Just Claws is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest X

Appearing as the highest "Slashes with claws" monster action, it is used by Silvapithecuses, Batmandrills, Pazuzu, and Black batboons. From Version 4 onwards, however, it is used by the Hemographic beast monster line, as well as Jurassic lloyds, Platinasauruses, Ursa pandas from XI, and Kyronos in his first form. It can hurt enemies for about 320 ~ 350 damage, and about 460 damage per shot.

Dragon Quest XI

Appearing as a Pep Power, it is used by Bloodbonnets, Goobonces, Bilebonnets, and Snotbonces when both are Pepped Up. It is also used by Booditiful Smogbonnets and Booditiful Sootbonces in the Definitive Edition during the Girly Burly.

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The ability is a play on the phrase, "Just cause".

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