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Kaclang is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Renders the object invulnerable, but also unable to act.


Dragon Quest III[]

Kaclang is introduced in the game and is learned by Erdrick at level 12 or immediately with the use of a glitch in the NES Version. It affects the whole party and costs 6 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest IV[]

Kaclang is learn by the Hero/Heroine at level 21. The spell will render the entire party immune to all physical or magical attacks; whether it is damaging, status inflicting or lethal. The duration of the spell lasts for 3 turns but it may be canceled early if the enemy uses Disruptive Wave. It costs 2 MP to use and is also used by Peepers in battle.

One special use of this spell is against bosses that uses Disruptive Wave and attacks twice per turn such as Estark. The reason in particular is because the disruptive wave is almost always used as the second of the two attacks. This is implemented to avoid game over scenarios when the boss uses the disruptive wave followed by a party wide breath attack. This will ensure the party will get to sneak in several status buffing spells such as Kabuff and/or Insulatle which counters the disruptive wave. Of course, this may also be used as a follow up to the bosses' disruptive wave so that the party will get the chance to buff up and/or heal before the boss attacks early on the following turn.

Dragon Quest V[]

Now an enemy only spell, it is used by Wyrtoises and Hippopotamisses to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Kaclang is learned by Mercury at level 3 and once again costs 2 MP to cast. Other characters can learn it by advancing to Rank 1 of the Hero vocation and Rank 2 of the Luminary and Liquid Metal Slime vocations. It is also used by Arrghgoyles in battle.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Kaclang is learned by advancing to Rank 3 of the Luminary, Rank 2 of the Hero vocation, Rank 4 of the Drake Slime, and Rank 1 of the Platinum King Jewel. It costs 2 MP to cast once again, and is also used by Rotten eggs in battle. In the 3DS remake, it can be learned by advancing to Rank 1 of the Hero and Druid vocations.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Reappearing in the main series for the first time in 17 to 18 years, the Luminary can learn it for 12 skill points in the Luminary Character Builder when his powers reawaken. It can last for 2 to 4 turns, though he can only cast it on himself or others. In addition, a variant of this spell, Kaching Kaclang makes it debut, while a Pep Power called Fly-By-Knight makes use of it with the Luminary, Jade, and Hendrik Pepped Up together. It costs 8 MP to use.

Dragon Warrior Monsters and Dragon Warrior Monsters 2[]

Learned by Wyrtles, Winkies, Metal king slimes, and Sculptrices at level 16, it acts the same as in the main series and costs 2 MP to cast once again.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[]

Named Clang in this game, it can be learned from following skill sets:

  • Barricade for 22 skill points
  • Dr. Snapped (Skill)
  • Rhapthorne (Skill)

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Series[]

Reappearing from Battle Road II onwards, it is the red button skill for the Winky, and acts the same as in previous appearances, though it headbutts one enemy first before applying the ironing effect that shrugs off skills and spells.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Kaclang is learned by Terry and Lazarel/Teresa when they are in the Sage vocation. It costs 14 MP to cast, and ironizes the user for 5 seconds, while shrugging off all forms of attacks. It is also used by Strong Hoods and Strong Dragonlord in battle.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Acting the same as in XI, it is learned by Erdrick via his skill panel and costs 107 MP to cast.



  • Kaclang was originally going to reappear in Dragon Quest VIII, but was cut from the game.

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French Immoblindage
German Abhärtung
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Spanish Metalización
Italian Metalpelle
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