L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles (French: The Academy of Our Master of the Medals), known as the Women’s Medal Academy in Japanese, is an all-female boarding school in the world of Dragon Quest XI. Located in the northwestern region of the Champs Sauvage in western Erdrea, this private institution trains girls of all ages to hunt down mini medals scattered across the globe while instilling refinement in each and every student. The headmaster of the school is M. Professeur le Principal Maxime Médaillé, an avid collector of the minute medallions.

As with medal collectors since Dragon Quest VII, a visit to l’Académie is not required for completing the main story. However, the school provides several important clues for portions of the main quest.

As M. Mêdaillé only admits girls, the best he can do for the Luminary and his party is to make them honorary members as he recognises their treasure-hunting skills. The latter will receive the official Album de Médailles to complete the quest.


Modelled after the real-world L'Académie de Notre Dame and similar schools, natives of the region are French. Monsters and other transplants will use their native dialect.


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