Krak Pot

Krak Pot

Krak Pot, a talking slow cooker, is responsible for alchemy in Dragon Quest IX and currently resides at Quester's Rest. After the events in Stornway are finished, Erinn presents to the Hero/Heroine an alchemy pot that was left at the Inn a long time ago as a payment. In alchemy sometimes alchemiracles happen.

A few recipes are available at the start while more can be found in three ways. The primary way to receive recipes is searching through bookcases throughout the whole world in which upon reading it will the recipe be automatically recorded in his/her recipe book.

Two more ways to receive recipes is through quests and 'Try Your Luck'. 'Try Your Luck' is an option where you manually try to combine a few ingredients in order to obtain a new item. If successful, then the item will be made and the list of ingredients will be recorded in your recipe book. If the group of items do not mix into anything, the ingredients are not lost and are instead returned back to you.

Krak Pot is also found in the Dragon Quest spin-off, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. The Krak Pot was being used by Pot Belly, the boss of Mt. Krakatroda. After beating him, Rocket receives Krak Pot, whom can be used to make other items and weapons.

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