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Japanese アストロン
Rōmaji Astoron
Type Support
MP 6*
Introduced in III

Kaclang (formerly Ironize and Clang) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.


It renders the object invulnerable, but also unable to act. First introduced in III, it has been a staple in the series since.


Dragon Quest III

Ironize is introduced in the game and is learn by the Hero/Heroine at level 12. Ironize affects the whole party. Some monsters also have an ironize spell.

The Hero can also learn it immediately with the use of a glitch in the NES Version.

Dragon Quest IV

Kaclang is learn by the Hero/Heroine at level 21. The spell will render the entire party immune to all physical or magical attacks; whether it is damaging, status inflicting or lethal. The duration of the spell lasts for several turns but it may be canceled early if the enemy uses Disruptive Wave.

One special use of this spell is against bosses that uses Disruptive Wave and attacks twice per turn such as Estark. The reason in particular is because the disruptive wave is almost always used as the second of the two attacks. This is implemented to avoid game over scenarios when the boss uses the disruptive wave followed by a party wide breath attack. This will ensure the party will get to sneak in several status buffing spells such as Kabuff and/or Insulatle which counters the disruptive wave. Of course, this may also be used as a follow up to the bosses' disruptive wave so that the party will get the chance to buff up and/or heal before the boss attacks early on the following turn.

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