Kamikazee is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest II, the spell attempts to destroy all enemies at the cost of the user's own life.

The spell is often associated with supportive roles. It is also commonly seen on the dreaded rockbomb.


Dragon Quest II

Learned by the Prince of Cannock at Level 28, the spell would slay all enemies attacking the party. The caster of the spell would, as the original name implies, also perish along with the enemies. The spell has no resistance tag whatsoever for normal enemies in the game's programming in any version, giving it perfect accuracy against everything but boss monsters. The downside to this is that no experience points or gold are gained after battle.

Dragon Quest III

Acquired by those of the Priest and Sage vocations at Level 41, and no longer negates any experience points or gold when cast. It is also known by the Rockbombs introduced to the series from this installment. The living landmines are notorious for casting this spell and wiping out whole parties when they are low on HP, so dealing with them swiftly is paramount.

Dragon Quest IV

Kamikazee is activated if someone is wearing a kamikazee bracer upon defeat, but otherwise, no one learns the spell. The scarcity of the effect is balanced by a fantastic range of effectivness, with only the Lost soulPocus poppetNight emperorFloat-o-copierSasquashPrince of darknessEmperor wyvern, metal slimes, and boss monsters having any resistance at all.

Dragon Quest V

Monster recruitment allows for much easier access to the spell in V, and the average monster is fully vulnerable to it as well. Despite the ticking timeburrm and rockbomb having lower level limits than most of their peers, the effectiveness of kamikazee turns these monsters into figurative Hail Marys when battles are looking grim.

Only the Pink elephantBlizzybodyNecromancerHades helmHyperpyrexionMandrake marauderBomboulderMoosiferBalhibArchdemonGreat dragonDeathsquadMechan-o’-wyrmBarbatosBilhaw, metal slimes, and boss monsters have any resistance to the spell at all, less than a tenth of the monster list.

Name Level
Ticking timeburrm --
Rockbomb --
Sancho 30

Dragon Quest VI

This spell is obtained by advancing to Rank 7 of the Sage vocation. Kamikazee no longer has it's own resistance tag in the game's programming, using Whack's instead. To double the usual hit race as well, for an accuracy of 100%, 100%, 75%, 0%.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Kamikazee is learned by investing 70 points into the Hero's Courage skill. The base damage is calculated as HPx0.99.

Dragon Quest IX

Kamikazee is learned by paladins at level 33. It will either fail, damage the enemy, or instantly kill the enemy. Regardless of which, the user dies.

Kamikazee is also learnt by Moai minstrels and Rockbombs.

Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Kamikazee is one of the Hero's spells that randomly appear in the Command Select window. The Hero will cross his arms and glow as he begins to charge a massive explosion, dealing great damage (depending how close one is) and knockback to those in range while KOing himself in the process. The spell is best used in team battles or when the opponent has one stock left, provided you have two.

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