Dragon Quest VIII
DQVIII3DS - Juggerwroth
Japanese name ジャハガロス
Rōmaji Jahagarosu
Gender Male
Title(s) Unknown
Race(s) Unknown
Age Unknown

Juggerwroth (ジャハガロス, Jahagarosu), the strongest servant of Rhapthorne, is a monster introduced in the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VIII.


Juggerwroth is a massive demon with the lower body of a sauropod and the torso of a muscular humanoid. His skin is teal adorned with scarlet tattoos. His shoulders are lined with large spikes, and his head is crowned with ram's horns.


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Juggerwroth (Powered up)

After the sealing of Rhapthorne, the seven sages were too exhausted to properly deal with Juggerwroth. Instead of locking him away in an inanimate object, like they had done with Rhapthorne, they turned him to stone and prayed no one would ever find him lest he accidentally be revived.


Dragon Quest VIII 3DS

First form

#308* - Juggerwroth
??? Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
2400 255 90 320 146
Exp Gold Drop None
0 0 G
'Description: One of Rhapthorne's retainer's, turned into stone by the great sages in a toilsome tussle, but now free from his seal once more. He welcome's (Hero's name) and the party as a distraction from his imposed ennui.
Desperate attack
Haunts at:
Altar of Wroth*

Second form

#309 * - Juggerwroth
??? Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
4800 255 360 190 100
Exp Gold Drop Ethereal stone
18000 42 G
'Description: Though this behemoth effected his resurrection at the Altar of Wroth, (Hero's name) and the party bested him...with a little help from someone's brother.
Desperate attack
Power fist (Can cause paralysis)
Boulder Toss
Disruptive Wave
Haunts at:
Altar of Wroth*


Joker 3

Joker 3 Synthesising
Monster Monster Result
Demon batboon + Phantom horse = Juggerwroth
Synth type Special

Rank and Slot No.

Joker 3

Joker 3 Rank and Slot No.
Rank SS
Slot No. Three

Other languages

Other languages
French Goliatross
German Unknown
Spanish Juggerwroth
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown