Kazapstrophe is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest X

Making its main series debut, it is an enemy-only spell that Evil Ann-Lucia, her master, Gullray Beast, and Galdodon can use. The spell has a fast cast time and can hit enemies for 400-500 points of damage. Togres can also use the spell, and were the only common monsters that could use it until cyber slimes, djinn genies, and phalaris bulls came out in Version 3.

Dragon Quest XI

Kazapstrophe is a Pep Power used when the Luminary, Rab, and Jade are Pepped Up. The three-person pep power starts out dealing 286~346 lightning damage to all enemies, with the damage starting to increase once the sum of the three's Magical Might reaches 380, and capping at 594~654 once it reaches 975. In addition, it has a 20% chance to either reduce the target's lightning resistance by 25% or paralyze them. A dark version of this spell, Chaotic Kazapstrophe is used by the Dark One in the true final battle.

Dragon Quest of the Stars

Known as Hellzapple in this game, it is used by Malroth during his boss fights in the Dragon Quest II events.

Monster Series Appearances

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

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