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Kafrizz (formerly Blazemost) is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest III

Known as Kafrizzle in its debut appearance, it can hit an enemy for 160-200 base damage for 12 MP. Mages and Sages can learn the spell at Level 36 or 38 depending on their wisdom. It is also used by Franticores, Flying flayers, and Baramos in battle. Baramonsters also use this spell in the remakes.

Dragon Quest IV

Maya learns this spell at either level 33-35 and costs 10 MP to use. It is also used by Vis magers and Princes of darkness in battle. Aamon also uses it during the true final battle.

Dragon Quest V

Bianca and Nera learn this spell at level 33, along with recruited King slimes at level 27, recruited Minidemons at level 25, recruited Samiginas at level 30, and recruited Barbatoses at level 11. It once again costs 10 MP to use, and is also used by Nimzo, Estark, and Ladja, the latter of whom is the most infamous user of the spell. In the remakes, it is learned by recruited Wiz pips at level 40, recruited Ghosts at level 60, and is already learned by Starkers when he joins the party.

Dragon Quest VI

Kafrizz can only be learned by mastering the Armamentalist vocation, and once again costs 10 MP to use. It is also used by Loss leaders, Mortamor, and Nokturnus in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Kafrizz is learned by mastering the Armamentalist vocation once again, and by advancing to Rank 7 of the Black bishop. It once again costs 10 MP, and is also used by Barbatoses, Night knights, Fire Spirit, and Orgodemir in battle. In the 3DS remake, it is learned by advancing to Rank 7 of the Armamentalist and Sage vocations, Rank 2 of the Druid vocation, and Rank 5 of the Hero vocation. it is also used by Sconstrosites.

Dragon Quest VIII

Jessica learns this spell at level 35, and deals 145~160 base damage, and once her wisdom surpasses 480, the spell will deal up to 240~260 damage. It costs 10 MP to use once again, and is used by Snapdragons, Wight priests, Evil Jessica, Marcello, Statue of Jessica, and Rhapthorne in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

Learnt by the Mage at Level 53, it incinerates a single enemy with an enormous fireball, dealing 180~200 base damage for 18 MP. Once the caster's magical might surpasses 220, the spell will steadily grow towards it's cap of 307~331. It is also used by Prism peacocks, Flamin' draymen, Hootingham-Gore, King Godwyn, Corvus, King Godfrey, Elusid, and Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, as well as Baramos, Nimzo, Mortamor, and Rhapthorne once again in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Kafrizz is a late-game spell, with Mages learning it at level 64, Dancers at level 56, and by investing 32 skill points into the Frizz Knowledge skill tree. It costs 12 MP to cast (25 MP before 2.1), and the damage formula is Magical Might x 0.386 + 46. The base range is 152~164, and once the sorcerer's spellcasting skillfulness reaches 871 the range will hit its cap of 376~388. It is also used by Live lavas, Amodeuses, Dark candles, Whackolytes, Fromage flays, Samiginas, Orobases, Lump shamen, Twisted torches, Sconstrosites, Elder flames, Meowgicians gone Vicious, Lamplings, Id, Nelgel, Marquis de Léon, and Pujyu in battle.

Dragon Quest XI

Serena learns Kafrizz via Veronica's sacrifice at level 54, and the Luminary at level 56. It costs 21 MP to cast and deals a base range of 146~170 damage before capping off at 287~344. It is also used by Evangelizards, Leger-de-men, Prestidigitators, Tantamounts, Lurid lamplings, and Sinderella gone Malicious, Booga, Mordegon's Lord of Shadows forme, and Mordragon's tail, as well as Loss leaders, Princes of darkness, Lump shamen (Gone Vicious), Lamplings (Gone Malicious), and Baramos once again in battle.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 1, 2, & 3

Kafrizz costs 10 MP as in the main games, and has a base range of 141~171. Once the monster's wisdom exceeds 250, it will slowly approach its max range of 297~327 at 999 wisdom. It is learnt through the following skillsets: Frizz & Bang 2, Frizz & Bang 3, Frizz & Woosh 2, Frizz & Woosh 3, Frizz & Zap 2, Frizz & Zap 3, Frizz & Zam 2, Frizz & Zam 3, Fire 2, Fire 3, Hawkhart 2, Nimzo, Uber Dark Dynamiter, Frizz & Sizz 2, Frizz & Sizz 3.


The Japanese spell Merazoma had previously been localised as Kafrizzle in VIII. When the spell Meragaia was introduced in IX, it was localised as Kafrizzle and Merazoma was changed to Kafrizz.


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