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Kazap is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Among the strongest of spells and usually reserved only for the Hero (or hero class), Kazap is a spell that smites fiends with holy lightning. Starting with Dragon Quest V, it targets a single group of enemies.


Dragon Quest III

The Hero learns it at level 41. The spell deals between 175 and 225 points of damage to all enemies for 30 MP. The Rubiss's sword, which is exclusive to the GBC version, has the effect of the spell when used as an item in battle and can be used by anyone in the party.

Dragon Quest IV

Kazap is learned by the Hero at level 35, and behaves identically to its Dragon Quest III counterpart save for a reduced cost of 15 MP.

Dragon Quest V

Kazap deals the same range of damage as before, but is now limited to striking a single group of foes, and is also learned by a variety of companions.

Name Level
Pip fighter --
Hyperanemon 20
Hero's Son 34
Rebjørn 65

Dragon Quest VI

Kazap can only be learned by advancing to rank 4 of the Hero and retains its damage and affect range from the previous game. It costs 15 MP to cast once again, and is also used by Nokturnus in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Kazap is acquired by becoming a rank 6 Hero in the original Playstation version, and rank 5 in the Nintendo 3DS remake, as well as reaching the seventh rank of the Gigalumph monster vocation. It costs 15 MP to cast once again, and is also used by Pip fighters and Kernel colonels in battle, though the former will always fail to cast it, the latter can cast it just fine, making it more dangerous.

Dragon Quest VIII

Kazap is learned by mastering the Hero's Courage skill tree. As with nearly all spells in this installment, Kazap's initial damage range has been lowered to deal between 100 and 140 (until his wisdom surpasses 168), but will deal 180~220 once the protagonist's wisdom score reaches 400. Because the hero's natural wisdom caps at 366, he will need to make use of brain-boosting accessories and the scant few seeds of wisdom available. It is also used by Democrobots in battle.

  • In the 3DS version, Kazap's base range has been increased to 108~148 and the upper limit to 208~248. This new limit requires his wisdom to hit 440.

Dragon Quest X

While an enemy only spell at first, it can be used by Anlucia in battle to help the Hero after investing 28 skill points in her Truth skill tree, and during the Dragon Quest III event. It is also used by Silvapithecuses, Emperor tappers, Hyperanemons, Lunar chimaeras, Bunicorn queen, Evil Alvin, and the Hades Squid, as well as Nokturnus for the first time since his debut game in battle against their enemies, costing 20 MP to use.

Dragon Quest XI

The Hero will learn Kazap upon becoming truly lionhearted through the Luminary skill tree. The spell costs an exorbitant 48 MP to cast, but will deal 335~385 base damage to a groups of enemies and reach a zenith of 695~745 once the hero's magical might surpasses 700. It is also used by Erdrick's restless armour and the Dud dude, though the troll will always fail in casting it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Kazap appears as the Hero's side special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, requiring the player to charge Zap into Zapple before being able to cast Kazap for 42 MP. It is an electrical attack that calls down a wide bolt onto the hero's sword, who then performs a spinning slash with a wide range around his person. The spell hits up to four times if the opponent is within range, with the first hit dealing 4%, the second 6%, the third 12%, and the final 16% for a combined total of 38%. Kazap has excellent knockback, enemies from the center of a flat stage as low as 60%.

In addition, the spell grants the hero invincibility frames during it's animation, and has deceptively low ending-lag once it is complete, serving as a hail mary if the player is in a bind and their shield has already been reduced.


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