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Kafuddle is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Attempts to confuse all enemies.


Dragon Quest VIII

Making its debut, Angelo learns Kafuddle after investing 66 skill points into his Charisma skill tree and costs 10 MP to cast, targeting all enemies. It is also used by Empyrea in lieu of her Midheal, and the Trap Box in Memoriam in the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest IX

Kafuddle is learned by Armamentalists at level 31. It costs 10 MP to cast, has a base accuracy of 75%, and the spell will increase in accuracy once the caster's magical might reaches 50. When the value reaches 799, the spell will be 100% accurate barring enemy resistances. It is also used by Gloomy gastropogs, Wight emperors, and Birds of terrordise in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Kafuddle is learned by Luminaries at level 59, and costs 6 MP to cast. It is also used by Pickled slimes, Goregoyles, Star lemmings, Dirty dolls, Pocus poppets, Conquistador ghouls, Magic Demonisms, Shako demons, Evil Cubism, Hitokui Dolls, and Sparky, as well as Wight emperors once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Learned by Veronica at level 42, it costs 8 MP to cast, and is also used by Arachtagon, Brollygarchs, Mordegon, Spawny devils, Mega mimics, Brollygaggers and Brollyminators gone Malicious, Lump shamen and Leger-de-men gone Vicious, and the Timewyrm's Tail.

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