Khaalag Coast is a lengthy coast on the north side of the Protectorate, and due east of Gittish Empire.

Flintstones, Resurrocks and Rockbomb shards can be obtained here.


Patty's old exploring partner, Phoebe, has her grave located here. On an Extra Quest, Patty is feeling down and so the hero visits Batsureg, where Phoebe introduces them to the grave in Khaalag Coast which is hers.

Connection with Gittish Empire?

There is a sign by the east side of the coastline that says:

West of this stretch of the Khaalag Coast
lies the Gittish Empire.
Trespassers will be severly punished!

This suggests that it was possible to trespass into the Gittish Empire at least 3 centuries prior to the game's events.

Monsters in the Area

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#111 Ghoul 124 G 760 Item icon Manky mud
Item icon Tough guy tattoo
#118 Drackal 150 G 1000 Item icon Lambswool
Item icon Platinum ore
#159 Bomboulder 144 G 1300 Item icon Rockbomb shard
Item icon Yggdrasil dew
#163 Hell niño 108 G 960 Item icon Coagulant
Shield Flame shield
#167 Mega moai 144 G 2100 Item icon Mirrorstone
Accessory Tough guy tattoo

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