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For the spell from Dragon Quest VIII, the DS remakes of IV, V, and VI, and the 3DS remake of VII, see Kasizz.

Kasizzle is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Roasts a group of enemies in a wave of searing flames.


Dragon Quest X[]

Making its main series debut, it is learned by investing 180 skill points into the Dancer and Death Master vocations, costing 24 MP to use. It is also used by Archbashops, EvilClouds, Giruffians, Prism peacocks, Lump wizards, Rapscallions, Longhorn emperors, Atlas' stool, Antero, Basillus Keeper, Jair, Mageshroom, Demon Dragon Jaomanda, Pazuzu's Origin form, Blackmar, Ritual rater, the Wyrmhole Dragon, the Hot Ruler, Jia Roda, Ancient wastes, Demonic Shadow Puppet, Eternal giant, Magic prison graduates, Red Flame Fighter, Darkwater devil, White Cloud Wings General Yanubi, Exiled Memory, and Maldragora's Evil God Palace form in battle against their enemies. In the Offline version of the game, it is a Coup de Grâce learned by the Hero in the Dancer vocation at level 79, costing 75% Tension to use.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Learned by Veronica at level 64, as well as Serena, it costs 48 MP to use and is also used by a Hades condor and the Auroral Serpent gone Malicious, Whackolytes gone Vicious, Kleptoreptiles, Infernal serpents, and the Timewyrm's Tail in battle.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2/Joker 2 Professional[]

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Only used by the King of Accordia and his "twin brother" in their boss fight, it deals over 200 damage should players have the grave misfortune of getting in its path.


  • In Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, Kasizzle (ギラグレイド Giragureido) is a new spell; however, despite the fact that Begiragon had been localized as Kasizzle in Dragon Quest VIII and the DS remakes, to keep with the new spell naming structure Begiragon became Kasizz. Kasizzle therefore remains the most powerful of the Sizz family of spells.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Mégacrame
German Schmor
Spanish Superincendio
Italian Inferno
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
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