Kalderasha is a fortune teller whose adopted daughter, Valentina, provides the Hero and Yangus with their first quest. His skills had been greatly diminished ever since he discarded his original crystal ball in the Waterfall Cave after he unintentionally caused the deaths of Valentina's parents ten years earlier. At Valentina's request, the heroes retrieve the crystal ball from the cave, allowing Kalderasha to regain the skill and confidence he once lost. After peering into his crystal ball for the first time in years, he discovers that Master Rylus was killed by Dhoulmagus, his former pupil, and tells the Hero and Yangus that Dhoulmagus has headed south into the Alexandria Region.

Later on, the party visits him again to gain a lead on the Moonshadow harp. He points them to the Kingdom of Ascantha.


If Kalderasha is visited in the 3DS Version upon defeating Evil Jessica, the fortuneteller will reveal the events leading to Dhoulmagus stealing the Godbird sceptre from Trodain Castle and murdering the first of the Seven Sages, Master Rylus.

He will also point the party back to Neos after the rise of the Black Citadel, setting up the events leading up to the Altar of Wroth.

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