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King Aqueus was the 18th monarch of Gleeba. He was the father of the vain and current Queen Voluptua. He was the complete opposite of his daughter as he set out to improve the kingdom whereas she used what her father had created for her own personal desires.


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Main Games[]

Dragon Quest IX[]

Whilst he was king, he realised that the kingdom would falter without safe to access water supplies. He knew that they could use the oasis but that was out in the desert making it too risky to venture out daily to get water as the monsters would attack them.

To stop this he designed and created the underwater systems in the underground to transfer the water from the oasis directly to the city to stop the risk of having to go out and risk getting hurt. Some people even recall him helping creating the systems with his own bare hands.

He later decided to create the kingdom's own army to protect the from the monsters. It evens was still in action when his daughter took over although they lost most of their funding as she found them pointless thereby decreasing the in the army to just a house full.

Because of him being so busy being king, he could never give his daughter the attention she wanted. This might explain her rash and rude personality later in life.

After he died, he could never move on to the afterlife because of what his daughter had done to Gleeba and what she had become. When the hero/heroine saved her from Drak it changed his daughters' outlook on the kingdom and her life. She became a better monarch and began to improve the kingdom where she had weakened it. With this Aqueus finally moved onto the afterlife.

Other languages[]

Other languages
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