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Kaito Poikkurin, whose real identity is that of Chile, is a character in Dragon Quest X.


Fittingly Chile, in order to disguise her identity, wears a Mugger's mask in her Kaito Poikkurin persona, as well as a black dress, long black stocking with black shoes, a cape, and long gloves .

Normally, she has her hair tied in two antenna-like pigtails, and wears a white lab-coat trimmed in blue, a yellow top, blue shorts and black boots.


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Game Appearances[]

Dragon Quest X[]


A mysterious Dwarf thief, she steals a seemingly useless junk piece from Distan and throws it into a volcanic cavern, but is reclaimed by Distan before it is destroyed. When Kaito catches up to him, he puts the junk piece into a locked door mechanism, opening a room containing a Urubea genie soldier, which activates and goes on a rampage against the intruders before the Hero puts it down. After the ancient Urubea Empire mech is defeated, she is revealed to be Distan's adoptive daughter Chile, who had somewhat of a falling out with her foster dad. They later reconcile, with Distan promising to be a better adoptive father.

Chile, now no longer in her Kaito Poikkurin persona, later reappears as one of the best engineers of the Dwarf race, working directly under king Woolard, the ruler of the last surviving great dwarven kingdom, Dolworm. It later turned out, that Chile was the long-lost daughter of King Woolard, and thusly also Dolworm's princess.


Ability/Spell Description MP
Sleeper Hit Damages an enemy while potentially putting it to sleep. 1
Persecutter Deals heavy damage to confused or sleeping monsters. 3
Phantom Thief Slash Deals physical damage to one enemy twice. 10
Sobering Slap Cures party member of either sleep, confusion, paralysis, and/or beguilement 4
Accelerate Increases the AGL of one ally by 2 levels 2
Decelerate Lowers the AGL of one enemy by 2 levels 2
Squelch Cures one party member of poison/envenomation 2
Heal Heals a small amount of HP to one party member 2

Kaito, aka Chile, uses these abilities while fighting alongside the Hero against Kukuhawker, as well as spells when aiding the Hero and their party in the Offline version of the game.

Other Appearances[]

Dragon Quest Rivals[]

Appears as a card in the game.


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