Kacrackle Slash is a recurring skill. Using it allows the practitioner to enchant his or her weapon with the power of ice for a single attack.


Dragon Quest VI

Kacrackle Slash deals melee damage modified by the target's resistance to crack, with the possible modifiers being 130%, 115%, 75%, and 30%. It is obtained by advancing to rank 5 of the Armamentalist vocation.

Dragon Quest VII

Kacrackle Slash is functionally identical and learned in the same way as in the previous game. In the 3DS version, it is also learned at rank 2 of the Hero vocation.

Dragon Quest VIII

Kacrackle Slash is an enemy-only skill that is used by various enemies, including killing machineszombie gladiators, and demonriders.

Dragon Quest IX

Kacrackle Slash is used by the icy Brrearthenwarriors as well as killing machines once again and Goresby-Purrvis. Though players cannot directly use it themselves, the Armamentalist's Frost Fource skill is practically identical.

Dragon Quest Monsters

IceSlash is a normal attack that deals increased damage based on the target's ice resistance. It can be learned by BlizzardyGreatDrakSkullgonTailEater, and Yeti as long as it has 77 HP, 34 MP, 66 Attack, 60 Agility, and 42 Intelligence. IceSlash can also be learned by any monster that knows both the ChargeUp and SnowStorm skills.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Frost Slash and Blizzard Slash are skills that can be learned by various monsters. Frost Slash costs 1 MP to use and can be learned from the Bang & Crack, Bang & Crack II, Crack & Zam, Crack & Zam II, Crack & Zap, Crack & Zap II, Darklight Slashes, Diamagon, Ice, Ice II, Icemeister, Iceplosion Slashes, Woosh & Crack, and Woosh & Crack II skillsets. Blizzard Slash costs 4 MP to use and can be learned from the Bang & Crack III, Crack & Zam III, Crack & Zap III, Darklight Slashes, Diamagon II, Ice III, Icemeister, Iceplosion Slashes, Uber Blessed Blizzardier, Uber Knight, and Woosh & Crack III skillsets.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Kacrackle Slash is usable by the Hero via his down special, Command Selection. It delivers a sword slash that will freeze the opponent directly in front of the Hero for a short time.

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