King Latem is a boss in Dragon Quest Swords. He is one of several Mirror bosses which are available only after completing the main story. He is a Metal King Slime and a member of the rare metals family of monsters.


King Latem will run from battle after 25 seconds, giving the player limited time in which to kill him. He has no attacks, and will move around constantly before running away. He has just 12HP, but all weapons deal 1 damage to him. The player can greatly increase their chances of killing him by using the Metal King Sword, which deals 2 damage per hit.

Level rewards

For more information, see Level scoring in Dragon Quest Swords

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  • The name 'King Latem' is a play on words. 'Latem' is simply 'Metal' spelled backwards. King Metal is a common name used to refer to Metal King Slimes in various releases of the Dragon Quest series.
  • The way King Latem moves around before running away references the high agility and chance of fleeing that is a characteristic of all Metal slime monsters, as is his high defence that causes all attacks to deal 1 damage.
  • King Latem is the only boss in the game who never attacks the player, and whom is fought under a time limit.

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