Jolly Jousters is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.

Main game appearances

Dragon Quest VIII

Making its debut, when an infamous Orc king, Bone baron, and an Octavian sentry are in a Monster Team, this ability can come into play, dealing damage to one enemy.

Dragon Quest X

Finally appearing as a skill players can use from Version 4 onwards, it is learned when 200 skill points are invested into the Spear skill tree and has a charge time of 140 seconds. When used, it can deal 5 times the damage of a normal attack to an enemy, making this a great skill to use on bosses.

Dragon Quest XI

Appearing as a Pep Power, it is only used by monsters like the Orcs and Pine needlers, when they are Pepped Up. It strikes enemies 6 times without a specific target.

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