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For the spell translated as "Kacrackle" in Dragon Quest VIII, see Kacrack.

Kacrackle is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IX

Making its main series debut, it is learned by Mages at Level 68, and impales all enemies with giant shards of ice for 50 MP. Base damage is 165~204, and the cap is 490~530.

When cast by a boss, the damage is calculated as (150+(Lvl^2/26))*(0.9~1.1), setting the base and max ranges as 190~210 and 474~579. It is also used by Zoma, Psaro the Manslayer, and Dhoulmagus in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Learned when investing 130 skill points into the Mage's spellcraft skill tree from the later half of 2.1 onwards, it costs 24 MP to use and deals 310-350 damage, with power starting to increase from 400, and reaches 999 at 999 (damage without magic is 640-680). It is also used by Bilhaws, Queen slimes when they get angry, Snow elders, Blizzybodies, Singing hibiscuses, Merderers, Demon stewards, Holly Olivers when they get angry, Silverines, Rapscallions, Hypothermions, Demons-at-arms gone Vicious, Crystal beasts, Nelgel, Witch Greichel, Madesagora, and Unfinished Demon, as well as Zoma once again in battle. It is also used by Valeria during the Demon King Crown Boss Fight.

Dragon Quest XI

Being the most powerful of ice magics, Kacrackle is not available at any time during the main scenario. The spell is available to Veronica and Rab once each receives their final Character Builder expansion in the World of Lost Time; even so, it is sealed behind several mystery panels for each.

Other languages

Other languages
French Gigaglace
German Krack
Spanish Superhelada
Italian Antartide
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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