In addition, his hair is completely loose, and his skin is little darker on purple, with the Silver Orb in his chest.


Jasper is a ruthless tactician and is skilled in the art of war. He is known for his accurate judgement and decisiveness and has achieved many victories due to his skill, such as securing victory against a large army of monsters with only a small force. Although he is a soldier, he is also capable of using powerful magic, as well. Jasper is childhood friends with Hendrik, both undergoing knighthood training at the same time, but Jasper bears a jealous streak towards him for being more well-liked.


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Early life

Jasper and Hendrik were childhood friends who trained as junior knights for King Carnelian. At a young age, they met Princess Jade, both amazed and stunned by the babe. They vowed that they would protect Heliodor together at this time.

Later into their training, Jasper proposed that they would sneak into the King's room at night via a secret passage in the kitchen. However, the king noticed and scolded Hendrik for such actions. (Jasper was running late to the agreed meet time.)

At Hendrik's knighting ceremony he reached out for to Hendrik for a handshake. Hendrik ignored him and proceeded to accept his knighthood. Infuriated, Jasper made a pact with Mordegon. By assisting him, Jasper was promised great might and power.

Road to Yggdrasil

By the events of the game, Jasper had also received his Knighthood, becoming Heliodor’s celebrated tactician. When the Luminary came to visit King Carnelian, Jasper was sent to Cobblestone to kill the villagers. However, Hendrik came to save the villagers and locked them up instead.

Jasper later catches up to the Luminary in Gondolia, after silencing the Mayor's son. He and his men successfully capture Erik.

He then used Erik as a way to lure out the Luminary (now dubbed Darkspawn) and had his men search the city for the Darkspawn. His soldiers failed, so Jasper engaged the party on their rescue attempt but was soundly defeated.

As the Luminary and his party were escaping via the Salty Stallion, he summoned a tentacular to stop them. However, it was scared away by the Gondolia merchant ships, but not before he warned the Darkspawn that he will be there when his luck runs out.

He later went to the Sniflheim Royal Library after hearing about Krystalinda being entrapped in a book. He released her and requested she dispose of Hendrik.

Jasper continued to serve Mordegon until his master's reveal at Yggdrasil. He then attacks the Luminary by surprise with the power of the dark orb he obtained from his master. With this, he defeats the party and attempts to take the Sword of Light before Hendrik arrived.

Mordegon ambushes Hendrik and praised Jasper for his success. After the fall of Yggdrasil, he gave Jasper the Silver Orb and made him Supreme Commander of the Spectral Sentinels.

Rise of the Lord of Shadows

Jasper has taken up residence within the now-ruined Heliodor Castle. When Hendrik and the Luminary approach the castle's throne room, Jasper is waiting there.

He taunts Hendrik about his gullibility and his recent conversion to the Luminary’s side. He then clashes with Hendrik and reveals the reasoning behind his actions.

While Hendrik is able to beat him back, he then retreats, transforming into a demon and gloating about how he has now “surpassed Hendrik”. He then leaves Tyriant to dispose of the Luminary.

Jasper is not seen until the party reaches the Fortress of Fear. He watches on high as they defeat the penultimate Spectral Sentinel, Indignus.

He then ambushes them by creating an illusion of Veronica. Serena is able to dispose of the illusion by using her lyre. Hendrik then correctly assumes Jasper is behind it. Jasper confirms this and attacks the party in his Unbound form.

Although he is defeated, Jasper makes a last ditch attempt to sever the Luminary’s friends and make him fight the Lord of Shadows one-on-one. He does succeed in doing so temporarily, however they are able to overcome Jasper's attack and he begins to fade away. He then confesses that he was actually just envious of Hendrik and Hendrik says he always thought Jasper was stronger. He then leaves Hendrik his knights emblem.

In Search of Lost Time

In the new world Jasper attempts to ambush the Luminary at Yggdrasil again. However the Luminary is able to deflect his attacks with the Sword of Shadows. Infuriated, Jasper battles and is defeated by the Luminary. He then launches a desperate attack on the Luminary, breaking the Sword of Shadows in the process. King Carnelian and Hendrik enter again, and Carnelian kills Jasper before he can reveal that it is Mordegon possessing him.

Jasper then vanishes in a cloud of smoke, leaving behind his knights emblem for Hendrik to claim.

His role in the S Definitive Edition is the same, however, it reveals the reason why Jasper resented Hendrik. After Dundrasil fell, Jasper helped Hendrik escort Carnelian back to safety. However, Hendrik was promoted to general, while the king ignored and ostracized Jasper, causing said resentment, which was Mordegon's plan to mold him into his second in command. When the party returns to Heliodor Castle, a black spirit is near the Yggdrasil Root in the castle garden. The spirit then moves around the castle, and finally goes to the balcony. When told by Hendrik to show himself, Jasper does just that and bemoans his fate. The Luminary and his allies prepare to fight him, but Hendrik vows to face him alone, which the Hero agrees too. Despite a harrowing fight, Hendrik triumphs and Jasper curses his loss once more. Hendrik says the same words he did at the Fortress of Fear, causing Jasper's spirit to calm down and forgive him in return. Jasper then explains that his light did keep Hendrik going, but it blackened in response while his old friend's grew brighter, and he found more kinship with Mordegon and his monster minions, however, he gets corrupted by the darkness in his heart before he knows it. He asks Hendrik if he still considers him to be his friend and comrade, to which he agrees. Jasper, feeling comforted, lays his Platinum sword down and his spirit merges with Hendrik's armour creating the Twin Eagle Armour. Hendrik then lays his old friend's knight's emblem onto the sword, finally having gotten closure once more, this time for good.

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Main Games

Dragon Quest XI


#74 - Jasper
??? Family
DQXI - Jasper 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
630 80 116 75 30
Exp Gold Drop None
2000 2000 G
Note: He and Hendrik are Heliodor's two most celebrated soldiers, and some even like to say that together, they embody the two-headed eagle that adorns the kingdom's coat of arms.
Normal attack (2 hits)
Blocks attacks
Sword Stance
Haunts at:


#392 - Jasper Corrupted
??? Family
DQXI - Jasper Corrupted 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
2055 999 272 189 1
Exp Gold Drop None
8000 4000 G
Note: Jasper as he was when our hero finally took the Sword of Shadows back in time and undid the awful events of that fateful day by defeating him.
Normal attack
Starts the battle covered by dark aura
Attacks twice
Blocks attacks
Flashes a frosty smile
Falcon Slash
Darkness explodes forth from Orb
Let loose the power of pure darkness (Kaboomle like effect that brings everyone to 1 HP)
Holds Orb of Shadow aloft (Regains dark aura)
Haunts at:
The World Tree


#388 - Jasper Unbound
??? Family
DQXI - Jasper Unbound 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
3600 999 282 336 248
Exp Gold Drop None
40000 20000 G
Note: Jasper in the form he took when he finally cast aside his humanity and was reborn as a monster.
Normal attack
Acts twice
Desperate attack
Gets Pepped Up
Guffaws ungraciously (Misses turn)
Calls for backup (Balhib)
Lobs a lance of pure darkness
Spews pitch-black flames
Flashes a blinding red
Disruptive Wave
Combo attack
Silver Spark
Comes crashing down from above (Causes target to fall down)
Haunts at:
Fortress of Fear


#676 - Shadow Jasper
??? Family
[[File:{{{image}}}|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
2000 (3D)
1000 (2D)
265 219 30
Exp Gold Drop None
0 0 G
Note: Having lost his life in battle, his blackened spirit stayed behind to roam the castle in search of salvation. No trace of the once-proud tactician's true form remains.
Normal attack (Hits twice)
Falcon Slash
Agony of the darkness hurts his heart
Haunts at:
Heliodor Castle


#677 - Jasper Unhinged
??? Family
[[File:{{{image}}}|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
3000 (3D)
1500 (2D)
999 295 269 20
Exp Gold Drop None
0 0 G
Note: Unable to extinguish the darkness that drove him during his duel with Hendrik, Jasper's rage spiralled, sending his soul into overdrive. It's doubtful anyone can soothe him in this state...
Normal attack
Guffaws ungraciously (Wastes turn)
Lobs a lance of pure darkness
Spews pitch black flames
Combo attack
Disruptive Wave
Comes crashing down from above
Haunts at:
Heliodor Castle

Voice actors


  • Jasper is the 2nd Human in the series to be the underling of a Demon Lord, the 1st being Dhoulmagus. Fittingly, both are humans who are ambitious and wanted more (More fame and glory for Jasper, higher magic for Dhoulmagus), resented someone (Hendrik for Jasper, Rylus for Dhoulmagus), and became a servant of the main villain (Mordegon for Jasper, Rhapthorne for Dhoulmagus).
    • The differences however, is that Jasper was once friends with Hendrik, but grew resentful of him getting more attention, while Dhoulmagus was timid around Rylus, but became angry when Rylus told him he was better off with a dog as an apprentice. Jasper willingly became Mordegon's right hand man and loyally followed him until dying, while Dhoulmagus became one of Rhapthorne's most known henchman by being possessed by him (Although he let him talk as himself when seeing Trode at Mallea Abby and before the fight at the Dark Ruins). Both even have final forms resembling winged demons.
  • Jasper is also the first DQ Demon Lord underling since Ladja to have a Hopeless Boss Fight, however it happens the second time the Hero (Dragon Quest XI) faces him and not the first.
  • Jasper can be said to represent envy, as he was jealous of Hendrik. He also can be said to represent pride, as he is overconfident in his abilities.
  • Jasper is the most recurring boss in Dragon Quest XI, fought four different times. His employer Mordegon is fought three times. However, one of these fights is exactly the same as another, with the exception that the player has the capacity to penetrate his shield of darkness.
    • In addition, the Definitive Edition adds one last fight, bringing the total to 5 different battles.

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German Euklas
Spanish Jaspe

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