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Kasizz (AKA Kasizzle before Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2) is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest III

Learned by Mages and Sages at level 29, Kasizzle hits one group of enemies for 12 MP, and deals between 80~112 damage.

Dragon Quest IV

Kasizzle is learned by Maya at level 27. It costs 10 MP, and deals between 80~112 points of damage. It is also used by Joojoo gooroos, Princes of darkness, and Sasquashes when they are serious, as well as Prism peacocks and Croaked kings in the remakes.

Dragon Quest V

Learned by Bianca and Nera at level 27, Debora at level 29, recruited Barbatoses at level 5, recruited Liquid metal slimes at level 6, recruited Moosifers at level 11, recruited Prestidigitators at level 28, and recruited Conkjurers at level 40, it hits one group of enemies for 10 MP, hitting for 80~112 points of damage. It is also used by Snake handlers, Hybirds, Moosifers, and Queen Ferz in battle.

Name Level
Barbatos 5
Liquid metal slime 6
Moosifer 11
Bianca 27
Nera 27
Prestidigitator 28
Debora 29
Conkjurer 40

Dragon Quest VI

Kasizzle can only be obtained by mastering the Mage vocation. This spell costs 10 MP to cast, and deals between 80 and 112 points of damage. It is also used by Hirsute hexers and General Demon-at-arms in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Kasizzle is learned by advancing to Rank 7 of the Armamentalist vocation, Rank 2 of the Prism Peacock, and Rank 3 of the Black Bishop. It acts the same as in its previous appearances, and is also used by Hybris, Prism peacocks, Croaked kings, In the 3DS remake, it is learned by advancing to Rank 5 of the Hero and Sage vocations and Rank 2 of the Druid vocations.

Dragon Quest VIII

Kasizzle is a spell learned by the Hero at level 32, and by Jessica during an event. It costs 10 MP to cast, initially dealing between 70 and 90 base damage, and caps at 150~170 once their wisdom surpasses 480. It is also used by Jabberwockees, Fallen priests, Merkings, Dhoulmagus, Evil Jessica, Statue of Jessica, and the Golden Dragon in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Dancers will learn Kasizz at level 45, while Death Masters will learn it at level 74. The spell's damage calculation is Magical Might x 0.33 +55 with a maximum range of 256~268. The spell costs 21 MP to cast, and will fire in a straight line from the conjurer for ten meters. It is also used by Black batboons in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest XI

The Hero and Veronica will learn Kasizz at level 40 and 38, respectively. The spell costs 16 MP to cast and will deal a base range of 100~116 before capping at 216~232. It is also used by Elysium birds, Archbashops, Phoenixes, Metal king slimes, Whackolytes, Grey gordons, Luminous lamplings, Lava lamplings, Pteranodons, and Sinderella gone Malicious, Avarith, and Lord Dragon, as well as Princes of darkness once again in battle.


The Japanese spell Begiragon had previously been localized as Kasizzle in VIII. When the spell Giragureido was introduced in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, it was localized as Kasizzle and Begiragon was changed to Kasizz.

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Other languages
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