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Kazing is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. Unlike Zing, it always succeeds at resurrecting a dead party member and is much more reliable in times of trouble. The amount of HP restored to the fallen character varies from game to game.


Dragon Quest II

Making its debut, Kazing revives a dead party member, but only gives them 1 HP. It's learned by the Prince of Cannock at Level 25, but is also learned by the Princess of Moonbrooke at Level 22 in the remakes. It is also used by Wrecktors in battle.

Dragon Quest III

Kazing is learned by both Priests and Sages at Level 38. From this game onwards, it can fully revive a dead party member. It is also used by Hocus-pokers and Abracadabrers in battle.

Dragon Quest IV

Kazing is learned by Kiryl at level 33, and by Psaro at level 38. It acts the same as in III, and is also used by Abullddons in battle. It costs 20 MP to use.

Dragon Quest V

Acts the same as in III and IV, once again costing 20 MP to use. It is learned by the Hero's Son at level 27, Barbatos at level 8, Conkuisitors at level 50, Cureslimes at level 23, Epipanys at level 40, Hades helms at level 40, King cureslimes at level 10, King slimes at level 15, and Orc kings at level 11.

Dragon Quest VI

Kazing is learned by Curie at level 17, Kingsley at level 20, and by Lizzie at level 25. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 6 of the Sage vocation. It is also used by Water wraiths, Hirsute hexers, Loss leaders, Demon overlords, Blackmar, and Mortamor's Left Claw in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Kazing is learned at rank 6 of the Sage vocation, rank 6 of the Champion vocation, rank 3 of the Druid vocation(3DS only), rank 3 (PSX) or 4 (3DS) of the Hero vocation, as well as the Black bishop (rank 2) and Platinum king jewel (rank 4) monster vocations. It is also used by Vis magers, Hirsute hexers, and Mossferatu in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Kazing is learned by Angelo at level 34. By investing 100 points into her Staff skill treeJessica can also learn this spell. It costs 15 MP to cast and will fully restore the dead party member's HP. It is also used by Fallen priests, Wight priests, and Dark moths in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

Kazing is only available to Sages at level 45. Once again, it costs 15 MP to cast. However, it now revives a dead party member due to the Magical Mending stat. It is also used by Slugly betsies and Cobra cardinals, as well as Mortamor's Left Claw once again.

Dragon Quest X

Learned at level 65 by Sages and costs 15 MP to cast once again. It is also used by Forest peckerels, Orc queens, Angel armors, Archbashops, Evil sorcerers, as well as Wrecktors and Wight priests once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Kazing is learned by Serena at level 45, Rab at level 55, by Hendrik for 20 points in his Fraternity skill tree and by the Hero at level 62. It costs 24 MP to cast, and is also used by Wight princes, Wight kings, Grey gordons, Red giants, and Orc kings gone Malicious, as well as Archbashops, Wrecktors and Hocus-pokers (Gone Malicious), and Abracadabers once again.

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