Kerplunk Dance is a ritual dance that sacrifices the user to revive other party members. It costs no MP to perform and will restore everyone to 100% HP, making it more useful than Kerplunk itself.


Dragon Quest VI

Kerplunk Dance is learned by advancing to rank 4 of the Luminary vocation. Dreadstaffs can use it in battle to revive their comrades, so priority for their defeats must be taken.

Dragon Quest VII

Kerplunk Dance is once again learned by advancing to rank 8 of the Luminary vocation and a Hybrid ability for the Sage. In the 3DS remake, it is learned by advancing to rank 7 of the former vocation. Discombombulators and Healium balloons can also use this skill in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Now an enemy only skill from this game onwards, it is used by Tap devils during battle.

Dragon Quest IX

Kerplunk Dance is used by Genie sanguinis and Boogie manguinis to revive their fallen comrades and will no longer fail.

Dragon Quest X

Once again an enemy only skill, it acts the same in previous games, but players can no longer gain EXP and Gold from revived monsters. Octopots are the most famous monsters to use this skill, and it is also used by Discombombulators, Healium balloons, Genie sanguinis, & Tap devils once again, along with Sluggernauts.

Dragon Quest XI

Kerplunk Dance acts the same as in previous games, with Tap Devils and Octopots once again using the skill.

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Other languages
French Danse de conjuration
Italian Danza Sacrificale
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
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