Krystalinda is a witch who froze Sniflheim in its entirety, and a boss character in Dragon Quest XI.


Krystalinda is a beautiful, voluptuous woman with long white-blonde hair worn in a large, unkempt ponytail, light purple "frost-bitten" skin, and dark purple lipstick and eye-shadow. She wears a gold circlet adorned with rubies, a diamond-shaped gold and ruby hair-clip on her forehead, a triple-looped necklace, a dark purple cape with a ragged collar, a silver jumpsuit (which appears sky blue ingame), with orange fasteners and an embroidered pattern on each thigh, and matching armlets and high-heeled ankle boots. She is always seen holding a maroon staff with an icicle-covered tip.




Main Games

Dragon Quest XI

#181 - Krystalinda
??? Family
DQXI - Krystalinda 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
1800 999 181 168 100
Exp Gold Drop None
8800 7000 G
Note: A wicked witch who attacked Sniflheim centuries ago, and was sealed away in an ancient book. Her lascivious looks have lured countless men to a wintry doom.
Normal attack
Acts twice per turn
Turns enemy into a snowman
Chilly Breath
Calls upon the power of nature (Snowstorm is summoned)
Haunts at:




   Krystalinda resembles Debora from Dragon Quest V.

   This may be a reference to the ice queen trope which is associated with Debora

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