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Kacrack is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Originally hits a single group of enemies with fierce ice damage, but starting with Dragon Quest V, it lacerates all enemies with enormous crystals.


Dragon Quest III

Kacrack is learned by a Mages at level 26 in the original version due to a glitch, and at level 32 in all subsequent remakes. Deals between 88~112 points of damage and costs 12 MP to cast, paralleling Kasizzle. It is also used by Leger-de-men, Manticores, and Zoma in battle.

Dragon Quest IV

Kacrack damages a group of foes for 88~112 damage, and costs 11 MP to cast. It is learned by Borya at level 32, while Psaro starts out with this spell upon joining. It is also used by Freeze flies, Abullddons, Sasquashes when they get serious, and Aamon in battle.

Dragon Quest V

Hits for 80~104 damage as usual, and costs 12 MP to cast. it is learned by recruited Moosifers at level 15, recruited Old men of the sea and Orc kings at level 20, recruited Powie yowies and Madchen at level 30, and recruited Men o' war at level 50. It is also used by Bilhaws, Pazuzus, Drakensteins, and Queen Ferz in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VI

This spell is learned by advancing to rank 6 of the Sage vocation and exhibits the same traits as in the previous installment. It is also used by Demon stewards, Disgustlings, Gracos, and the first Demon-at-arms in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Learned by advancing to rank 3 of the Sage vocation, mastering the Bone baron, and advancing to rank 6 of the Black bishop, it acts the same as in the previous installments. It is also used by Beastly priests, Merderers, Fright knights, the Aqua Spirit, a Biting batboon in the Sanctum of the Cirrus, and a Dread herring in the Temple Palace. In the 3DS remake, it is also learned by advancing to Rank 2 of the Druid vocation.

Dragon Quest VIII

Kacrack is learned by Jessica after an event, and is affected by her tension. Its base damage ranges from 65~85, with a cap of 165. It costs 12 MP to cast, and is also used by Dhoulmagus's second forme, Dead ringers when they are at Level 5, Servants of darkness, Evil Jessica, and the Statue of Jessica, as well as Freeze files once again in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

Learned by Mages at level 40, it costs 24 MP to use, and is also used by Night knights, Cannibelles, Grrrgoyles, King Godfrey, Tyrannosaura Wrecks, Elusid, Sir Sanguinus, and Psaro before level 41, as well as Zoma and Dhoulmagus once again.

Dragon Quest X

Learned by Mages at level 51, Death Masters at level 77, and recruited Jailcats' Crackle skill tree after their 3rd reincarnation, it costs 24 MP to use like in IX, but 21 MP from 2.1 onwards. Its damage output is increased from the first half of 4.5 onwards, and is also used by Slimecicles, Queen slimes, Antiquitrees, Tree fellers, Holly Olivers, Sculptrices, Baalzebubs, General algaes, Red barons, Girguish, Barkeros, Nelgel, Marquis de Léon, Jailcats and Seaslimes gone Vicious, as well as Demons-at-arms and Zoma once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Rab and Veronica learn this spell at level 44, as well as Serena when she has her haircut. It is also used by Crack-billed platypunks, Spinchillas, and Old men of the sea gone Vicious, Mushroom mages, Boreal serpents, Moosifers, Mermaniacs and a Merking gone Malicious, Master commanders, Indignus, Mordragon, and Zomaiden, as well as Bilhaws, Manticores, Leger-de-men, and Slimecicles (Gone Malicious) once again.


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