The King's crown (formerly Golden Crown, Crown) is a helmet item in Dragon Quest III. It is received after defeating Robbin' 'ood in the Skyfell Tower.


The crown originally belonged to the king of Romaria. At some point, Robbin' 'ood and his men stole the crown and went to the Skyfell Tower. No details are ever given regarding why or how the crown was stolen.


After tracking down Robbin' 'ood in the tower and defeating him, he will leave the crown behind before escaping from the tower. The crown can then be returned to Romaly where the hero can temporarily become the king. However, in order to proceed in the game, the hero must talk to the previous king again and give up the throne. The crown is not recoverable after speaking with the king of Romaly after defeating Robbin' 'ood.


  • The crown can be skipped altogether by simply leaving it in the Skyfell Tower after Robbin' 'ood escapes.
  • To keep the crown, the heroes cannnot return to the king of Romaly. In the original games, they can revisit only after putting the crown into the Vault.
  • The crown functions as a normal helmet. In the original NES version, it is the best helmet available for a Mage, making it appealing to keep.
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