Map of Castle Trodain

The Kingdom of Trodain is a geopolitical entity in Dragon Quest VIII that governs the region of Trodain on the northeastern continent. The seat of power lies in Castle Trodain governed by King Trode and Princess Medea.

The peaceful kingdom was left in shambles after the arrival of Dhoulmagus who stole a magic scepter in the royal heirloom. He used the power of the scepter to curse the entire castle and all the people that lived there.

The whole castle is covered and ruined by thorns. King Trode was transformed into an ugly green monster and Princess Madea a horse, but everyone besides them were put into a deep sleep and their bodies turned into thorns with the sole exception of a low-ranking guardsman. With no news coming out of the castle, the events are shrouded in mystery and many accounts of what happened remain just a rumor.

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Other languages
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